Antigua and Barbuda Curfew Regulations Amended


The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has amended the curfew regulations enacted to curb the spread of the Coronavirus in Antigua and Barbuda.


The Cabinet has enabled retail businesses to conduct business during the 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. period with strict adherence to the social distancing protocols.


In addition, with effect from May 5th, beaches will open Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. under the following conditions:


.         No person is permitted to picnic, consume alcohol, food or play music on any beach for the duration of the curfew period

.         The beaches will be open Monday to Friday between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day for a therapeutic purpose

.         Sailing is permitted for the purpose of fishing with a maximum of five persons on board the sailing vessel and must maintain social distancing at all times


We have attached the full set of regulations for the 24-Hour curfew in effect in Antigua and Barbuda until May 14, 2020.

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  1. There is an old saying that a camel is a horse designed by a commitee. These regs are beginning to look a lot like a camel.

  2. I think the government is moving too fast with this open up thing , antigua is too small for this look at jamaica which is 100 times antigua there numbers are rising everyday …… all i have to say y’all keep safe n practise social distancing

    • Sandals website says they are opening on May 16th. So it looks like the government is rushing reopening things to accommodate the tourism industry.

      It makes no sense that Covid numbers are increasing everywhere else but Antigua. I guess it could be that most other countries are actually trying to find new cases, treat and isolate them.

      It appears Antigua is trying to hide evidence of new cases so they can get back to business as usual. Meanwhile people continue to drop dead suddenly.

  3. Thank God Gaston is at the helm of this crisis.

    There are so many considerations that our leaders have to take into account. It is very hard decision making at this time but I believe he is doing the best right thing.

    LOTS of places are phasing reopening. The world simply cannot lockdown indefinitely. That is impractical and would bring even greater hardship….for which people would then cuss the same government.

    • Controlling the spread of this disease would not require INDEFINITE lockdown. That’s pure hyperbole.

      But a few months of lockdown with widespread testing would likely be enough. And then we’d have a real idea of what/when the peak of the disease occurred, when the active cases start to trend downward and when the crisis is effectively over.

      Because the government refuses to even test ALL of the people who have suddenly died and has tested less than 0.1% of people on these islands, we have no idea how widespread this disease is.

      And yet, they are already relaxing restrictions and Sandals is planning to open on May 16th.

      So what happens if we have 1000 positive people in a month or God forbid 10,000 or more?

      One, this island cannot handle a large number of very sick people and the disease would continue to spread uncontrolled with many people dying or experiencing serious morbidity.

      Two, do you really think outsiders are going to want to continue travelling here for vacation if a real outbreak were to occur? That could kill Antigua tourism for years and destroy Antigua’s economy on a long-term basis.

      The prudent thing to do would be suffer through a month or 2 more of tight restrictions, closed borders, and for God’s sake tests people who suddenly died, isolate and test their contacts, and perform random testing to get a sampling of the population and figure out how widespread this thing is.

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