Antigua and Barbuda Government Open to Negotiation with Second-Highest Bidder for Alfa Nero Superyacht Amid Ongoing Legal Dispute


The government of Antigua and Barbuda is open to negotiations with Warren Halle, the second-highest bidder for the Alfa Nero superyacht, without resorting to legal disputes. Lionel Hurst, Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, announced that talks with Halle would occur under new terms yet to be defined.

Halle had initiated a lawsuit against the government in July, alleging unfair denial of his right to purchase the Alfa Nero, as per the June auction agreement, where he should have acquired the vessel due to the winning bidder’s failure to provide funds within seven days.

Halle’s legal action seeks damages for contract breaches and unpaid amounts linked to his yacht acquisition attempt.

While acknowledging that some of Halle’s claims are perceived as unjustified, Hurst refrained from disclosing further details to avoid compromising the government’s legal stance. He emphasized the government’s desire to expedite the sale of the former Russian-owned vessel, despite the ongoing legal dispute.

Addressing concerns about the Alfa Nero’s safety amid the hurricane season, Hurst assured that its current mooring at Falmouth Harbour is secure and monitored around the clock. However, worries persist about the yacht’s gradual deterioration due to prolonged mooring.

The legal contestation of the sale continues, with Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov asserting her ownership claim through a trust holding a 100% share in the BVI-based firm, Flying Dutchman Limited.

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    • @B:You cannot sell what is not yours.The ALfa De Nero is not owned by the Government.They are digging themselves and the Nation into a deep dark hole.Based on this matter.The Government could go to the Parliament and pass Laws and take anyone property away at will.That is very scary.

      • Mr Halle should know what the consequences are for someone obtaining stolen property.
        The boat is not the property of Gaston Browne, Darwin Telemaque or Antigua

  1. Does this government really believe that Mr. Warren Halle would want to purchase this Alfa Nero yacht again amidst all these Legal Disputes surrounding the yacht in the courts especially when it all came to light that this vessel has detonated and developed several mechanical issues? From what I deduced in this situation is that all Mr. Halle wants is compensation for monies he spent so far in acquiring the vessel such as his legal fees, government’s breach of contract, the $10,000.000.00 dollars (10 million) he deposited, and unpaid amounts linked to his yacht acquisition attempts. No sensible business man or billionaire would walk around throwing away money foolishly like that. Why would anyone purchase something that has so many problems attached to it? Just in case, and I doubt it that Mr. Halle insists that he still wants to acquire the vessel I am sure his offer will be significantly reduced, He will be calling the shots and have this by their balls. This reminds me of a similar situation with this same ALP government during the late Sir Lester Bird administration with R. Allen Stanford when Stanford wanted to acquire lands around the airport when the government at the time said no and Stanford gave the government a 24 hrs ultimatum to pull his business out of Antigua and go to another island. The government then gave in to Stanford’ s demand. Another thing is will this government offer Mr. Halle indemnity just like they offererd Mr. Eric Smidth after the purchase of the yacht? This government behaves like a crack head government desperate for money. My suggestion is to await the Court’s decision as to who the rightful owner of the vessel is then that owner will have to reimburse the government all funds spent in maintaining the vessel and paying the crew.


    So if this one goes wrong as well, Antigua will be sued once more by a raft of people; and this wilful and stubborn government will continue down this damaging Litigious road, whilst citizens suffer mentally and economically.


  3. Telemaque nar get nothing from this like he was promised. Let’s see if govt gi he more crown land.

    Send his rass back to Dominica and tek back the crown lands dem govt gave him. He nothing but a piece of shit.

  4. I’m happy that this is still in the news and that Antiguans are being made aware of the situation, but we knew where this was going from the get go a warned these dumb politicians about going down this road, but a backside would be a backside.

    I’m really sorry for the people of my nation as this Administration just continues to embarrass themselves and the people of Antigua.
    Just one embarrassment after another, just non-stop idiotic moves and buffoonery by this inept Government that has no clue what they are doing. Smdh. At this moment they are just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if any would stick.

    Life is not a damn game, people are hurting out here and Antigua good name is slowly eroding in the eyes of many and has become a laughing stock because of this messy long-eyed government.

    Many of us told this government to just charge the man for all the fees and any cost incurred for the maintenance of the ship for the past year and let the billionaire come for his boat, but when your eyes are filled with greed of money, one will be lead by there greedy heart and get themselves in mess like this.
    The boat is not the Government boat, plain and simple, they didn’t go and spend their hard working money to buy this boat, so it was not theirs to do as they wish.

    Just stupidity and greed on so many levels.. Gatson is running the country like a greedy business man and not the Steward of this nation as he should be doing.

    Time for this man to go, for real, him and his useless cabinet who seems to not have the balls to stand up to this man and his foolish ventures.


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