Antigua and Barbuda Closes Border With China


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has decided to close its borders, effective immediately, to travellers from the People’s Republic of China. The decision has been taken in light of the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the fast-spreading coronavirus, which has infected more than 8,200 people across the world, is a global health emergency.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne noted that “a global health emergency is also defined by the WHO as a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ and as ‘an extraordinary event’ that is ‘serious.

“In this connection”, the Prime Minister said, “Antigua and Barbuda, as small island communities, has to mitigate against any threat to health of its citizens and residents.

At the same time, the Antigua and Barbuda leader joined the Emergency Committee of the WHO in praising the leadership and political commitment of the very highest levels of Chinese government, “for taking very strong measures and comprehensive multi-sectoral approaches to prevent further spread of the virus”.

“The concern shown by China for the rest of the world is highly commendable”, Prime Minister Browne said.

He concluded “My Government will monitor developments related to the coronavirus and will continue to strengthen its capacity to respond to any eventuality related to this novel virus.
We also wish to assure the families of Antigua and Barbuda students, now in China, that we will remain in contact with them and take every possible step to ensure their well-being.

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    • Well done Mr PM, now that you’ve prevent many from dieing, its time that you prevent many from starving

    • You serious? Mercy me!!!!! And what about if they try to make a B line and enter from some other country that does not have a ban?

  1. The PM has done the right thing. He is also right in commending the government of the people of China for the way in which they are addressing this situation. Everybody now needs prayer.

  2. Thanks to the government and everyone involved for making the right move when it comes to health and safety. Country and people come first always.

  3. so what about the students in China? This is unbelievable…take care of your children Gaston Browne……they are freaking out

  4. Hmm after 2 came in last night.. One of them works for a Chinese chain of supermarket.
    After we expose the public to them we now close our borders. Quite interesting

  5. On one day the government’s position is: there is no need to close our borders to travellers from China since such travellers would have to transit New York, London etc to get here where they would be checked before coming to Antigua and Barbuda. On the following day the government’s position is: we are closing our borders to travellers from China. Now the government has belatedly seen the light and make the right decision why should we heap congratulations on them. They should learn to think seriously and clearly before making irrational pronouncements. Then congratulations would be deserved.

  6. This strain of this Coronavirus disease seems to be extremely serious…. This is no longer a concern for the individual states but for the region / caricom.. When are the heads of govt within the region calling an emergency meeting in order to put plans in place to protect the region as one unit…. Let’s just hope it is not an airborne disease…… If it is, may the good Lord have mercy on our souls!!!

  7. Remember this people…. from the time Donald Trump made the attack to destroy people in their own country-this VIRUS appears!!!

    • So Donald Trump caused the filth and totally lacking in sanitation live animal (inhumane) market in Wuhan where the outbreak started…What absolute nonsense. Many parts of China are filthy and it is documented that they do not even practice hygiene in their supermarkets…I would not exactly say that many of their restaurants and shops here are clean tidy and/or sanitized!!

      • Some of them have mold growing in their back rooms and you have to call Government to come check it out cause they don’t care about your health.They insist that you have to go in those rooms to get goods to give the customers..and don’t even talk about the bathrooms! One that used to be by Salvation Army, you ask to use the bathroom..You are in a shower stall with Tolit in the shower that they bathe in..disgusting!

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