Antigua and Barbuda looks to Ghana for nurses



The Minister of Health informed that Antigua and Barbuda has started the process to attract Ghanaian nurses to Antigua and Barbuda.

Barbados has successfully recruited one hundred nurses from Ghana.

They are English speaking, have been trained to meet the standards set by the United States, and have several years of experience.

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  1. Why is this useless government bringing nurses from Africa instead of training black people here? We need more Antiguan nurses.

  2. Wow 😳😲 wow Wow Minister Malwym Joseph let us look at a different approach we are going to Ghana to recruit Nurse is it more economical for us to train more Nurse’s Increase their salary more benefits than the route that you are going we had to find quarter’s for them etc do you consider the cost factor what I am seeing in Jennings the completion of Gaston Buildings is there where the nurses will be housed on the same compound with the Cubans

  3. Why don’t you train and pay Antiguan nurses? Will a call go out for Antiguans to provide housing? Or just one politician and his son reaping all the benefits as usual?

  4. Hats off to our existing nurses for all the things that they have done and continue to do for us when we are sick and cannot do for ourselves. In my opinion the profession of nursing is also a vocation and a calling. These nurses are on the frontline of dealing with sickness, suffering and witnessing human beings at their lowest. Apart from training it appears the need is immediate. As a naturalized Antiguan and as an Afro Grenadian Antiguan it is a fantastic idea to seek the assistance of our African Ghanaian brothers and sisters in our hour of need. As we celebrate our 41st Independence Anniversary let us broaden our horizons in terms of our future as a people. If it happens it will be a wonderful reconnection which in itself a beautiful thing. Let’s stay positive my peoples.

    • Ms Sharon
      Bim took on Ghanian nurses during covid
      We, instead of putting together and implementing a STRATEGY to help our system, are overlooking our own. We look for problems to then find their solutions instead of finding solutions to problems
      While to hold any high office in other countries, the first criteria is to be born citizens, the persons who come to Antigua to get away from hardship in their country of birth, get propelled to the top. Now he airlifting African nurses, what next?
      If Sir Fauci with his Guyanese director and Trinidad chief, thinks that no one is paying attention, he lie

      Malwyn is get a beating so bad by Jonathan Joseph for this !! SICKENING

  5. Lso, we sre tea8ning n

    So, this riduculous ABLP govt is using our money to pay to train local nurses for export to other countries, according to Max Worst, then importing nurses for our own use. Must be the new, ” For your eyes only”. Sad sad, “Crackhead” govt.

  6. Did we try to recruit more nurses from Cubs from a government to government standpoint. If there is a language barrier have you held a single class for the Cuban very well trained professionals we get for free .
    I am not going to cry down any black nation but have you considered the spread of transmittable disease between Africa and Antigua- Ebola for example? Knowing these are health officials that have been exposed to communicable diseases .

  7. If government of Ghana knows very well how this Islands along the coast at Southern America is so dangerous by hurricanes each and every year will considered keeping our nurses home here in Ghana,after all what this people deserves to be taking care of

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