Antigua and Barbuda Receives Donation Of Mask Making Machine


Mr. Paul Salmon, owner and managing director of Sentinel Operations, a provider of highly specialised security services to international clients, has generously donated a Hans group automatic line series high speed flat mask manufacture machine, an ultra violet sterilisation chamber and safety box, an industrial compressor as well as fabric rolls to manufacture surgical masks, to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

The handover ceremony was attended by Honourable E.P Chet Greene, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Trade and Barbuda Affairs and other officials from the Ministry of Trade. Mr Paul Salmon and High Commissioner Karen-Mae Hill attended virtually from the United Kingdom.

Minister Greene welcomed the gift as an important contribution to the nation’s self-sufficiency in producing high-quality medical supplies stating: “This donation from Mr. Salmon is not just a machine; it represents a partnership, a shared vision, and a step forward in our nation’s productive capacity. I am certain that my colleagues in the healthcare sector will appreciate the value of this machine to our efforts to fight against infectious diseases. I extend thanks to Mr Salmon for this valuable contribution”.

Mr Salmon in response, said: “Although my business operates globally, I have a particular affinity for Antigua and Barbuda. I am delighted therefore, to have been able to source this medical equipment that will make a real difference for the people of these beautiful islands. I am grateful to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and its excellent team in London, so ably led by High Commissioner Hill, for their help with administrative practicalities around delivery of the equipment”.


The machine’s capacity to produce masks on a large scale has the potential to benefit not only healthcare workers locally but also the wider OECS.

The increased availability of masks will also bolster the Government’s efforts to ensure that every citizen has access to essential protective gear.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has assured that the installation and operation of the mask-making machine will be overseen by a team of experts to ensure maximum efficiency and output.

Training programmes will also be conducted to equip local technicians with the skills necessary to operate and maintain the machine effectively.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda extends its deepest gratitude to Mr. Salmon for his remarkable contribution and reaffirms its dedication to strengthening the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

This partnership stands as a testament to the power of collective action and the enduring spirit of global solidarity.


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  1. I think the People of Antigua & Barbuda need to investigate just what Mr. Salmon got in exchange for his Mask Machine.
    People like Mr. Salmon don’t do Charity Work for nothing – they are Business People – so my question is this – What did Gaston Browne promise or sign off on to warrant this act of generosity ????

  2. Wear your masks! We will band the importation of mask, the next plandemic we will have the monopoly, each of my ministers have shares in this business. Enrich yourselves guys! Enrich yourselves! We only do things for us to benefit not the citizens.

  3. Is Antigua getting ready for Disease X or for H5N1aka bird flu? It is said that bird flu has a fatality rate of 61%. Nothing happens by chance! The special economic zone will be delving into something in virology — Is there going be a bioweapons laboratory — will gain of function research on viruses be done in Antigua? The signing of the WHO pandemic treaty is supposed to happen later this month.
    Sunlight is the best disinfectant!
    Get your immune system ready for battle!

  4. Our most productive and beneficial diplomat at it again. Thank you High Commissioner for coming to the country’s aid once again. A very thoughtful gift. The hospital should from now on not be out of surgical masks again. Thank you Mr. Salmon for your generosity. And please if you read the posts on this website, please ignore our ungrateful and politically dunce opposition members. They just cannot help themselves. Bitterness of loosing an election is killing them.

    • And the imbecile sideline’s doesn’t understand that surgical masks are meant to be worn during surgeries to prevent the surgeons from contaminating the surgical field — when asking for the required instruments microbe can be expelled from the mouth.
      Surgical masks cannot reduce the spread of respiratory viruses because, the pores in the masks are much bigger than any virus.

    • @ From The Sideline, you are absolutely out of touch and out of depth – as per usual.

      This masking machine is a preparatory move for future lockdowns, and an advance on removing Antigua & Barbuda’s sovereignty (as well as other Member countries) in favour of the World Heath Organisation under the misguidance of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

      You have NEVER had any critical thoughts about you, and just go along with authoritarianism without question.

      It’s people like you why this country is in such a damn mess. You stand for nothing, and then go on to bow at the feet of the globalists and the elites like Kowtowing lickspittling phlegm. 🧫


    • … And @ From The Sideline, haven’t we learnt from the “donations” from the UK 🇬🇧 and Denmark 🇩🇰 of the dangerous Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) AstraZeneca, that’s now been globally banned.


      The weakest individual on ANR threads!

  5. I see this machine growing cobwebs and rust, the function of government is different from political office first pass the post system, where incompetent men who never manage a candy shop take up executive control of a country.

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