Antigua and Barbuda questions its inclusion in Barbados latest high-risk list of countries


Antigua and Barbuda is seeking an explanation from Barbados as to why the country was deemed a high risk country in the island’s updated COVID-19 travel protocols.

Antigua and Barbuda was one of 14 countries added.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chet Greene has questioned the reason behind the latest move.

Greene said Antigua and Barbuda has had a handle on COVID-19.

“Clearly there’s no justification for this designation or rating of Antigua and Barbuda as a high-risk country,” Greene said.

“It is disappointing … but I want to assure the Antigua and Barbuda people and for persons wishing to come to Antigua and Barbuda that ours is among the safest jurisdictions you find anywhere in the region.”

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  1. I am not sure if the good minister knows that Grenada, Dominica, and St. Kitts and Nevis has opted out of the travel bubble and Antigua was sited as the cause.

    I can imagine Barbados will be next to opt out of the caricom travel bubble.

    While Antigua looking friends and money other caricom islands are looking about the health of their people.

    You see, everybody knows what is important to them. Friendship and money for some and health for other.

    There is no balance between money and health.

    • SLU now has community spread 73 active cases, Dominica, 17. Barbados opted out a few days ago. Interestingly while you attack ANU for its handling of Covid and make claims you cannot substantiate, A Canadian official (Their honorary counsel here) congratulated the government of A&B for its handling of covid. This happened during the hand over ceremony of PPE equipment

  2. I thought Barbados is a Sovereign Country.They do not have to give you Chet Greene any explanations. Barbados is taking care of its Citizens. You would need to take care of yours.

  3. Antigua allows tourists to stay in villas and visit supermarkets, bars and restaurants without any restrictions, quarantine or on Island testing, Barbados does not. Accident waiting to happen, simple!

  4. This coming from the same minister who allowed his sick daughter from an outside woman to enter our country from the UK earlier this year. Ministers mostly in politics for their personal gain. That’s why our country is in a sad state of affairs.

  5. MAYBE BARBADOS DOESN’T TRUST OUR TOURIST PROTOCOLS . It’s just a matter of time .Visiting citizens and resident citizens on lock down with soon to come monitor bracelets and tourist walk around like KING OF All THEY SURVEY.what the hell hàlf ass protocol is that

  6. Ohh my, this is getting boringly repetitive.
    Carpha needs to recommend ONE protocol for all arrivals, that is fair, reasonable & health-assured.

    ALL govts in any bubble must agree to use same protocols for all arrivals.
    Ideally eastern Caribbean govts all sign on, so making it easier for all travelers / nationals / residents (& agents to promote us).

    Govts. must be diligent & equal in their enforcement of protocols.

    Fyi – SVG have gone the 4-day route…
    Arrive with neg pcr taken within 3-days of flight departure.
    Test again on arrival.
    3-n in govt approved facility.
    Fourth day test – if neg, clear to move a out freely, if positive to self-isolation & monitoring.

    Just one thing to verify by Carpha, will LAMP tests be acceptable in addition to PCR tests?
    There is 4-weeks to research & make a decision before hopefully UK opens again, as LAMP tests available at airports there & results within an hour.

    Let us get ahead of all this confusion, PLEASE.

    • Definitely need to test on arrival and then test again a few days later.

      TBH, there’s really no way of getting around quarantining all visitors/returning nationals if you really want to keep COVID from spreading on the island.

  7. Just curious…..

    Has any hotel workers tested positive for COVID? Are the hotels actively testing staff?

    And before anyone attacks me, I have no hidden agenda or trying to start any BS. I am just questioning and curious as to how the hotels are protecting their staff.

    • I believe. And rumors of Sandals staff.

      But everything is kept secret, so how would we know?

  8. This sounds like panic central, at this point as it relates to covid-19 Antigua should not concern itself with what other countries think as most countries with the notable exception of most small island states are doing a crappy job at managing this virus. St. Lucia has 73 active cases yet the CDC has categorized it as low risk. The approach is subjective so just keep calm Antigua….

  9. Her way out of a pandemic

    The only way is sensible protocols. Quarantine EVERYONE, test EVERYONE

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