Antigua and Barbuda buys half a million dollars worth of oxygen to aid in COVID-19 battle


Antigua and Barbuda today received 234 additional units of medical oxygen.


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph accepted the purchases earlier today at the port.


Joseph says the supplies cost half a million dollars and were sourced from the United States of America.


He says the purchase is out of an abundance of caution considering reports from India and other countries in the Americas of dwindling oxygen supplies.

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  1. Should have invested that money in safe and effective alternative treatments for Covid-19 such as Ivermectin, budesonide, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin d3, and quercitin.

    • Of all the drugs you have mentioned i think you need some bud to straighten you out. The government has to resort to this as the prevention recommendations have gone unheaded.

    • Lovell?? Yes he likes to USURP the DULY ELECTED LEADER OF HER MAJESTYS LOYAL OPPOSITION Hon. Jamale Pringle.

      Dunno why he like to be so nuff and edge up

  2. What a waste of scarce resources. That’s the best way the Health Minister could have spent our money? What about the purchasing of an Oxygen Generator? That would have been more cost effective and cost a fraction of the price spent on 243 bottles of Oxygen.
    What going to happen when this new stock is depleted? Are we going to be back to square one?
    How can this Minister run circles around his cabinet members? There are so much questions that I can ask.
    Recently the stock of Oxygen ran low at the IDC and patients were transported back and forth to MSJMC for Oxygen therapy. At that time the Minister says they were going to purchase an Oxygen Generator plant. Nothing happen since then but now we purchasing cylinders.
    I hope Lics and Gases take note and press for outstanding amounts as we clearly have monies.
    What would have been a better optics, the minister being lifted in a container to grin with bottles of Oxygen or commissioning a new brand Oxygen plant?
    God help us in this country.

  3. How bout an investment into the machinery that extracts/purifies and fill the tanks with oxygen ? These supplies will be depleted and its another quarter mil again. The cost of three shipments of this type is equivalent to cost of an entire oxygen generator plant. We desperately need to spend the peoples money in a much better way.

  4. Was the $500,000 spent EC and or US$. That is a lot of dough spent in this guava crop.I am wondering,who got a piece of that pie.

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