Antigua Airways sees suspension as opportunity to optimize its resources and improve customer satisfaction


Antigua Airways imposter forces suspension of flights

It has been an excruciating few days for the new airline Antigua Airways. According to information minister Melford Nicholas, another company (unknown to the government) was conducting charter services for the same African route whilst disguising itself as Antigua Airways.

In an announcement made on January 28, 2023, Nicholas stated that Antigua Airways’ efforts were “imitated” by another operator. “The objective of that other charter was to use Antigua as a steppingstone for persons going to other jurisdictions” Nicholas added. The information minister explained further that the jurisdictions are mainly South American countries—intending to gain access to the southern border of the United States.

Given this discovery, Antigua Airways executives have decided to suspend operations to curb these scandalous activities.

The suspension is a devastating halt to the airline’s mission to connect two regions that share such a rich history.

The airline was airborne and looking forward to soaring many more miles and connecting many more people.

Though the suspension is a setback, The airline is taking this time to not only optimize its resources and improve customer satisfaction but also to reevaluate and implement new strategies to remain the pride of the Caribbean.

The success of the inaugural flight will be embedded in our minds with the optimism that one day the regions will connect with non-stop services perpetually.

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  1. When is the next small business pull up that fell under the auspices of those #UPPNEARGA vying for political office? Was it all an election gimmick. Dont these nearga know small businesses need support year round?

    • @ Just Saying

      Was paying government salaries early in November and December a GIMMICK? OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE UP TO TODAY 31ST January 2023 I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID? MY MUM’S SOCIAL SECURITY ALSO HAS NOT BEEN PAID.


    • Is there an Antigua Airways. Nicholas is a joke and Gaston is a bigger joke for the Antigua Airways scam that he orchestrated with the Nigerian Marvelous Mike. The truth will out one day.

  2. Good. Do better next time around. Looking forward for great opportunities that come with linking Africa and the Caribbean

  3. Liar liar ABLP pants on fire 🔥🔥.you all can’t wiggle your way out of the make belief Air line.You can fool some of the people some of the times but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Nothing but ABLP found themselves under the radar of The USA authorities with their Human trafficking schemes..Stop running like a thief, you are already Caught with your pants down.

  4. Come on Medford Nicholas! This whole thing was a colossal blunder. Chartering an aircraft to operate an airline is not sustainable. You were sent to do some damage control. Now these poor Africans are stuck here for God knows how long. There is nothing memorable about this. As the layers are unraveled, we shall see what this was really all about. The allegations of human trafficking and money laundering will be investigated. Let’s see how you try to cover this one.

  5. So you’re telling me the flight on independence day with all the dignitaries on hand to welcome it was operated by a company other than Antigua Airways? Do I look like an idiot? Anyway, this is a common tactic, tease out the truth piece by piece. Next thing we hear is, “somebody in the govt knew”, then after that “everybody in the govt knew”, then 3 months later, “everybody knew, why we still talking about it?”

  6. PLEEZE… Do you take us for fools?
    I guess this’ll be more years of ‘ it wasn’t me’ when harebrained schemes go awry.
    The countries reputation is at stake.
    Opposition x8 – what do you have to say?

  7. Yeah, right! The ALP ministers really thinks Antiguans are stupid. You guys are incorrigible liars! Tell us about the governments plan for the stranded Africans — Will they be granted refuge status? How unconscionable of the ALP to have assisted in taking advantage of those desperate people. There is a special place in HELL waiting for y’all.

  8. Melford Nicholas, U #Red_Herring Stew tink no rass, dat even, fly a pass up pan dat.

    Melford Nicholas, this excuse for the suspension of Antigua Airways and its Charter Flights out of Africa directly to VCB International Airport is total nonsense.
    Do you think, that all of us are that naive?
    The ANTIGUA AIRWAYS Business Venture MUST be thoroughly investigated by INDEPENDENT SOURCES. The People deserve better than, ABLP urine raining on them like manna from Heaven.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  9. No one would doubt that opening a direct path for flights between the African continent and Antigua would be good. My initial concern was the overall viability of such flights. The distance between Nigeria and Antigua is long and it would require a sustained load factor in order to make flying between both places worthwhile. Airline executives will not fly routes unless they can have load guarantees built into their schedule. I am a little skeptical that our government with its limited resources can afford to pay for load guarantee as we did with British Airways and American Airlines. That is why I am hesitantly cautious about Antigua Airways and its longterm viability. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, no airline will fly any routes unless it benefits their bottom line. And as we saw from the initial early hiccups, many less than bonafide tourists and business people were transported here, with many now seeking asylum in Antigua. I would shudder to believe that the airline was being used to get asylum seekers out of many African States and into Antigua and other Caribbean islands. It is clear that many aspects of this proposed Antigua Airways was not properly thought out, hence the hasty suspension. We cannot allow printery owners with little or no knowledge of the airline business to continue to speculate about a business they know nothing of.

  10. The financial wastage of this ABLP government is utterly disgusting.

    It is strongly rumoured that around 20% of the Citizens Investment Programme (CIP) was used on this airline collaboration with Nigeria – The printer 🖨 Marvellous Mike must be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Antigua has so many other important priorities to take care of, especially our road infrastructure and the promised implementation of the island wide water system.

    I’m no mathematician, but If the 20% of the alleged $2 billion CIP funds were used on this fake airline, then this is a whole heap ah misspent, misused and misdirected money.

    Again, we thoroughly deserve everything that’s coming our way for returning Gaston Browne back to governance – and Antiguans had prior warnings about his financial mismanagement!!!

  11. Gaston Browne and ABLP really have Antiguans lakka Kooka Hole.
    Ah how people that live in Antigua so chupit fu vote fu dem
    Dear Lord convert Antigua

  12. Somebody hold me. Somebody hold me. Pass de bull bud. Pass it now.

    Somebody forget to tell this guy that it is a SIN to lie. Then again, these people lie SOOO much that it has become the NORM. Now they see all things through a lying glass. On the other side of the glass, they see only foolish, gullible people. Whoever your spin doctors are, they need to go spinning themselves.

    But be mindful, my friend, your time of judgement will come sooner than later. You wont be able to lie your way out of that judgement call. No Sah! You will be wailing and bawling.

    To the tap dag and all his punnie puppies….your corruption and evil will be your destruction. You lie today and try to cover up with another lie tomorrow. Your life has become a cesspool of deceit and corruption.

    Be warned once again: That evil will not flourish forever. You and your evil will come crashing down like the tower of babel. Weeping and gnashing of teeth shall there be.

    Antiguans: Foolish Antiguans….corrupt Antiguans. Yes…you businessmen, religious misleaders, politrickians, radio talk show hosts, calypsonians, air traffic controller, permanent secretaries, police officers, immigration officers….. JUDGEMENT CALL IS SOON. Where will you stand ?

    The whole nation is a sea of CORRUPTION and so be it that the whole of you will CRASH LIKE GOLLIATH.

    To those who stand for righteousness: You may seem to stand alone, but be assured that Heaven is watching and redemption time is near.

    The evil prosper now but their latter end will be SWIFT and SUDDEN. When they say: Peace & Safety, then sudden destruction will come.

    Reap what you sow. You evil and wicked people. The time won’t be long.


  13. Melford Nicholas really want one Bull Pissle cross e back. Mek he jump in a country pond and drown and come back alive with the truth

  14. We the people owned 20% of the thing,Antigua Airways. I would like Gaston Browne,to come and tell us. How much did that 20% shares cost us the Taxpayers of Antigua and Barbuda. That 20% figure came from his bible mouth.

  15. “The rules governing the member countries of the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) are very strict; Antigua Airways had not complied fully with all of them. The organisers have pledged to fix all the deficiencies before resuming their service across the Atlantic from the Motherland.”

  16. Question: what was the reason/purpose for this gimmick? Bringing Africans to Antigua and dropping them off with absolutely no plans really makes no sense. I am still waiting for the truth. The real truth and nothing but the truth. Gaston, Cutie, Melford, spill the beans. The three stooges really take us for fools. The few of us who give a damn should demand accountability. Antigua people sleeping for real. What insanity in our 108 sq miles. God please help us!

  17. @Wadman. And they should! Don’t know what your point is boss, but you sound like the fool this author is. You really expect the very intelligent and well informed folks that come on this forum to believe that hogwash, you got to be kidding me? Smdh..this fiasco was already called out by many on here before it even started. Bwoy please.. 🤣😂🤣

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