Antigua and Barbuda signs MOU with China


Signing Ceremony for MoU with China

On Wednesday, 9th November, 2022, the Minister of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy, the Hon. Dean Jonas, signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

The main objectives of the MoU are as follows:

To uphold a mutually beneficial and win-win development partnership and to deepen practical cooperation in the field of blue economy

To enhance synergy between blue economic development strategy and policy

To encourage businesses to conduct investment cooperation in the blue economy, subject to existing regulatory framework.

To promote the introduction of more pragmatic and efficient policies and measures,

To agree to step up human resource development cooperation in blue economy and relevant areas.

To encourage businesses to facilitate the coordinated development of the local economy, society, people and the marine ecological environment in compliance with national legislation

In addition to the Minister responsible for the Blue Economy, the Hon. Dean Jonas, the ceremony was attended by:

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy – Ms. Sarah Stuart

Director (ag.) in the Department of the Blue Economy – Ms. Ann-Louise Hill

Head of the Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy – Mr. Xia Xiaowei

Attaché to the Chinese Embassy – Ms. Zhang Qianqian

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    • This article had no information on specifics of the agreement seems intentional.

      Journalist please stay on top of things and ask for the agreement to be made public.

      The last time that minister signed a MOU with the Chinese he was signing over thousands of acres of land to them…..

      Details details details please

  1. Are the skies and the seas still BLUE? CHINA,would be the new massa and owners of Antigua,not Barbuda. Heaven Help Us All.

  2. The definition of a blue economy is supposed to be the sustainable development of ocean resources. This should never ever be allowed because in all likelihood the Chinese will bring fishing trawlers here and as per their norm will destroy everything that swims in the vicinity and send it back to feed China. China is a racist communist country that is only out for itself. They will destroy these islands and consequently the people in a very short space of time. Somebody with some common sense and loyalty to country (obviously not Jonas) in the govt. needs to put a stop to this right away. WAKE UP ANTIGUA!

    • @Jeb…for decades I’ve being calling for REDONDA to officially become the third island which would make the Nation a Tti-Islands State. REDONDA should be on all official state documents, as in Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda.
      The reason for including REDONDA has to do with our Nautical Miles.
      This new Blue Economy should be one of Our Nations biggest contributor to GDP, even surpassing Tourism with the right planning and investments which MUST include locals at all aspects of the business.
      As you mentioned ‘trawling’ I don’t think the majority of Antiguans & Barbudans know the true nature of what is involved with trawling. I’m quite sure, that the Japanese are still trawling our territorial waters relentlessly.


  3. Lord have mercy!
    China, agen!?.
    Wording to general/ambiguous.
    ‘Win-win, businesses?’
    Not we you referring to? Cos we, in my view, never win in anything or participate in any tagible business since aryou
    in charge.
    No love, no conscience.
    Nobaddy dae can or fu say, wa really in dae fu arwe?
    Tired with de nonsense now.

  4. Good luck ! Cause its to late as far as im concern, this is what the antiguan people need to be making rucksion about ….. but that will never happen were to layed back and that why every other race of people can come here n have more rights and say more than us who born here. It really sad 😔

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