Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne Offering Five Students Scholarships to American Heritage Law School


Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne is committed to continuously helping his fellow citizens in the months leading up to the Caribbean nation’s next general election next year.

The political leader is focusing on increasing and improving the educational opportunities that are being offered to his country’s residents, both at home and abroad.

Prime Minister Browne is offering economic aid to five students from Antigua and Barbuda who are interested in studying law in the U.S.

The students will each receive a scholarship to American Heritage Law School in California, in association with businessman Alki David’s CBD wellness brand, Swissx. All applicants must apply for the scholarship to the Los Angeles-based law school on Swissx’s official website.

In addition to his duties helping his fellow citizens as Antigua and Barbuda’s prime minister, Browne also has a channel on Swissx TV, on which he posts videos and tweets about his responsibilities as a political leader. The internet-based television subscription service is available as an Android and iOS app, and through its website online.

Besides Prime Minister Browne’s political channel, Swissx TV also feature programming from around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America, the UK and the rest of Europe, and the Middle East. For more information on Swissx TV, visit the company’s official website.

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  1. Fantastic news for the students concerned, however, I have an important Question to ask:

    Has Gaston Browne ever done this before when there’s NO General Election imminent?


    • If you had really followed him, you would not have asked. You would have known. He doesn’t need an election to show how much he cares about people. Just go into his constituency and look at the Villa Primary school. They even have a recording studio. He has a feeding program for the elderly. The list goes on and on. But he doesn’t like to brag about things he does. Even when he gives donations of tens of thousands to his church, he likes to keep that secret.

      • @ From The Sideline and up in his _ss!!!!!

        please gimme a break- a one a de meanest man in anteega

      • With a $300 million portfolio @ From The Sideline, all that he’s ALLEGEDLY doing is small change to him … try harder to convince us that Gassy 🥸 is some sort of philanthropist or financial guru. Tarl!

        AGAIN, NICE TRY … 👍

    • This offering is obviously a new negotiation. Clearly, it child not have been presented before if it were not on table. By the way, what difference does it make whether or not this was offered before?
      Five students now have a chance of a lifetime to take advantage of this opportunity.
      With that said, let me add, “The best way to get where you’re going is to look like you’re already there.” Economic Powerhouse in the making.

  2. “……helping his fellow citizens in the months leading up to the Caribbean nation’s next general election next year.”

    All I can say to this reporter is “wow..just….wow!” Is is everything that we have to make political?

    My goodness…oh how I miss impartial reporting.

  3. @Go Gaston Go! you the Best. Opposition Leader like the Idiot we have in Dominica. Get Rid Ah Them,Them unless Idiots..Gaston Call the Election Now..The writing is on the wall.

  4. Students BEWARE!
    read various articles and court papers about this heir to coca cola bottling plants….

    Antiguans, remember old people saying ” you are the friends you keep”… Nuff said Mister PM.
    BTW how’s your frontal lobe?!

    “Alki David owes tens of millions of dollars in judgments against him. He took to Instagram during an asset examination Wednesday to say he won’t pay.”

    “Multiple women have sued Alki David for sexual harassment and sexual battery and won, been awarded large multi-million payments, and Alki David refusing to pay.
    His lawyers saying he has a frontal lobe issue and cannot control his impulsivity.”

  5. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing when the leader of our country lead by example. Clearly our PM has a lot of faith in our peoples and is prepared to make the necessary investment. Political ploy or not the beneficiaries of those scholarships and our beloved country will benefit in ways untold. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister and Congratulations to all recipients. Forward Ever Backward never.

    • Then why do it now and not before, if this isn’t an election ploy @ Sharon.

      Surely you are wise enough to understand that this move should have been conducted without an election imminent, and then nobody would have questioned the Prime Minister’s motives and motivation.

      • I have told you before, but you keep insisting. He did it many times before and keeps on giving. It’s in the man’s nature to give. Let me take you through memory lane. On his 50th Birthday, he gave $10,000.00 to his church. Young people wanted to start a business and he believed in them, and he gave $10,000.00 to them to start. Why do you think the PM Scholarship program is so large? He spends $25million each year on scholarships. And I have told you about his Feeding Program and his contribution to the Villa Primary School. Try and walk in his footsteps when it comes to giving. I mean giving out of his own pocket. He is now starting a Credit Union for the Community with his own money. None Porfit.

  6. Kudos to the PM. He is busy GIVING while the 🐍 🐍 TAKING from the people charging them for his goatwater party. UPP charged US$200 and US$100 to see the gunman, CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe.

    Why can’t the upp GIVE to help others?

    • Thank God the UPP introduced the Social programmes to help ALL ANTIGUANS AND BARBUDANS ALL YEAR ROUND.



      ETC ETC


      • And when they couldn’t pay for all the social program any longer, they went to the IMF for help. And thanks to Chavez he gave them US$50million as a gift. And even that was not enough Maduro had to write of over $200million from the Petro Caribe deal. So yes, they know how to spend the money, but they don’t know how to fund it. They never think about how to fund them.

        • Thank God that the IMF loan had an interest rate of 1 per cent unlike the loans that Gaston has to borrow for 7 per cent.
          Gaston is so dishonest, he secretly borrowed $ 540 from an insurance company and did not tell the population.
          Pity that Gaston cannot account for the 2 billion that he got from the CIP.

          How is Comrade Max who got $ 6 million for Deluxe Cinema

    • They do give. They drive around the country and buy Guinness and other small stuff from small vendors and say they are helping them.

  7. @ Sidelines: How glorious it is for the UPP to sit and talk with the real Antiguans unlike Gaston who flies to Barbuda to fraternize with the rich and famous!

    • So, who did the PM talk to in New York? You really want me to respond to the fake meeting of the UPP vs the REAL Meeting with the PM. I won’t even call what the UPP had a meeting. Some get together of some senior citizens. But that’s OK. I hope they have learned their lesson. Which is, they are way behind the ABLP. And don’t mention the PM’s trip to Barbuda with the rich. Cause you see how much money the rich is pumping into Barbuda in order to protect it from Coastal Erosion and develop it so that Barbudans can make a very good living without having to stretch out their hand for money from the council. It is Gaston that is making sure we have those investors coming into the country and giving us assistance. Look at what one investor gave us at Sir Novel Richard Academy. An entirely new wing. And now another investor is building for us an entirely new State of the Art School ABICE. Four million pounds. Those are the benefits of having good relationships with High NetWorth individuals. And not to mention all the monies he went begging in Dubai for the betterment of Barbuda, that we are now making Barbuda the first Island that will be completely run-on Green Energy. Gaston doesn’t lime with the Rich and Famous for liming sake, like Lovell used to do when he was minister of Tourism, liming with Armani. You know at that time all Lovell’s wardrobe was only Armani brand. Lately he is trying to rebrand himself and wearing some African design shirts. But it just doesn’t suit the man. He is a fake. I believe if you tell Lovell he needs to wear his pants below his bottom in order to be elected, he will. That’s how fake he is.

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