Antigua and Barbuda signs landmark ocean protection treaty at the United Nations

Diapers, cotton swabs, bottles and wrappers are littering reefs. A new study finds they're causing widespread damage.

Antigua and Barbuda signs landmark ocean protection treaty at the United Nations

NEW YORK, 24th September, 2023…Antigua and Barbuda has joined several countries around the world as the first signatories to a landmark agreement on marine biodiversity in the high seas, which allows for the conservation and sustainable use of the oceans.

During the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade the Hon. EP Chet Greene added his signature to the agreement, committing Antigua and Barbuda to the principles laid out in what is known as the Biodiversity Behind National Jurisdictions or BBNJ Treaty.

The ceremony represented a groundbreaking moment for Antigua and Barbuda as the signing comes after nearly two decades of talks that culminated last June when governments adopted the internationally legally binding instrument.

The agreement required 60 ratifications to go into force and thanks to Minister Greene, who was among Antigua and Barbuda’s high level delegation attending the UN General Assembly, this country can be counted among the well over 80 nations that signed as the first step towards ratification.

“This was indeed a proud and seminal moment for me personally and for Antigua and Barbuda. We have no control over the vastness of the ocean or the actions of others who use it to dump their waste,” Minister Greene pointed out.

“In the BBNJ Treaty we now have a legal framework on which small island nations like Antigua and Barbuda can rely on in protecting our fragile marine space from what enters it from well beyond our borders. It is indeed fulfilling that as a nation we were able to be a part of such an important process in getting us to this day,” the Minister remarked.

Accompanying Minister Greene to the signing was First Secretary at the Antigua and Barbuda Mission to the United Nations, Ms. Asha Challenger, a key figure in this country’s efforts to impact the global effort to protect the oceans.

Challenger serves as Vice President of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution, which is also seeking to develop a binding legal agreement that will see to the end of plastic pollution around the world.

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  1. I also look forward to our Prime Minister in signing some sort of treaty in protecting our mangroves from unscrupulous companies and building contractors from decimating our shorelines.

    This is just as important!

  2. What exactly does this mean for Antigua? An action plan and accountability measures would be a great start. And then perhaps they can address why dredging material is being dumped on vital seagrass beds in the NEMMA, a “protected marine area”? Mangroves, a critical part of marine ecosystems are being removed by developers year after year. Harmful, toxic sunscreen that damages coral reefa is all that’s available to buy at the majority of shops in Antigua. There are so many areas that need addressing, it would be great to know what will be implemented.

  3. No it’s the other way around how these capitalist use all sorts of treaty discussion to take you away from the solution, Gaston is but a little black boy who had to sign what those white global corporation present to him which is infantilism, that mean their rich friends in Barbuda will be destroying the sea marine system , so to drive the narrative of our politics where both party is able to present themselves as an angel of virtue when it comes to the environment, the public will be distracted that Gaston mean well, just like in Africa these white people sign agreement to protect wild life which they exploit like killing rhino for its horn, so watch out it’s the opposite of protecting the ocean that was sign, it’s the go ahead for that so call acronym PLH destroy the mangroves in Barbuda.

    • @Eldread
      The little black boy as you put it, happens to be the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. As such he is empowered to stop the destruction of our ecosystem but does he? No way. Ask yourself the question and find the answer why he doesn’t. He has said that destruction of the ecosystem is vital for development, have you forgotten? This man is a walking disaster for Antigua and Barbuda and as long as he can fill his pocket with Creative Enrichment and have sycophants to sooth his ego, this nation will continue to slide backwards. Look around St John’s and be satisfied.

    • @Eldread
      For your info, it’s black Africans who hunt the rhino for its horn to sell in the far east markets, mainly China to make medicines which are pie-in-the-sky nonsense. Rhino horn is nothing more than compact/matted hair and has no medicinal value. These poor people hunt rhino to make a living and feed their families. Unfortunately they themselves are somtimes hunted down and killed by lions while pursuing rhino. A tragic case ended when an African was killed and devoured by lions. Only his clothes remained.

  4. Is the Nation still under agreements with the Japanese to trawl Our deep seas, and capture #All to include whales?

    It’s SHOWTIME at the United Nations, by Antiguas biggest Pimp, Top Dawg Btowne. He should bring back the platform shoes or boots for men, to do his stepping, strutting and pimping in!👢
    Our PM is a hot stepper! Stepper!
    Strutting down Third Ave!
    To Antiguans & Barbudans, who admires his walk
    This might be fresh and new!
    But, between me and you!
    This is nothing new, in New York!
    Since, this is what prostitutes always do!
    As, they seek out #Johns
    Hoping to get an easy #Trick!
    While, the People roaming St. John’s
    Are unawares, of his slight of hand tricks!

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