Antigua And Barbuda Ministry Of Tourism And Tourism Authority Congratulate Sir Robert Barrett

Sir Robert Allen Barrett, received his national honour as Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation – KCN (photo credits Wayne Mariette)

 The Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Transportation, and Investment along with the Board and the staff of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, extend heartiest congratulations to Antigua and Barbuda tourism industry veteran Mr. Robert ‘Rob’ Allen Barrett, on being awarded a Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation – KCN.

Mr. Robert Barrett (KCN) is the Chairman of the Elite Island Resorts an impressive collection of nine all-inclusive beachfront properties throughout the Caribbean.

Elite Island Resorts is one of the largest hotel chains in Antigua, with five hotels on the island.

The group of hotels employs over 1000 employees in Antigua and is a significant contributor to the country’s economy.

Mr. Barrett received the national honour during Antigua and Barbuda’s 42nd Anniversary of Independence National Awards Ceremony on November 1, 2023, for his distinguished contribution in the field of economic development, tourism, and community service.

Antigua and Barbuda Minister of Tourism, The Hon. Charles Fernandez applauds Sir. Barrett on his commitment to the industry.

“Your unwavering support and dedication have helped to transform and shape the Antigua and Barbuda tourism product. Your extensive experience and willingness to offer your expertise has not gone unnoticed.  We recognize and applaud you for your sterling contribution.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Vernon Jeffers Snr. also extends congratulations to the eminent hotelier.

“Mr. Barrett has been a mentor to many hoteliers, myself included, throughout his years within the industry, in Antigua and Barbuda and the wider Caribbean. Many people have been positively impacted by his contributions. He is one who leads by example and is truly a pioneer of Caribbean tourism.”

Also sending a congratulatory message is CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James.

“Mr. Barrett is one of the savviest tourism marketers that I have met. He constantly stays updated with industry trends and is always open to sharing his extensive knowledge. He is readily available and recognized for his willingness to partner with the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority on effective marketing programmes.”

Mr. Robert Barrett’s journey in the Caribbean began in the 1960’s where he worked his way up from beach boy to night auditor and general manager.

In the 1980’s, Robert focused his attention on the tourism industry in Antigua and Barbuda and since then his work spanning over thirty-eight years and his philanthropy has been a success story.

Through Mr. Barrett’s leadership, Antigua and Barbuda has benefited from investment and employment at hotels: the Pineapple Beach Resort, Royal Antiguan, St. James’ Club, Galley Bay Resort, Verandah Resort, Grand Pineapple Resort, and the Jolly Beach Resort.

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  1. The man face looks like a fu”ki-g, he importing people from the Philippines to work and putting Antiguans out of work and now he’s being rewarded with a knighthood, what a Antigua ar we lib inna !

  2. We need to run every last person like that from Antigua. All they do is bleed our country dry while them and their cronies get richer. They don’t care about black people. If they did they would pay them better and not have this massa mentality about them. Take heed people follow what Papa said, they can’t walk with the building.

  3. Want to congratulate Sir Robert Barrett on his recent knighthood. His contribution to the tourism plant and product could never go unnoticed. His many resorts have provided countless jobs and a decent likelihood for numerous citizens and their families. You and your family have contributed immensely to the economic development and growth of Antigua and Barbuda and we are forever grateful to you as a nation. The country’s knighthood of you is but a small token of our appreation.

    • @ Audley Phillip
      Whatever you are auditioning for, I hope you get it.
      We see what you are doing. It will not work. Uncle Tom

  4. That philosophy was for a time when properties hardly ever change hands in Antigua and Barbuda. The flaw in that statement that many continue to hold dear. “They can’t walk with the building”. But what they do is sell it at a price where it becomes out of reach for Antiguans and Barbudans.
    They may not literally be able to walk with the buildings but with the money from the appreciated value. The Kelly’s did not walk with Coco Point. They sold it to PLH/Discovery Land Company.
    These buildings becomes owned by a foreigner who now gets a passport along with ownership.

  5. In my opinion,he earned being Knighted. After all,he makes a great financial contribution to the well being of many.He owns Hotels,Supermarkets and other businesses.Many persons are employed in those places in many capacities to includes Management.Congratulations to you and continued successes for yourself and your employees.

  6. Which one of the guys that running up Willikies is his new puppet. The custom office for cure is one. Robin son that is interested in running is a next, the manager of the housing project is surly a puppet and Dr.Thomas was Robin handyman and surely will be pushed around by the puppet master. So all the ABLP perspective candidates are already puppets. The only one that stand a slim chance is thd UPP candidate.

  7. Congratulate him for what….CHUPS…. Paying his staff low wages. Bringing in all dem Philippine people and giving them the jobs instead of hiring our people. I’m telling y’all people, do not support this man and his businesses. Shop at the stores that are his competition that hire the local people,
    dont give him your hard earned dollar

  8. Isn’t it ironic that Robert Allen Stanford started out as a lifeguard before he came to Antigua, and he too was knighted.
    This gentleman Robert Barrett like the late Butch Stewart are quick studies, and possesses a lot of the business swagger to game the system.
    Both of their success is an example of the corrupt capitalism that’s pervasive throughout the Caribbean.
    How can he not be successful when he has a corrupt network on his informal payroll; senior civil servants to senior Cabinet ministers, who are at his disposal.

  9. I don’t condone boycotting any business that offers quality products with good customer service at competitive prices.
    We need to boycott the system that made him successful.
    The tax concessions and expedited government services he receives are not available to the small businesses who pays taxes to subsidize him.
    His ability to game the system in the way he became the operator of Jolly Beach is a prime example. He was in, he was out, and he is back in again after he got the deal on terms that are totally favorable to him.
    How can Gaston Brown runs around the globe with hat in hand talking about global warming and environmental degradation, when he and his Government are enablers to the environmental damage caused by this honoree.
    This does not take place as a result of Barrett’s business acumen. It’s a result of a corrupt system.
    He is not the only one. He is just the poster child with his newly minted knighthood.

  10. This award thing here is an absolute joke. Something needs to be established that allows for public opinion to weigh in on these knighthood.
    loyees at some of this man’s establishments. No foreigner should ever take prrsidence over native born Antiguans and Barbudans.
    The stories are out there to explain the Phillipines and there work permits. There are Mexicans on Barbuda working for PLH,when employment is sky high.
    The dirty hands of this failed government are all over these irregularities.
    It will take a decade to unravel the underhanded, corrupt dealings of this Gaston Browne led administration, but unravel it we must.

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