Antigua and Barbuda Awaits Announcement from Gaston Browne Administration on Savings for Consumers with New LNG Plant”

Prime minister Gaston Browne in Parliament on July 27, 2023

REAL NEWS: The Gaston Browne Administration is yet to announce what savings will be passed on to customers of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) when the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant comes on stream.

The Government has acquired two massive tanks for LNG storage, and these have been installed near the LNG Electricity Plant that should come into operation in October.

Officials say the Plant will provide enough electricity to exceed the peak use of power by more than 10 megawatts; therefore, it will be cheaper to operate and will reduce the carbon footprint of Antigua and Barbuda.

With the plant being more cost effective to operate, this ought to result in savings on electricity for consumers, Tabor says.

However, he notes that the Government has not announced how these savings will be passed on to consumers through a reduction in electricity rates.


Accordingly, Tabor is speculating that the Administration intends to pocket those savings for itself and leave the people struggling with high electricity bills.


The public relations officer says that, in other Caribbean islands, even without the installation of new plants, electricity rates went down. He makes specific mention of Nevis, where that country’s administration cut the fuel variation charge by over 30 percent.


Other countries have helped their citizens to manage high electricity bills by cutting the Value Added Tax (VAT), as in Barbados. And in Dominica, the government exempted an additional 50 kilowatt hours per month in electricity, allowing thousands of households to get relief.


However, Tabor says, in Antigua and Barbuda the Browne government invested over $50 million in solar energy – free energy from the sun –and the electricity rates were never reduced.

Therefore, he is making an appeal to the Government to pass on any savings that might come through the new LNG Plant when it becomes operational next month.

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  1. “Real” news aka CRACKHEAD NEWS no report from Damani aka PINOCCHIO about UPP’S convention/ “LEADER”?????

    U karn seriously expect de UNWED BABY-DADDY fu tek de helm a de crumbs Limpy Joe lef behind!!!?????

    Tradewinds gang til alive and kicking

  2. De mother of Richard Lewis pickney might a be wan JAMAICAN but at lease he MARRIED to she!!!! Dat a bun de 💄 🐖 🐷 🐽 karn dun. UPP hate “foreigners” no wah.

    Text to WhatsApp Group Chat:
    “Let’s support brother Lovell. He is one of us. We don’t want any yardie inna fu arwee subben”

    Boy Richard a sorry fu you. UPP gah force u fee choose between title and “cookie”

    • Sexual abuse can make anyone lose his mind and just the way you are behaving says it all. Get it off your chest and stop studying other people

  3. Other leaders in the Caribbean (like St Kitt’s & Nevis, Dominica 🇩🇲 and Barbados 🇧🇧) are reducing energy bills for their citizens. Very admirable.

    Tabor is right to mention that Gaston Browne has had opportunities in the past to reduce Antigua’s fuel and energy costs, but he just doesn’t do so. Why not?

    And it doesn’t looks likely he’ll do so this time.

    Who pockets the savings if autochthonous Antiguans don’t?

    If we saw any benefits in construction and development in the country, then we’d hardly complain – if at all!


  4. @Brixtonian September 12, 2023 At 7:19 pm

    “Other leaders in the Caribbean (like St Kitt’s & Nevis, Dominica 🇩🇲 and Barbados 🇧🇧) are reducing energy bills for their citizens. Very admirable.”

    All I’m asking from you is to always present facts when you make statements. And then do a comparative analysis showing how much we pay per KWH and how much they pay. Just get an electricity bill from each island and make the comparison. That should not be hard to do.

    • Sidey, you are nuts?! Where’s your like for like comparative evidence regarding utility bills from St Kitt’s & Nevis; Dominica and Barbados – you write like you have the evidence?


      • As I say Brix, you chat a lot, make all kinds of statements and allegations, but when ask to back your chat with facts you can’t do it.
        If I made such a claim that other Islands are doing better than us regarding electricity rate, I would back it up with facts. Present you with utility bills from each Island. And by the way our Senator Shoul did just that many months ago when you guys came with the same talking point about Antiguans paying the highest rate of fuel at the pump and electricity. All that has already been refuted and debunked. But you guys think we are sleeping, so you bring back the same old talking points. Sorry, that will not happen under my watch. I will expose your evil plans each time. Not even Guyanese with their newfound wealth got reduction in their electricity bills.

    • If YOU can refute the claims, why don’t YOU present the facts? If YOU could, YOU surely would so call it a done deal, you’re grabbing at straws. You’re not being affected because you obviously don’t earn by honest means.

  5. Sometimes you wonder if the UPP’s policy is to have the ABLP giveaway all of the revenue and leave the Treasury empty so that government cannot pay salaries and wages or even debt. Here he says the government invested $50million in solar energy yet they should pass all the saving from solar energy to the people, and then who will pay back the $50million that was borrowed?
    I invested in solar energy for my home. It had cost me $40K in investment. How long does tabor think it will be before I have earned back my $40K? And the system does need maintenance.
    Go and ask Guyana, how long it will take the oil companies to have earn back their investment?
    How stupid can these people get? I wonder.

    • Brixtonian stirring up the Gastonites hornets nest just perfectly (especially @ From The Sideline. If I wasn’t telling so many HOME truths they would totally ignore me … BUT THEY NEVER DO. BLISSFUL!

      • Still waiting for your like for like evidence of the aforementioned Caribbean islands @ From The Sideline, regarding their per KWH usage against Antigua’s.

        You brought it up in the first instance, so back it up!


      • You mean we are exposing you lies. Which is your game plan. Spread enough lies and see what will stick in the end.
        I will never forget how you guys vilified Lester Bird, and smeared his character with lies and when you finally got into office and was asked to prove any of these accusations, you guys couldn’t prove not one. Yes, Lester Bird won his defamation lawsuit against Baldwin Spencer and the Observer Media Group, but the damage to his character was done and he lost election for the first time in his life. Damaging his character was what hurt him the most. And all because of the lies you guys told. And for what? For politics. You cannot win at the ballot box the honest way, so you go about lying. Brix, continue the work of your father the devil, go spread your lies and hope some will believe you and fall for your traps. He tells lies is from his father the devil. He was a liar from the beginning. In him there is no truth whatsoever.

        • You still haven’t dealt with YOUR comparisons regarding KWH usage in the Caribbean against Antigua’s.

          I’ve exposed you for what you really are; a damn LIAR and a spawn of SATAN.

          You say you’re religious, but there are many people I’ve come across throughout my life who ENJOY playing that part time Religious game.

          Faithful practice on a Saturday or Sunday, and the devil incarnated from Monday to Friday – that’s you in a sentence Sidey, go support your evil and villainous habit … it suits you!

          Churches are emptying because of zealots like you – now over to you FOOL!!!

          Over to you In 3, 2, 1 … Gastonite worshipper.

          • @Brixtonian September 13, 2023 At 11:24 am
            “You still haven’t dealt with YOUR comparisons regarding KWH usage in the Caribbean against Antigua’s.”
            Brix that is your job. You are the one making the charge that they are better off than us. Proof it?. As simple as that. backup your chat. Or shut up.

  6. Go on he world stage and advocate for a green world. its very admirable and fits in with the current consciousness . How does A&B citizens fit into this puzzle? It seems like the adoption of solar is very low and that entry to make it work properly is very high. A Policy shift mre in line with what Antigua is asking of the world should start at home and have a no barriers to access, installation and consumption of reusables . No CAP on on solar consumption for residential and commercial business. That will drive down the carbon footprint … Thne we get on our soap box and show the world small little antigua can change with our small GDP .

    • Just look at what we will achieve shortly in Barbuda. The first island that will be fueled on renewable energy.

      Watch that space

  7. Why complicate a simple request with all kinds of mudslinging and name calling? The fact remains, that Gaston Browne has NEVER done ANYTHING to benefit Antigua and Barbuda. What about this doesn’t @Sidey understand? The facts are so plain and obvious, you would have to be dumb,stupid or a complete idiot not to see them. When oil cost nothing during covid,Gaston Browne deliberately kept gas prises high; suggestions were made to reduce cost of living; he did nothing, deliberately keeping prices high,then brag about record tax revenues, as if people are stupid.
    Recall, the idiot spoke of exploiting a crisis. Can you believe that? People are suffering and he utters the most insane,asinine foolishness.
    We must rid the country of this scourge.

    • @ Watching, I’ve caught From The Sideline out in so so many lies, that he has to deflect instead of answering his OWN question regarding KWH Caribbean usage compared to our own.

      He’s using a deflectionary tactics just like the ABLP government that he’s obviously affiliated to.


  8. Very true Brixtonian! Sideline continues to lie to cover for the alp. The truth is that any money that should go to the people of this country is first squeezed to benefit the ministers’ pockets. That is why Antiguans can’t get anything. It is PURE GREED!

    • Another one making baseless allegations. No support, nothing. But it’s called free speech so why not? You do not have to prove it.

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