Antigua and Barbuda and the State of Palestine today signed an agreement, establishing diplomatic relations



Antigua and Barbuda and the State of Palestine today signed an agreement, establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The agreement was signed in New York by Antigua and Barbuda’s Foreign Minister, E. Paul Chet Greene and Palestine’s Ambassador with Ministerial rank, Dr. Riyad Mansour. 

Both officials reaffirmed their countries adherence and commitment to the principles and purposes enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the provisions of international law, particularly in the promotion of international peace and security, respect for the sovereignty and independence of States, and non-interference in their internal affairs.

Foreign Minister Greene highlighted the agreement’s importance, stating: “We are pleased to enhance cooperation with the State of Palestine as a step towards global peace and to find lasting solutions to conflicts that secure the well-being of the people of Palestine and all nations.”

Speaking for the State of Palestine, Minster Mansour stressed “the readiness of the State of Palestine to deepen its friendship and strengthen its cooperation with Antigua and Barbuda across all fields to advance peace and security to which we all aspire and deserve”.

This agreement will be formally transmitted to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, marking a significant milestone in the diplomatic efforts of both countries.

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  1. How low can this lawless ALP government go? They are now in bed with arab terrorists! How long before Hamas thugs are running riot in Antigua? I hope the UPP will reverse this abominable decision.

  2. They should let all the homeless refugees and their families come and resettle themselves in Antigua and Barbuda. Start a new life on the land of sand and soil.

  3. Mr. Byam it is best to be thought of a fool, that to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. The vast majority of Pale6do not support Hamas.. If you have eyes and ears and still not empathetic to the struggle of Palestinians, then you are psychopathic

  4. Mr. Byam your outlandish, ignorant and unsympathetic comment tells me you’re a psychopath

  5. Why would this happen. This is horrible for Antigua. These are ties with terrorists. I’m from the Middle East and I know this well.

  6. And one of the man who signed the agreement in New York ‘claims’ to be an Adventist.

    What a shame.

    Boy, you will be beaten with many stripes.

  7. I actually do hope there could be a Palestinian and Israeli, two separate state, solution.

    And I hope and pray this war can stop immediately and the two countries continue in peace.

  8. This is a great move. Time to question the religious indoctrination that we are second class human beings and the Jewish people are first class. In the 1812-14 Maroon War II in Dominica, Governor Ainslie passed a decree to kill all maroons “men, women and children”. Stand on the right side.

  9. Figures.
    One racist state supporting another.
    If you want to know what I am getting at, look at the comments from yesterday’s article on the Duty-free conversations regarding English Harbour. I have never seen such racist comments coming out of the mouths, or pens, of Europeans. Shame on Antigua for harbouring such degenerates.
    And now we are in cahoots with Iran and its proxy terrorist organisations!!
    Way to go Browne. You excel at being a piece of shit.

  10. I excuse Mr. Byam because he really does not appear to have much above his neck – the man has been concerned about the white babies. @Circus was in town, you have said it yourself – you were in town.

    @ALP Government – This is a strong and great move. Antigua is sending a clear message that we will NOT support Genocide!!! The people of Palestine have suffered for decades at the hands of Israel. Yes, they retaliated on October 7th, 2023 but this is no different to our retaliation against slavery. However, main stream media and the propaganda of the big countries want to make it appear as though this all started on October 7th and that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Hamas was one of he forces that helped South Africa in their time of need and South Africa is now showing their gratitude in helping Hamas. We too have suffered and we cannot standby and turn a blind eye on our Palestinian brothers.

    I wish my people would wake up and see that the agenda is about white supremacy and religious supremacy. Which countries or the citizens thereof has Hamas attacked? When Hamas hands over the Israeli captives, do you note the gentleness of their action? When Israel releases the Palestinians, do you notice the scars?

    Mr. Prime Minister, as a born Antigua with no ties to either Israel or Palestine, I commend this move with great honour. ALL LIVES MATTER!

  11. I support this 200% that we recognize Palestine, but the ALP is contradictory, because Barbuda is a created jumby bay state on steroid that is having the same land fight as the occupiers from Germany are doing to Palestine, the white people who are forcefully taking Barbuda lands through military and police intervention is a fight brewing to come, go chet Greene diplomatic ties with Palestine is correct.

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