Antigua and Barbuda sending 7 police officers to St. Lucia to fight crime

Antigua Police boarding plane to SVG in 2021

Cabinet Notes:

Seven Police Officers from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda will join the Regional Security System (RSS) in St. Lucia to help to battle crime.

In March, Prime Minister of St Lucia, Philip J Pierre, has called for help from the Regional Security System, (RSS) and has also implemented 24-hour police patrols among measures in response to deadly gun violence in the southern town of Vieux Fort.

“The Regional Security System and other assets have been contacted and will be on the ground early next week,” he said.

Since Thursday, seven people have succumbed to gunshot injuries in Vieux Fort.

“It is time to act, and I ask for your support. There will be some difficult decisions to be made, and some strong actions will be taken to deal with these cowards and criminals,” said Pierre, who is also National Security Minister, in an address to the nation late Saturday.

In announcing other measures to deal with the violent crime spike, he disclosed that on Sunday, he would meet some civil society and business leaders to discuss the current situation and seek solutions to the problems.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has voiced confidence in the police amid the incidents in Vieux Fort.

“This message, really today, is for our police officers to say to you that you certainly have my vote of confidence and that of many Saint Lucians. We are depending on you,” Chastanet stated in a video posted to social media.

“We appreciate that you are leaving your own homes and your own family members to come and defend us,” the former Prime Minister said.

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  1. Stop the damn window dressing and the international Public Relations Prime Minister, and keep these much needed police officers here, to stem the rising crime rate and a POSSIBLE serial rapist that seems to be on the loose here at home in Antigua.



  2. Caricom treaty allows member countries to share and exchange security detail if and when such need arises. With a recent spike in gun crimes in St. Lucia, I am sure that a request was made to member countries to provide some officers to help in their crime fighting mechanism. I am however flabbergasted that similar assistance has not been given in HAITI given the turmoil in that member country for several years nonstop. I suppose that some member countries and people are more valuable than others.. . .

    • You just commented all I supposed to say. Why they never help Haiti ? I’m asking why Haiti is part of Caricom if they never get any benefit from the community? No freedom of movement for Haitian travelers worst not even transit, I remember Antigua wanted to send 5 Haitians back to Haiti while they were on their way to Montserrat 🇲🇸 a country that they can enter legally without visa. Those Haitians flew from the detention center, they were prosecuted and Antigua government even told neighboring countries to look for them and to send them to for sentences and deportation. Unfortunately they never hear about them anymore 😂😂😂 I’m asking if Antigua is the one that should care about immigration matters for all the other Caribbean countries ? After Antigua put transit visa restrictions on Haitian saying that they should apply for the transit visa upon arrival. They denied all Haitians national who applied for the transit visa while they know they are the only route to get to Montserrat 🇲🇸 if it’s not charter flights. to Why such disregard ?

    • @audley Phillip
      Absolutely correct.
      Caricom & international NGO’s are surely Orwellian… ‘Most countries and their people are greater valued than others’
      and it makes me sick to my heart
      Haiti, always marginalized, always climbing barriers others do not have to climb just to try and lead decent lives in safety without daily fear of violence and death.

  3. Antigua is sending Police to help St.Lucia fight crimes over there. While at the same time we have crimes escalating in our House,Antigua. Clean your damn house up first, before you tell others how to clean theirs. The crime rate in Antigua at this time is among the highest I have even seen.

  4. They can’t even find or more likely say who executed Nigel Christian here, what good will they be over there. Unless they already know who executed him and can’t or don’t want to say who all are responsible for it.

    Big and I mean BIG names are involved with that. Maybe they will tell someone over there and Nigel Christian and his family can finally get justice, the justice they deserve.

  5. We need more police here, and if things are so bad in St. Lucia, when is the useless ALP government going to impose visa restrictions on St. Lucians?

  6. Hahahahah Hahahahah Hahahahah Hahahahah Hahahahah Hahahahah sometimes an old fashioned belly laugh is good for your sanity

  7. Twitter fingers are hard at work. Its nothing new for Antigua police officers to go to one of our neighbors islands to assist them. After all Antigua is a member of the RSS (Regional Security). Remember a few years ago officers were deployed to St. Kitts and Dominica during their spike in crimes so i don’t see what the big deal is. But hey some of the twitter fingers only woke up in 2020 and this blog sure love sensational headlines for the clips.

  8. And they have so many issues in Antigua to deal with smh..ridiculous.

    we barely have police presence, is like most work a 9 to 5. We need them on the roads at nights ticketing speedster, more stop and searches, patrolling villages and so on.

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