Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Is Meeting With President Joe Biden and Other World Leaders On Climate Change

Digital photos compliments Office of the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Gaston Browne listing to the opening comments from President of the United States, Joseph Biden

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne is today attending the Leaders’ Summit on Climate organized by US President, Joseph Biden.

Prime Minister Browne is one of two Caribbean leaders invited by President Biden to the Summit of just 40 Heads of Government from around the world.   Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness is the other Caribbean leader attending the summit.

Prime Minister Browne, who will speak during the morning session at the Summit, is expected to

make the case for small island states, including CARICOM, which he said are facing unprecedented challenges at this time to include coping with extraordinary public health demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and making preparations for the effects of Climate Change.

Since becoming Prime Minister in March 2014, Prime Minister Browne has been a strong voice advocating in international fora, for climate justice for Caribbean states.  As recently as March 29, Browne told a Meeting of Heads of State and Government on the International Debt Architecture and Liquidity that Caribbean states “are the least contributors to the greenhouse gases that cause Climate Change, yet they are its greatest casualties”.

Antigua and Barbuda’s delegation to the virtual Leaders’ Summit on Climate, comprises Health and Environment Minister, the Hon. Sir Molwyn Joseph, Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hon. E. P. Chet Greene and Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir. Ronald Sanders.

The Climate Summit runs for two days and is being attended over forty leaders including the Presidents of China, France, Germany and Russia and Prime Ministers of Britain, Canada and Australia.

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  1. For those that say our PM is an embaressment to this country, perhpas they should take note who is rerpreseting the caribbean in most of these high powered meetings. Be it on D-Risking, Reparations, or Global Warming. Our PM is the one that is leading the fight and always is invited to be the featured speker. Even when it came to CIP investments.

    • Still is ,one act alone doesn’t change a pattern he as consistently display . #foodforthought

    • ” COIN DADLY “Maybe somebody should tell those on here that are looking for an Award or Parade .

    • Well indeed 2004 through 2014 was a disaster. Now we have true representation and leadership once again.
      Just like the leadship that disappeared in the USA from 2016 through 2020. NOW They also have regain leadership omce again

      • @From The Sidelines…

        While it can be agreed, that #GlobalWarming or #ClimateChange is having a negative impact on the Caribbean region due to greed by some HUEmans, the more serious and immediate threat to Our Caribbean region is the proliferation of Chinese GUN MANUFACTURING/ASSEMBLY PLANTS, and OPIODS/FENTANYL production facilities.
        As Our esteem PM Gaston Browne and others open the #FloodGates with these factories, the Caribbean versions of the WILD WILD WEST Show (as in the case of Jamaica) will be #LIVE. They will not be prerecorded, edited and rebroadcast. The shootouts will be #LIVE.
        This is an immediate threat which the Leaders are enabling by their piss poor decision making to bring in some few extra dollars.

  2. Even while he is begging for recognition of opportunities to combat climate change, the world leaders are probably pulling up on their screens the degradation that he and the Chinese are causing on our environment. Maybe he is thinking they don’t know. Gaston, Big Brother, sees and knows everything. The world is a global village. They have you marked.

  3. How you lead says allot about your followers. Perhaps this is why so many Gastonites don’t see anything wrong with his behavior. They see themselves in him.

  4. Folks don’t let envy, zealously and Political tribalism cloud your vision. Sometimes we all must show appreciation, class and dignity. The haters and Nayseyers can’t even see the destructive ways in all their negativity. For once give the gentleman some credit for being recognized. Hatred and Political Diatribes don’t have to be in your warp mind’s always. Sometimes it’s best not to say anything. By the way he is an Antiguan. You are not convincing too many people to believe your foolishness.

  5. COLOMBO+THO how is our Prime Minister being recognized for making a presentation to the Biden climate change virtual meeting yesterday. Guys like you and FROM THE SIDELINE blow out of proportion the slightest thing done by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister spoke at the virtual meeting yesterday as the Chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS). This is an alliance of 44 small island states. That is the only reason he spoke. The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, was also invited and spoke because of the work he has been doing on environmental issues, particularly with the Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada. What work has Gaston Browne been doing on environmental issues? Did he take serious action against PLH in Barbuda for their degradation of a RAMSIR protected site in that island? You guys need to get objective and real and stop believing that anyone who opposes Gaston Browne is acting out of envy and jealousy, which seems to be the mantra of BEEF as well. Please stop blowing up every thing that Gaston Browne does or says as if it is the greatest thing in the world. Be honest and objective in your analysis, if that is possible.

  6. You are so pathetic never ever give the good gentleman any credit for anything. You are true to yourself always belittling his Leadership. I am not looking for anything from any Politician. O can’t even vote. But one thing I know that the UPP governance was the worse in Wadadli history. I pray that they wouldn’t never ever again come close to government. You all are so vindictive, bad minded and envious. I had my personal experience with you all.

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