Antigua and Barbuda Experiences Remarkable Economic Growth-PM

Browne, Benjamin, Bird-Browne/Photo: Wayne Mariette

On November 1, 2023, Prime Minister Gaston A. Browne of Antigua and Barbuda addressed the nation on the occasion of the country’s 42nd Independence Day.

During his speech, he highlighted the nation’s impressive economic growth, with an average annual growth rate exceeding 8% over the past three years, resulting in a 25% aggregate growth.

The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean forecasts the country’s growth to be 9.5% for the current year, making it the second-fastest-growing economy in the region.

Browne also mentioned significant investments in education and healthcare, with a strong commitment to improving these sectors further.

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  1. Remarkable economic growth!!
    My question is,
    We have growth but no water,
    We have growth but really bad
    We have growth but the hospital
    Is so lacking
    We have growth but st.johns and other areas look so rundown
    We have growth but if you develop cancer you have to travel overseas when you could
    Have gotten your treatment right here
    We have Remarkable economic
    Growth and we still chowing up water in 2023??
    You right, we have Remarkable
    Economic growth! Ahahaha
    Fool me once..

  2. Economic growth where? All the young people unemployed. All of the robberies and thievingness because people want food. Don’t know where the economic growth is but when I look around Antigua I don’t see it. Am I missing something or just can’t see.

  3. Gaston Browne:All of the money borrowed by you on behalf of the people.Are you counting those borrowed funds into your growth numbers? Those loans would have to be repaid.ECONOMIC GROWTH MY DONKEY !!

  4. This man is a bona-fide lunatic. What economic growth? Things have never been worst in the history of this twin island state. Nothing here works properly, Including this incompetent, greedy,corrupt government.
    All this man does is lie,lie,lie.
    What about cost of living? He was told how to ease the squeeze there,but the man is so bad-minded and vindictive, he thinks he knows so much, like the big dunce he is.
    Gaston Browne you can lie to the parasites who feed of the taxpayers trough,but sensible people know better.

  5. Ok, let’s see how the Prime Minister is going to use this abundance of economic growth to help and benefit the country and its citizens, because:








    If true, what an opportunity for this government to reverse 40 years of Birdism, Browneism and inactivity for once and for all … IF TRUE!

  6. Gaston, we don’t want to hear about this, we want to EXPERIENCE IT! RUNNING WATER, PROPER ROADS, PROPER SCHOOL CAMPUSES!!!! Antigua is nasty and literally stinks. Where is this growth being funneled?

  7. I don’t understand this economic growth thing. When I was small and I grew , I became taller and put on some weight. When you are poor, unemployed and things get better you get an improvement in food, shelter snd clothing. You get better paying jobs or salary increase. When you have economic growth you should be able to pay who you owe, especially the poor local contractors. When you have economic growth you should be able to pay old people their pension on time. When you have economic growth you should pay your employees on time and pay them what you owe them. When you have growth you fix up your roads , get running water in your house.
    When you have economic growth, thieves a watch the cheese and you have to guard the cheese from the them rats- call politicians.
    When you get economic growth- you have to manage it properly, budget properly and take good care of your Heath. Otherwise sickness can take all you have and what you don’t have.
    When you have economic growth you have to be careful them vessels like Alpa Nero na take way all.

  8. From someone accustomed to nothing, wearing drawers for the first time is growth; hobnobbing with the high & mighty of the world is growth; owning lots of property in 9 short years is growth; owning a sad looking beautiful young girl is growth;

  9. Power off again, APUA is a disgrace. Send some of the Economic growth their way. This is 2023 not 1923. You call in to the hot line, “feeder tripped”, that’s the standard answer, disgrace.

  10. Economic growth? and where do we find it, Mr. Prime Minister?.in the dilapidated housing stock? in the vast slums that so much of Antigua has become? in the deteriorated roads? in the taps that don’t have water? all the poverty and unemployment among our youth?. in the rundown state of St. John’s? in the struggles of our small businesses that get no help from the Government? well, maybe we can find the so-called “economic growth” in the deep pockets of you and your corrupt and incompetent Ministers and the rich 1% who may be doing just fine while the other 99% struggle to put food on the table..

  11. That economic growth surely isn’t in the pockets of the citizens of this country, gaston clown u need to take your meds !

  12. Must be speaking about the mold that practically growing in all government facilities even the one and only hospital.

  13. Yes by international standards the country has experienced tremendous growth. However bear in mind that our country is emerging and still dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Yes we have made tremendous progress and there is still a ways to go before most of our individual and collective issues will go away for good. Until that happens a lot us will complain bitterly for our own ambitious purposes whatever they are.

    • “However bear [huh!! What a brown bear? 🐻 😁] In mind that our country is emerging and still dealing with the effects of the pandemic …”

      So, what was the ABLP’S excuses before the pandemic @ Sharon Lycorish?

      Remember, Antigua & Barbuda had 40 years of governance under the tutelage of Birdism and Browneism – what’s the excuse Sharon?

      Tell us please!


  14. The message is clear. Is it not fortuitous when this profile photo was chosen for the story that ANR choose a Gaston Browne, Cutie Benjamin and Maria Bird-Browne Photo by Wayne Mariette.

  15. Government workers living ✋ to mouth. Having to choose which bill to pay first, cannot by proper food to eat, pay Government workers their back pay , overtime pay from 2020 and back, pay upgrade money you all owe for years.
    Government workers go out to work every day and can’t eat a proper plate of food, cannot by multivitamin for themselves or their children, can’t feed their children properly so they can consentrate on their school work. Many ministries cannot get uniform for workers. Antigua workers are in depression, they are mentally and physically drain. Everyone is frostrated. And then you have management especially supervisors Victimizing, abusing, bullying and demeaning workers. SOMETHING HAVE TO GIVE OR AN UPRISING IS GOING TO TAKE PLACE THAT NOBODY WILL SEE COMING, WHEN PEOPLE ARE PUSH IN A CORNER THEY ARE GOING TO PUSH BACK.

  16. GOVERNMENT in this country continue to underestimate the people of this country. People like to say Antiguans only have chat without any bite. I don’t believe that. When they are fedup of being taken advantage of ,used and misused, when the tied of seeing their children suffering then they will take a stand against corruption, and self enrichment for our Ministers of Government who are supposed to be looking out for the people of this country.

  17. We don’t feel or see the growth at all at all at all.
    Cannot see or feel the growth at all at all at all
    And all those hungry gut people running behind these politicians begging for a little money shame on you all, just damn shameful. You all must stop the licky licky ways and stand up for good Governance. You all have those politicians believing they are better than you all after its you all that voted for them and give them a job. They don’t pay any kind of bills we the tax payers are paying every bill for them. Big salaries they getting big and fat while we the tax payers and the workers in this country catching HELL. And you all those political prostitute don’t even want to talk to you all always trying to defend politicians, want to talk wrong and make right there is a special karma coming to u all. Wait for it.

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