Antigua and Barbuda is the First Stop on Virtual FAM Tour for Travel Advisors Selling The Caribbean


As Caribbean destinations begin to reopen their doors in the pandemic era, Travel Advisors Selling the Caribbean (TASC) has launched a virtual familiarization trip to deepen engagement and ensure that the region remains “top-of-mind” among the travel trade.  This organization with a membership of over 6,000 travel professionals who sell the Caribbean, unites digitally on a daily basis, to problem-solve, inspire and learn from each other.


As part of TASC’s 1st Anniversary celebration as a Caribbean advocacy group, the “Virtual Party Series” was launched to showcase some of the Caribbean’s most vibrant entertainment attractions in the lead up to the 2020/21 season.  Ana’s On the Beach at Dickenson Bay, was selected as the venue to launch this promotion, which will take travel advisors to a different Caribbean destination every week during the month of September.

Last Wednesday, travel advisors were taken on a virtual tour of Ana’s at the Beach using ZOOM technology.  The event highlighted the signature food, drinks, ambiance and service quality at this popular restaurant and beach bar.  The executive Chef Patmore Hughes, prepared Mahi Mahi, an exquisite selection from Ana’s “Fresh Catch” menu, that is designed to delight the most discerning palate.  There were also live demonstrations of signature drinks, including the “Lift Off” a national cocktail drink that has been created as part of Antigua and Barbuda’s COVID Recovery Campaign. In addition to live views of the calm seas and majestic sunsets, the owner of Ana’s, Maria Britto and her staff also demonstrated how new social distancing protocols and enhanced food handling and service guidelines are being enforced to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Charles “Max” Fernandez joined the virtual tour to welcome the travel advisors to the destination.  He indicated that Antigua and Barbuda has reopened safely to visitors and that the health screening process is simple, effective and convenient. The Minister provided an update on initiatives that are being undertaken to ensure the health and safety of guests, residents and the community. “We were one of the first destinations in the region to mandate the strict wearing of masks and it has been determined that this provides 95% protection against the virus,” Fernandez said.  He thanked the travel advisors for their continued support of Antigua and Barbuda during these challenging times and assured them of the government’s commitment to ensure that their clients would enjoy a safe and welcoming experience.

Host of the event and TASC Board Member, Derede Whitlock was happy to take travel advisors on a virtual tour of her home. “With limited ability to host face-to-face interactions with travel advisors, TASC hosts weekly online events such as webinars, virtual travel shows, virtual trip simulations and live social media sessions to give travel advisors an immersive taste of the Caribbean. Our 6000+ members are always on the lookout for new products to add to their portfolio and we are so excited to take them on this virtual tour to indulge all of the senses. These virtual experiences help to ensure that the education process can continue.”  She added “Now more than ever, we need to proactively demonstrate to our partners just how important they are to our tourism business, as we rely on their support to help bring visitors back to our shores.”


The “Virtual Party Series” is a spin off of the highly acclaimed “Destination-A-Day Spotlight,” which was a part of TASC’s Caribbean Heritage Month Celebrations during the month of June.  The next stops on the virtual tour will be Orlando’s Bar and Restaurant in St. Lucia, Vibes Bar in St. Kitts, and Esther’s in Grenada. These initiatives are part of TASC’s primary goal of providing travel advisors with continuous hands-on resources and insider information to better sell the Caribbean.  As part of its digital strategy, TASC leverages technology to provide travel advisors with interactive training sessions that they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes or offices.



    This is supposed to showcase A&B to the world, the minister talking about our strict protocols, and you release a photo of Chef with nostrils clearly outside the mask.
    Details people, details.
    Visuals must match content.

  2. Agree! Otherwise sends a very mixed and contradictory message which cld well put people off – otherwise it’s a great job 👍🏼

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