Antigua and Barbuda Air Force?

Air Force 1

Antigua & Barbuda now boasts its first acquisition of an aircraft in its fleet in establishing its Air Force with the Islander which was expected to start the Barbuda Airline.

Painted black with the flag of Antigua on its tail, the aircraft has been refurbished and parked outside the CalvinAir hangar now for weeks, occasionally lifting off for a spin.

One wonders whether the plan is to use the aircraft for drug interdiction or just to fly police and other regulatory uniformed persons to Barbuda as the needs demand, in preparation for the coming elections and to maintain the order demanded of


PLH and monitoring their incursions on the lands of the people of Barbuda.

Whatever the reason for the seizure and transfer of the aircraft from shuttling people between the sister isles to military use, the reasoning is faulty.


The need for government financed transportation between the islands could have been given to LIAT to manage and the small aircraft fleet increased to cover demand.

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  1. A ONE plane AIR FORCE.
    The government’ of Antigua and Barbuda is acting “curiouser and curiouser”.
    What’s next… an arms race with St. Kitts and Nevis?

    • What facts. They were slim to be sure.
      “Whatever the reason for the seizure and transfer of the aircraft from shuttling people between the sister isles to military use…”
      That’s it… nada

  2. Just like all of the other Government Projects,this to shall die and be buried.Then it would be black washed and never to heard from again.A ONE PROP PLANE AIR FORCE,JOKE OF THE FREAKING CENTURY.

  3. I guess Trevor Walker has many more questions to ask from the PM in the next Parliamentary sitting?

    • Thanks to Trevor Walker asking questions in Parliament. If not,we would not know that PLH LOANED the ADMINISTRATION US$12 MILLION.

      • That’s because you do not listen to the PM on Saturday. So you only know when Trevor is asking questions that have been answered long before. Ever since the deal was struck.

  4. I spent 22 years in the Air Force and me a dead with laugh. You should have taken the money and pay pensioners. Oh well, Maybe They know what they doing. So now we have an army and an Air Force. soon to come a Predator drone

    • This will allow the army to better patrol our borders. Whereas we were always depending on the USA to do so or the RSS. We are the first Island in the OECS that can boast that. No more illegal fishing in our waters. Or drug smugglers.
      I think that Caricom should have filled that gap a long time. Working together with the USA to safeguard our waters.
      This may look like a small step, but a very bold one. Today it may be a small plane, but who knows where we will be 10,20 or 30 years from today. A baby learns to crawl first before it can walk. So keep laughing my friend. We are not like the big USA or Canada. Just a tiny dot of 108 sq miles

      • @From The Sideline…yo, drones do a far better job at surveillance. They are cost effective, in terms of purchasing, operating and maintenance.
        What the Government should be developing, instead of 😎allowing Calvin Ayre, to do so, is incorporate helicopters 🚁 into the Liat Fleet to serve as Air Ambulances around the region, sightseeing tours to corporate travel and to move 🆘 EMERGENCY PERSONNEL during crisis’ and emergency’s.

        Yes, law enforcement needs to monitor our borders but not with a #Spruce #Goose, as your lead gunner!

        Just so you know, drones can be outfitted with the most sophisticated weaponry, just in case the Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA Air Force need to open fire 🔥 and brimstone, on the aliens from JAM-PEE-PEE and their ensuing attack!

        Grannie say…
        R u blurnclath fu tap tek neargah fu idiat, ‘cause, r u a shit innah high feevah grass!

        Membah, Feevah Grass Catch A Fire easy to rass, so, a mussah, dat mek r u, a use gaston wata, fu wet dung r u rasshole, cause sum ah r u, nar goh able fu seedung nar sleep.

        Grannie say fu tell U dat!

        • First of all do not confuse the little play play drones with the ones used by the USA Airforce. They cost millions of dollars. Those small little things cannot go too far before they are out of reach and plunge into the sea. But I understand what you are trying to say. You simply do not have the right information of cost. When it comes to Calvin Ayre operation. You really think the government should be in any and every private commercial industry that is not in any way in the interest of the majority of the people. LIAT as an airline is fulfilling an essential service. That is why it was owned by several Island governments who saw the public good of it. Many of them gave up, except our government. I do believe Antiguans (local Antiguans) always leave it to foreigners to make the investment and take the risks. But as soon as they see the foreign investor makes money, they get jealous. I can bet you Calvin’s helicopter service is presently not a money-making one. I can do the numbers just out of my head. The volume of business is simply not there. It will come eventually but presently he will need deep pockets to keep that business going. When PLH is open at its peak he may get some business. But since Barbuda will have its own airport, those wealthy homeowners will be flying straight into Barbuda. Presently his clients will have to come from Mill Reef Club or Jumby Bay and some that want to go for a day trip to Barbuda, like our PM once did with his family. I think I’ll take my wife on a helicopter trip to Barbuda one of these days. It’s only US$1000.00.
          And just so you know our aircraft is not a fighter jet. We do not need to shoot down anyone.
          Sweet dreams with your drones for Antigua for US$100.00. Buy them on AMAZON

          • @From The Sidelines…you’re lost on #Drones, and their effectiveness.
            The drones which cost millions in the US Armed Services are equipped with missiles, war heads etc.

            The Drones which are viable for Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA law enforcement surveillance fleet simply need to be equipped with infrared cameras, night vision lenses similar to those used by Search & Rescue personnel.

  5. @Ras Smood January 18, 2022 At 4:16 pm
    I guess it is best we make you Antigua and Barbuda Minister of Defense. Cause you seem to know exactly what we need. Just start to order our drone at AMAZON. What a joker.

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