Antigua and Barbuda and Argentina Discuss Direct Air Links


Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Ambassador Marcelo Balbi Calvo discussed establishing direct air links between Antigua and Barbuda and Argentina to enhance people-to-people exchanges and boost trade. Browne emphasized the need to strengthen maritime and air transportation with South America.

Argentina has offered Antigua and Barbuda training in handling antimicrobial substances for human and animal health.

Ambassador Calvo mentioned an upcoming course on soil and water management for sustainable agriculture and another on antimicrobial resistance.

Prime Minister Browne expressed gratitude for Argentina’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted the importance of cooperation in healthcare, education, and agriculture.

He stressed the need for global collaboration to address antimicrobial resistance and prepare for future pandemics.

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  1. You know like how some people have so much church and religion in them, they run straight pass God..They know so much about the in’s and out’s of the gospel, that they miss the simplest of things, like when Jesus watched his own disciples feet.

    That’s how this man is..just flying right pass the needs of the people with a bunch of political talk.

    People are just simple tired of all the political talk Gatson, all they are asking for is a little damn simple help, thats it right now, but you always a fly pass the simple topics and gone to big big talk, like global warming and Maritime link and that bull scrap.

    Many people just want water and a continuous meal everyday. Many just want to see their bank accounts with a little money in it. Many just simple want to see that they can keep their jobs and maybe get a little raise. Many just simply wants to get their benefits that they work so hard for. This is all things that are simply owed to them from what they have put into the system.

    All this man does is talk big talk with no real sustainable improvement to the country. Getting in bed with world governments and dancing abroad is not what the people of Antigua and Barbuda needs right now, and that’s all this man can offer, a bunch of fancy promises that only looks good on paper.

    It’s like having a bunch of superstars on a basketball team, but none of them wants/knows how to past the ball.

    Good luck with this guy fellow Antiguan’s…sheesh!!!

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