Antigua and Barbuda signs Air Services Agreement with France

Minister of Civil Aviation, Sir Robin Yearwood signs a new air- port services agreement on behalf of the government with Act- ing Head of the French Mission to the OECS, Marc Mertillo.

POINTE XPRESS: Efforts to make V.C. Bird International Airport a regional hub for air services took another positive step on Monday with the signing of an air-services agreement with France.

signed in 1946 between France and the then colonial UK government. He said the time had come for modern arrangements to be established to facilitate and advance the development of aviation services between the two countries.

Representatives of Antigua and Barbuda and France initialed the document at a brief ceremony held at the Office of the Prime Minister.

“On the economic side, the new agreement is a liberalised one, providing direct and so-called fifth freedom traffic rights for airlines from both countries to operate effectively and competitively. This is particularly important given the disruptions to air trans- port which have occurred in our region as a result of the devastation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,” he stated.

This came just days after a similar agreement was signed between Antigua and Barbuda and Cuba on Fri- day.

Signing these agreements forms part of the government’s policy of establishing the V. C. Bird International Airport as a hub for both international and regional travel to take advantage of the country’s strategic location in the Caribbean archipelago.

St. Barth Commuter and St. European law, including

The country lies mid- way between the northern and southern Caribbean.

The aviation minister is hopeful that the agreement will pave the way for the return of Air France to Antigua and Barbuda.

Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Aviation, Ambassador Brian Challenger, said the recent moves by the government are to put in place a legal framework that is as liberalised as possible to make V. C. Bird International Airport an attractive destination for international and regional airlines.

Speaking on Monday, Aviation Minister, Sir Rob- in Yearwood, noted that the existing air services agreement between Antigua and

For his part, the Acting Head of the French Mission to the OECS, Marc Mertillo said the agreement defines a new bilateral le- gal framework, in line with

According to Sir Rob- in, based on the agreement reached in June last year, Antigua and Barbuda has designated two airlines – LIAT and Calvin Ayre Helicopters – to operate on the routes agreed with the French. The French have in turn designated four airlines – Air France, Air Antilles,

Barth Executive – to operate services on their behalf. With the exception of Air France, all of these airlines currently operate flights into Antigua and Barbuda.

modern clauses which ad- dresses safety, security and fair competition, as well as all operational modalities leading to the development of air services.


He added while the pandemic caused a dip in inter-regional travel, these new arrangements will make Antigua and Barbuda more attractive to airlines wanting to operate flights into V. C. Bird International Airport, a move, Challenger noted, which will also bene- fit LIAT.

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  1. ROB-in ah grin nf while the france french man juslooking like this idiatttt…….dem so desperate .

    All them signings that ah go on how is that directly helping ANTIGUANS….MAKING ANTIGUA MORE ATTRACTIVE TO MORE AIRLINES WHEN THE TAXES ON THE TICKETS ARE ASTRONOMICAL ANTIGUA CHARGES UNITED $150 to use tbeir airport …… were bringing ppl to this shitty roads island and the taxes are so high…..THE NEXT TIME YOU BUY A TICKET LOOK AT THE. BREAKDOWN OF THE TICKET AND SEE HOW MUCH TAXES ANTIGUA CHARGES ……


    • ,@ Besides Sea. Yep you ain’t lying . you’ll see a ticket for a decent price but after the taxes go on the deal is no longer a deal.
      As you said to say the roads are bad is an understatement the roads are an embarrassment shuups

  2. Congratulations 👏 🇦🇬 🇦🇬
    Signed one with the Republic of Cuba 🇨🇺🇨🇺 last Friday too.

  3. How is it that positive developments for this country burn some people so. Some real bitter persons reside in this place.

    • King Onyan sums it up perfectly in his song “Stand Up For Antigua”

      Listen especially to the line beginning “..but because of a little political gain…”

      Remember how they behave with UWI FIVE ISLANDS and look today we have the 4th landed campus despite the angry, bitter barking 🐕 🐕


  4. Antigua and Barbuda and the Republic of Cuba have signed an Air Services Agreement that will allow for the operation of flights between the two nations with limited bureaucracy, and with the potential to BOOST TOURISM in both destinations. “On the economic side, extensive possibilities exist for so-called freedom traffic rights, involving other English, Spanish, Dutch and French speaking Caribbean countries, thereby creating avenues for improving air connectivity within our region,”

    The Cuban diplomat, who is resident in St. John’s, reiterated her country’s commitment to regional and international civil aviation, and stated the air services agreement will augur well for Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda, particularly regarding TOURISM.

    “TRANSPORTATION is one of the KEY variables of the deep INTEGRATION of the Caribbean region. “

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