Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce distances itself from Antigua Airways


In an email to members, the Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce has distanced itself from Antigua Airways.

The email reads as follows:

Antigua Airways PURPORTS an affiliation with the Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce

Importance: High

Dear All,

I recently found the attached flyer in a social media group with which I am a part and am at pains to state the following:

Whereas at no time or by any means has any known or unknown member or representative of Antigua Airways been in contact with this office or to the best of my knowledge any of our officers or directors.

Whereas on no occasion has any member of this office met with or sought to meet or entertained any known or unknown member or representative of Antigua Airways.

Whereas in no instance has there been any exchange of documentation whether it be electronic or otherwise with any known or unknown member or representative of Antigua Airways.

Whereas there have never been any agreements written, verbal or otherwise between any known or unknown member or representative of Antigua Airways and the Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce for any undertaking.

Whereas other than items in the printed or electronic news sources or other media, we have no knowledge of Antigua Airways or any of their representatives known or otherwise.

Whereas any claim by any known member or representative of Antigua Airways of any affiliation to/with the Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce is untrue.

We unequivocally state that the claim on the attached flyer or any other document produced of or by any known or unknown member or representative of Antigua Airways purporting to be being affiliated with the Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce is false.

We therefore reserve the right to seek and obtain inter alia clarification, rectification, and or redress for damages of any sort, this unsolicited affiliation might have or will cause.


Martin Cave, Executive Director Antigua & Barbuda Chamber of Commerce Limited

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    • Hail Clone from my shit💩, you are needed in Aisle 10 of the Epicurean for a cleanup 🤮🤮🤮Hurry up, the boss is in Aisle 3!

    • Find what MOLE? The ABLP needs to be exposed! It’s the peoples’ business they trying to move underhand with.

  1. Do we really need another scandal? The Prime Minister’s “mindless moves” are pathetic. This venture points to a desperate man spinning quickly out of control, while the country crumbles from his appalling leadership. This man is getting as bold as the African scam artists with whom he has aligned himself. Even Peter Verdi couldn’t handle Gaston’s madness now. Enough now. Get rid ah dem!

  2. This headling misleading……

    The Chamber is distancing themselves from the information on the flyer as they were never contacted.

    Let’s see the flyer and what is says.



  4. The fact that Antigua Airways is claiming an association with the C of C when this is a complete fabrication speaks volumes to the character of those involved in that airline venture. This will not end well.

  5. Why is Magic Mike such a liar. CofC say: Mike? Who the hell is Magic Mike
    Why is Magic Mike such a dunce. Antigua Guatemala , here we come!
    Why is Gaston such a fool, loves criminals and so called investors that end up in jail!

  6. Funny how this “journalism” works… An entire article written by someone who doesn’t even know the difference between the Nigeria – Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce and the Antigua Chamber of Commerce. Speaks volumes of the agenda behind these fabricated “scandals”; just ridiculous. Two entirely separate entities. Nobody needs to distance itself from something they were never part of. Next time at least reach out to the right Chamber of Commerce for comment.

  7. The flyer says the Nigerian chamber of commerce. Never did it mention Antigua. This guy is just nuff and edge up and looking noticement. The flier NEVER MENTIONED THE ANTIGUA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. What a waste of space and effort this Martin Cave is. Who sent for you, reading is indeed fundamental. Go back to your cave ands wheel and come again.

  8. REALLY??? This is from the Nigerian Antigua & Barbuda website About Us page:-
    With a mandate from the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, Hon. Gaston Browne, we were incorporated April of 2018. We are a chamber of commerce tasked with the duty of improving the economy of the beautiful twin island country Antigua and Barbuda and the boisterous country that is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Becoming a member of the chamber of commerce opens you to a world of financial opportunities and by becoming a citizen, you are opened to the world.

    • Thank you Wadadli Man. One click of a mouse and you could find the same thing Martin Cave could have. Whereas, Martin Cave now looks like a political lackey of the UPP administration with his rush to judgement, inaccurate false narratives and complete disregard for the intelligence of Antiguans, he rushed to publish something that isn’t worth the paper it was written on. Why does the UPP chose to align itself with people who all seem bright on the surface but are dull and void of substance when it matters?

      • You are correct on the rush to judgement.

        But here is another question since we’re asking questions “Coming Down”; WHY DOES THE ABLP ALIGN ITSELF WITH THEIVES AND MURDERERS?

  9. Whereas, Mr. Cave needs to wheel and come again. He clearly missed the reading comprehension portion of English class. Abraham Lincoln once said, Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. Mr. Cave, there is a Nigeria Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of commerce. I found them on facebook. One click of your mouse and whereas, Mr. Martin Cave could have figured it out and remained silent thus leading everyone to believe he is smart. Whelp, whereas, of today, you Sir get to be labelled a person who isn’t too bright. He seems to like the word Whereas. So I added it to my comment.

  10. XRP ARMY both are legit; one is Nigerian based and the other is Antiguan based; two entirely separate Chambers of Commerce. The one promoting the air connection is the Nigeria-Antigua and Barbuda Chamber. Completely independent from this other one in the article. This article is complete nonsense.

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