Antigua and Barbuda named the ‘Caribbean Destination of the Year’

Caribbean view from Shirley Heights, Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda has been named the ‘Caribbean Destination of the Year’, during the Caribbean Travel Awards hosted by Caribbean Journal, the world’s largest website covering Caribbean Travel.

The exciting news was announced this week by Caribbean’s Journal’s Editor in Chief and Founder Alexander Brittell.

Caribbean Journal says: ‘It’s been a very strong year for Caribbean tourism, making this a particularly difficult selection. But Antigua and Barbuda’s combination of booming arrivals, surging hotel development (from a new Waldorf-Astoria on the way to a brand-new Rosewood resort in the pipeline) and a spirited, creative marketing strategy makes it the Caribbean Destination of the Year for 2020.

Whether it’s the Caribbean’s leading portfolio of all-inclusive resorts, a diverse collection of  boutique hotels; a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site or the twin-island destination’s marvelous beaches, Antigua and Barbuda is right at the cutting edge of the region’s tourism sector – and it’s cooler than ever.”

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James, said “Antigua and Barbuda has had a phenomenal year of growth, with tourism air arrivals at an all-time high.

We are proud to be recognized for all of our hard work, and are looking forward to an even better 2019/2020 Tourism Season, with  new hotel properties fully operating including our newest property Hammock Cove Resort & Spa, extra airlift for the winter season, improved product and sensational new events for visitors to participate in for 2020.”




  2. Excellent News! Well done, and continued success to the Ultimate Destination in the Caribbean‼️❤️🇦🇬

  3. And I thought the UPP said things were so bad in this country
    Tourism was down and everything was bad bad bad

  4. New hotels and more tourist coming meaning growth in the job sector.
    Sharpen your skills:
    Resort Manager
    Hotel Manager
    Hotel Sales Manager. …
    Housekeeping Manager. …
    Hotel Maintenance Engineer. …
    Concierge. …
    Front Desk Receptionist. …
    Night Auditor.
    Grounds men
    Beach attendants
    Farmers (for fresh supplies)

  5. The UPP will say anything …..UPP , OBSERVER , SERPENT ,KNIGHT and others just spread FAKE / FALSE news.Antigua best Tourists destination.

  6. Congrats to all those who have made that happen, including minister Max Fernandez and his team. Talk is one thing, but the real development is when you actually make it happen. As of Jul 2019, ECLAC has us (5.9%) 2nd only to Dominica (9.9) in terms of GDP growth in the entire Latin America and the Caribbean region. Tellingly the average for the said region is ,5%

  7. Caribbean Journal is not a reputable nor independent magazine. A former tourism minister uses this mag as a propaganda tool in the past. St .Kitts has beaten Antigua in arrivals both cruise and overstays. Even the PM said this and warned St. Kitts that he is coming for them.
    The hotels that are listed have been in the pipelines for over 6 years now.

    How do you get awarded for future accomplishments ?

    Can I get my Nobel peace prize for literature please, I have a best selling book on the way and a documentary thriller in the pipeline.

    As for the touted so called growth that we can’t take to the bank, get running water, stable electricity or even decent roads, that too is another pipe dream in the pipeline.
    Release the IMF report so we can see what the real growth is and stop submit spurious growth figures to ECLAC who then regurgitate whatever the government says without any verification.

    • Like our friend keep spitting in your mouth and you see it as wine. Watch you ask for IMF report yet ignore the very growth numbers on the IMF website. Their (IMF) Regional Economic Outlook report 2019, reflects the 7.4% for 2018, yet that’s not a report you wish to see. Yes close your eyes to it. Then you site SKN but ignore their stay over numbers are not even half ours. Ask them what brings more local $, stay over or cruise tourism. The more than 150K stay over tourists we have contribute much more than the extra they get (will meet and surpass them soon via the GPH deal) from cruise tourism

  8. What a BIG BIG DISGRACE listening to Knight and Damani Tabor this evening December 12 2019.
    Who will really vote for Damani Tabor and the UPP. Too many positive things happening under the Gaston Browne Administration that Damani Tabor agree and Knight disagree with all the investments happening in Antigua. It is a SHAME to listen to Damani and Knight.


  9. With all these awards and big economic growth, how come the average man isn’t seeing the benefits. I’m so tired of the politics. People still can’t afford to live in the country and so much needs fixing but we are boasting growth and prosperity. When will we really see and feel this growth?

  10. Good Looking……please keeping training these hotels front office staff training should be tensified before EVERY SEASON..


  11. Congratulations lets all continue to keep up the good work as we say In ANU Tourism is Everybody’s Business

  12. Be honest, do you really care? The signs are there for those who arn’t closing their eyes:
    1. Best Medical Facility in the OECS (MSJ)
    2. Among the fastest growing economies in not only just the region, also the World
    3. Tourism numbers breaking records
    4. A&B has been on no blacklist unlike many of our regional counterparts
    5. University of A&B
    6. Best regulated CIP program in the OECS region (most transparent program)
    7. Our HDI scores continue to increase during this administration tenure
    8. Nation at the forefront for reparatory justice
    9. Leading in the region when it comes to reducing the use of plastics.
    10. 33 ranking in the rule of law report (2019), which places us ahead of your USA (50)

    Yet you prefer to find some small issue to blow out of proportion to justify your need for the sky to be falling. Boss we live in a blessed though imperfect country

  13. Congratulations to my brother Dean Fenton who is the Captain of this ship
    Who all this would not have been possible without🤓. His hard work and dedication to Antigua has been inspirational for me to also want to give back to my Island. I hope he can also inspire each and every Antiguan to be as invested in Tourism, since it’s
    “Antigua’s BREAD AND BUTTER”😇😍👀✅👍🤛👏👋😎

  14. We had visited the place with my family. It was very interesting. They have excellent music.The Tin band is held in the tourist station on Sunday evening close to the fort. For me it was something new – a tin band – I would say ‘wonderful’ with the exciting drummers and musicians. It was ‘soo’ nice. In addition it was sunset time unbelievably beautiful. I had taken some nice pictures.
    Another wonderful adventure was the boat ride with additional facilities for swimming and snorkeling.
    Then there is the Devil’s Bridge. I had some beautiful pictures with my family.

  15. Perfect! Now we can fix the roads and other neglected infrastructure, have no or very minimal water interruptions, pay government workers on time, and increase minimum wages. With all this growth it’s time to reinvest in Antigua and all Antiguans regardless of political affiliation. Politics have Antiguans blind especially if they reaping the benefits. All Antiguans must benefit period. Kudos to the people in charge of selling Antigua to the world including the hotel workers, beach vendors, etc, because of their hospitality people want to come back! Good job all around.

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