Antigua and Barbuda Opposition Fears Potential Visa Restrictions from the UK following Dominica’s Precedent


REAL NEWS: Now that the Commonwealth of Dominica has become the first
casualty of the United Kingdom’s imposition of an entry visa, the
United Progressive Party (UPP) fears that Antigua and Barbuda
might suffer a similar fate – even as speculation about an
October 2023 cut-off date is rife.

To date, there has been no official confirmation by British
authorities on the status of Antigua and Barbuda’s travel

However, Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer, says that
Britain’s decision to cancel visa-free access is likely to impact
Antigua and Barbuda eventually.

After all, he says, the Browne Administration has done nothing to
improve the country’s Citizenship by Investment programme nor its
overall position.

Tabor accuses the Browne Administration of having weakened the
programme by removing the mandate of an oversight committee
and shortening the residency period – thereby placing the CIP in a
vulnerable position.

Accordingly, he notes that the ratings of the country’s passport will
continue to decline, further damaging marketing prospects.
Tabor says the Government cannot afford to have the CIP fall further
in the rankings, as this will reduce the revenue collected and bring
greater hardship on citizens and residents.

Therefore, he is wondering whether the Government has taken any
preemptive measures to avoid a fate similar to Dominica’s.

Given the situation, Tabor says, the Administration should be
considering any action which could demonstrate to the UK that it
will attract only the highest-quality applicants – in order that
confidence in the programme can be restored.

He believes that reconstituting the oversight committee and
extending the residency period would also help demonstrate that
this country is serious about border security –  which the UK says it
is trying to protect.

Further, Tabor says that Government should be seeking an audience
with UK officials to discuss how any fallout with this country can be

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  1. When many of us chided the GOA over the Antigua Airways fiasco, many said we were just hating on Gaston Browne and his failed administration. No we do not hate Gaston, but rather that we love our island immensely and are trying to save it from the perils to come.

    Many of us said that the first world countries were watching and this fiasco was going to create serious problems for us for years to come.
    You just can’t bring in 1000 so-called refugee’s without proper representation and documentation, and expect smart governments to just accept your word that they are not criminals.
    Where are those refugee’s now,and were they ever even vetted? The clear answer is an emphatic NO.

    Many would like to just brush it under the table, but the fallout from this debacle(some died on a boat) will impact good hearted Antiguans more than many would think.
    This visa thing is just the tip of the iceberg, because the Antigua Airways fiasco was a massive blunder by this administration, massive.

    I’ve lived in the US for over 30yrs and have done business and travel throughout the world, and I know how these people work. No matter how misguided you mean might think the US and UK are sometimes, there is one thing they take seriously, and that’s the overall safety of their property and country.. that is tantamount above everything else to them.

  2. Many enlightened Antiguans knew these restrictions were coming (it wasn’t rocket science by any means), yet our Prime Minister’s utter stubbornness has caused a massive problem for genuine Antiguans to travel freely and unrestricted.

    I’m not a clever man – far from it -, but many of us predicted this outcome, and yet Gaston Browne and his cabinet members didn’t see this coming?!?!

    Remember, these political devil’s will still be able to travel without any restrictions whatsoever.

    It now looks like the UK will now go ahead (as predicted) and introduce visas in December for Antiguans to travel there.


    • It seems like the European nations are targeting everyone because in the next year Americans are going to need some sort of visa to travel to their shores. That’s what everyone is getting when they free themselves from their former Colonial masters. Give it some serious thought.

  3. It seems like the European nations are targeting everyone because in the next year Americans are going to need some sort of visa to travel to their shores. That’s what everyone is getting when they free themselves from their former Colonial masters. Give it some serious thought.

  4. Voter transfer Brixty, voter transfer. It came straight from the horse’s mouth, remember, or have you forgotten?olp

    • Don’t be fooled. The introduction of visas have nothing to do with CIP. That’s a red herring and its linked to a much bigger agenda. Because if it is about CIP, then only CIP passport holders would need a visa to enter. Not everyone else with a non-CIP passport.

  5. What “opposition”??? Who is its “LEADER”???? DEAD DARG PICK-UP-CORN PRINGLE???

    • You have never offered anything of substance; you are as dunce as you can possibly get. You mother is so upset that your abortion was unsuccessful but whatever she used cause you to behave the way you do.

  6. This development is unfortunate and could have been avoided.
    The Opposition Parties needs to offer alternatives rather than wondering if the government has any preemptive moves.
    Antiguans and Barbadans look forward to policy initiatives put out by the Opposition that shows leadership on this issue.

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