Antigua and Barbuda makes A Compassionate Payment to Former LIAT Workers

LIAT Staff at recent meeting with union in 2020

Press Statement:

Antigua and Barbuda makes A Compassionate Payment to Former LIAT Workers

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has this day, Monday, 20 December 2021, dispatched EC$2,000,000 to the LIAT Court-appointed Receiver for distribution to resident former LIAT workers.

This sum is intended to meet partial satisfaction of the cash component of the compassionate payout which the Antigua and Barbuda Government has volunteered.

It extends this compassionate offer, though the Government has no legal obligation to make any such payments.

 The payment by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is a compassionate payment, intended to bring some Christmas cheer to those who have been unable to earn incomes since they were severed.

The payment is limited to former LIAT workers resident in Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. Lennox and PM remark to LIAT workers to take the previous offer from the government by year. Harold Lovell said that if his party won the next government they would pay LIAT workers the outstanding money owed to them. All of a sudden the present government found money. I am telling the LIAT workers if the government can come up with this amount after Lovell’s statement and they can come up with more. Don’t bother with them about Christmas cheers. I am happy that the LIAT workers got something.

    • You a one real idiot buoy. Liat workers are so so happy to get something for the Christmas. They have been wait for over a year and finally something has been done for them. Now you talking ignorance about Lovell and his empty promises

  2. “COMPASSIONATE” feeling and showing sympathy or concern for others.Gaston Browne does that really reflect you? The last time I checked compassion comes from within,it comes from the heart.So do not come with your bull chit about being COMPASSIONATE.

      • I honestly think that you will commit suicide if the ALP loses the next election. You appear to be a very lazy person and you would definitely prefer to die than do some actual work.

        • Don’t get mixed up with Lovell or Sean Bird lmao 🤣😂😆
          King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe and and Bouce Cheque Extraordinaire

  3. The Government had already allocated money for the workers long ago, but the unions were stalling. LIAT was not owned by the Antiguan government in previous years, so how could they be obligated to pay. In that case, every company that goes into bankruptcy or close down for whatever reason, the government in power should pay off the workers? Where in the world does that happen.

    • Please enlighten me because I probably don’t understand what’s going on. Did the Antigua government take over the LIAT venture, did the other Caribbean countries forfeit all assets? Isn’t it true that Antigua is responsible if they took control of the shares of the other countries? Isn’t it true that the employees are entitled to severance? So please explain to me where the compassion comes in. Aren’t they entitled to severance after all these years of service? If Antigua is the sole owner, they should be Fully responsible and pay the workers for their years of service irrespective of when they took over.

  4. When did LIAT go from being under administration to receivership? I didn’t hear of that day in Court…. And if it really has gone into receivership, can’t the company’s other creditors now lay claim on that $2 million?

    • Hmm. The 2 million is only for Antiguan workers and going through the receivership. Other non-Antiguan employees should have the same rights to claim through the receivers. Does anyone know how the receivers need to justify how they allocate the assets to the competing creditors?

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