Antigua And Barbuda PM Seeks Reparation From All Souls College At Oxford University


Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has written to the Master of All Souls College at Oxford University, seeking reparations for what now amounts to tens of millions of pounds sterling,  amassed from the hard labour of enslaved people on Antigua and Barbuda.


The Prime Minister’s letter, which was dispatched this morning, had a swift response from Sir John Vickers, the Master of All Souls.


In his letter to the Head of the Oxford College, Prime Minister Browne stated that a bequest to All Souls College in 1710 from Christopher Codrington III, which stocked and built the College’s now famous Library,  was generated principally from the labour of enslaved people on ‘granted’ lands in Antigua and Barbuda.


Browne pointed out that the Codringtons’ added considerably to their family’s wealth from the proceeds of plantations and slavery on Antigua, principally, a ‘grant’ of 500 acres of land in 1674 which he named Betty’s Hope and a further 400 acres that was also subsequently  ‘granted’,  He told Sir John that the Codringtons retained that land until 1944 and for 160 of those years profited from the hard labour of enslaved people on Antigua.


Mr Browne said that Christopher Codrington 111, who bequeathed the funds to All Souls, not only inherited the 900 acres of land and enslaved people on Antigua but he also secured a lease of Barbuda in 1684 at no cost.  The considerable profits made from these granted lands and the hard labour of enslaved people allowed Christopher Codrington 111, when he died in 1710, to bequeath to All Souls the equivalent of millions of pounds sterling at today’s value.


The Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister proposed to Sir John that “the College should repay its debt to enslaved persons on Antigua and Barbuda, who were the real source of benefit to All Souls, by (a) contributing to the higher education of the people of Antigua and Barbuda through post graduate scholarships to the College for eligible Antiguans and Barbudans; and (b) direct donations to the Five Islands (Antigua) Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) which was launched in September 2019 as the fourth landed campus of the University”.


In his immediate response today, Sir John Vickers thanked Prime Minister Browne for his letter and advised that All Souls College “is investigating academic initiatives in relation to the Codrington legacy”.  He said that his hope is that “conclusions will be reached in the coming university term”.   He undertook to write again “by mid-June, if not sooner”.

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  1. By any means necessary is the cry of the day.

    Seek them out. Hunt for the CA$H. By one way or another, the money must come.

    Maybe we should just go crawling on our knees back to the IMF.
    Get your knee pads, Antiguans. Supermarkets: stock up on knee pads. The demand for them is great. Issue them to the government quickly. Start with the “Tap Daug”. Begging season is in full swing. Begging PANDEMIC ! Call the WHO ! Let us get the begging epidemic under control in Antigua before it spreads beyond our borders.

    Bring the gifts and come, China. Give us Reparation, All Souls College.

    It is a mad rush to the end of the jab. $$$$$$$$$$ is all we are seeing: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Bring the money and come !

    What a nation ! What a government ! What a people !

    You know what…. just wet your hand and wait for it.



  2. Would thus be considered a shakedown. Shake the trees with ripened fruits and eventually some would fall. Not accusing,just asking.

  3. The PM is thinking outside of the #ProverbialBox, and even though it may not be the best thing to do in politics, he’s definitely rattling the bones of the old and the brains of the new Plantocrasy.
    However, there’s a mixed message coming from the PM. On one hand he’s going after the old plantocrasy movement(Europe & America), yet he’s basically allowing the new Plantocrasy movement comprising of the #SpoiledRichFockers(Meet da Phuckers of CIP – Starring Robert Dynairrow), and The Tryad Connext – Starring Bruce Han Lie) to come into the Nation, get all these incentives, concessions, tax breaks etc while the People which they employ are basically a wink of an eye, and COVID-19 proved it, from living as modern day slaves.

    It would be nice, if Our PM in #All of his wisdom can calculate what the value of Our assets today, which are systemically being given away, will be in the next Century and whose Estate should future generations go after?
    The Birds…
    The Hadeeds…
    The Churches, he must go after them now too.
    The Spencers…
    The Brownes…
    The Michaels…
    The Chinese…
    The Dominicanos

    Tell us those #Who’re benefitting now, so that we can prepare a Time Capsule with the necessary info, to give Our future generations the right ammunitions to go to war against those that are raping and reaping now.

  4. The people of Antigua need repatriation from the leaders that enslave us by selling us out to fill their pockets. Charity begins at home!
    How can one be against something and they participate in the same thing?

  5. First Harvard University, now Oxford. This PM is a real leader. Not afraid to call them out in the open. Very outspoken for the cause of not just his country, but the entire black race.

    • The PM truly is a natural leader, “very outspoken for the cause of not just his country, but the entire black race.” He is in the tradition of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and V.C. Bird Sr. Yes, Oxford owes us lots. When the money comes it must not go to the politicians or their lackeys. The money should go to the descendants of slaves only. Trying to prove this ancestry could be somewhat problematic. Don’t forget even some Black Antiguans were also slave owners….a small minority for sure, but they did exist. The descendants of these Black slave owners are not entitled to one cent. Open the historical records and let he truth be known.

    • While I agree, that PM Browne is doing the right thing regarding holding estates and businesses accountable for their actions during the Triangular Slave Trade, of the 16th Century to the Present(still ongoing, even though clandestine – aborted fetuses for the #StemCell Market, children for the #PedophiliaRings to adults as sex slaves), again while the PM is doing a masterful job along with Dr. Beckles of UWI – BTW I’m quite sure that you are aware of the #REPARATION #MOVEMENT which has being flying under the banner of the Lion of Judah incorporated through the Ras Tafar I – RastafarI Movement.
      Elders from Ras Sam Browne from the People Suffers Party in Jamaica to Prophet & Priest Prince Immanuel, Ras Mortimo Planno have being beating and #SOUNDING out the word, as to the power of REPARATION as it pertains to rebuilding the African Culture which was systematically destroyed by the same ones and others of the Plantocrasy Movements.
      Now, speaking of “others,” the point I am making is I dare, doubly, quadruple dare PM Browne to go after the Churches of EUROPE from the Flavian to the Windsor dynasties, which have kept meticulous records of what transpired during those years mentioned prior. The should have those records, they were the first #BANKERS to bankroll the original terrorist who later became pirates, to commanders to Governors in their army’s.

      Tell Gaston Browne PM, dat de Rastaman Culture, dat he cyan brag and say dat, dem help save ee life, tell he and if he read um YAH, guarne go “Kick een chuch back door too!”
      I n I dare him, “Kick een de Church door too!”

  6. The facts are our own black people made us slaves back then and sold us to the foreigners and today that is still happening. Traitor and dictator selling us out to the Chinese.

    Vote his tail out.

    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?

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