Antigua and Barbuda plans to reduce fees for its residency programme


Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet has agreed to make amendments to the Residency Program as it now exists, in order to make it more attractive to foreign-born workers who may not wish to be citizens but who wish to reside in Antigua and Barbuda  lawfully.


Currently, the cost of such a residency program is US$20,000.


The Cabinet agreed that the Attorney General’s Office will restructure the legislation and fit it under the Citizenship by Investment Program for easy management.


The fee is likely to be reduced to make it competitive and the status may lead to citizenship in such a way as to strengthen the CIP not weaken it.


Consultations will begin in earnest immediately and the Attorney General will report to Cabinet before the amendment goes to Parliament.

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  1. When push comes to shove…
    When push comes to shove…
    When push comes to shove…
    #Beggars can’t be choosers.
    The path to #Citizenship in the Nation is cheaper than, hot wood oven bread, butter n cheese with a glass of lemonade to wash it down the path to your stomach, as it feeds many hungry, growling angry belly’s!.

  2. Things are really worse than it seems!

    This move is designed to keep money in the coffers, but nonetheless, liat workers still can’t be paid severance and it costs 500 thousand a month to run an airline that can’t even break even.

    We need a new generation of people to stop this madness from continuing, if not, we are all doomed.

  3. Short term gain for long term pain.
    This is what happens when a country is mismanaged and will try to find funds by any means.
    In fifty years the pickey hair indigenous population will be in the minority.
    Ask the indigenous Fijians. The British took Indians there to work the sugar plantations and over time they were able to vote in an Indian government. It took a coup to restore an indigenous government.
    Look at Guyana and Trinidad. Even though Africans were the first to be brought to the countries, many black people are at the bottom of the economic ladder and hated and looked down upon by the other races.
    There are more black people in Brazil than America, there are millions of blacks in central and South America, and what is their economic, social and political status? Most of the blacks live in poverty and do the menial jobs.
    The British took Asians to east Africa and even after being there for over one hundred years they did not become African. They retained British passports and thought of themselves as British. They controlled the businesses and shipped the profits out of the countries.
    Black peoples can only prosper and be respected in their own country where they are the majority and have a government that look after their interest.
    When the children of non indigenous Antiguans start taking up the spaces in the top schools, getting all the university scholarships and getting the best jobs, Antiguans wii have this government to thank.
    Short time gain for long term pain.

  4. US$20,000 for residency program.So anyone could pay that fee from abroad and resides in Antigua and Barbuda,forever? However,a license fee for Cannabis is EC $325,000.This is really to squeeze the scrotum of the local black man.

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