Antigua and Barbuda Government Plans New Legislation to Tax Sugary Beverages by October 2024


The Antigua and Barbuda government is considering a tax of up to 30 percent on sugary beverages, hopeful for implementation by October 2024, to promote healthier lifestyles.

Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph announced plans to encourage physical activity and reduce costs for healthier food options, such as fruits and vegetables, by potentially eliminating existing taxes on these items.

Joseph suggested that revenue from the sugary beverage tax could fund physical activity programs in schools. He emphasized that adequate consultation with stakeholders will occur before implementation.

The WHO, in 2022, advocated for taxing sugar-sweetened beverages to improve health outcomes, citing benefits such as disease prevention, health equity, and revenue generation.

Regular consumption of sugary drinks is linked to various health issues, including dental cavities, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

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  1. It is good to see that the tax revenue collected will be used to fund other health lifestyles choices. But let us remember that sugar entering the body is not just from drinks. We need more PR and education on healthy eating.

  2. this is neither a deterrence nor a prevention, those taste buds are already addicted to sugars. All the processed foods, white rice and bread are also starches and forms of sugars that quickly spike blood sugar too. it is more like charging people more for the same poison. A better alternative is to give us easy access to healthy options such as tax free on all health drinks, all fruits and vegetables local/imported, health supplements, exercise gears and equipment to promote physical activity, health club services coupled with the health programs in the schools , general public and surely the healthy lifestyles will be improved as long as the main focus is on Health and not just another Tax Hike.

  3. How about banning the importation of them instead of making money off of the poor people who’ll buy them. The govt. is not doing the people any favours here! This is part of the NWO agenda — tax you for your noncompliance.

  4. Taken right out of the UK’S playback, they’ve been running this monetary sugar scam for a few years now.

    And the majority of UK citizens still big no hell!

    Can’t the ABLP cabinet clowns 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 come up with their own ideas that won’t cost Antiguans an arm and a leg?

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