Antigua Airways principals not in possession of passports


POINTE XPRESS: Information Minister Melford Nicholas has confirmed that the government’s

transaction with Antigua Airways was incomplete, and as such no Citizenship by

Investment Programme (CIP) files (passports) were given to the principals of the



Ten (10) Antiguan and Barbudan Passports were to be given to the airline’s

financiers that would have represented a 20% stake in the carrier for the

government of Antigua and Barbuda, once final arrangements were completed for

it to operate commercially.


The Cabinet spokesman told reporters on Thursday, that the suspension of

operations while still in the charter stage, meant the Citizenship by Investment files

were not given to the Africans.


“The option, once the airline was established for Antigua to retain an equity

position, the route of utilising the funding through the CIP, would have been the

method of acquiring those shares. Neither option took place. Neither did the

government subscribe, because the airline was not effectively established, nor that

the files were made available to Marvelous Mike.”


The non-compliance of several regulatory requirements resulted in the government

suspending charter service between Nigeria and Antigua and Barbuda that was

inaugurated in November 2022.


Minister Nicholas pointed out that the transaction would have been completed once

the carrier was fully established. However, the prevailing circumstances mean

government has retained the 10 CIP files.


“I want to reassure you and the public that there has been no loss. Antigua had

never subscribed. The option was available to the Government of Antigua and

Barbuda once the airline was established.


This venture of Antigua Airways utilising the charter means as a precursor to the full establishment of the airline, was I think, what the PM was referring to and with the adverse publicity that has come with that particular venture, it is clear that that airline proposition would no longer be feasible. So, there is no loss here to the government and people of

Antigua and Barbuda,” Minister Melford Nicholas assured.

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  1. Some years ago,there was a singing group known to all as THE SPINNERS. Melford Dry Mouth Nicholas and the Cabinet are better than that group known as The Spinners. He did say they were duped by the Africans. We the people were also duped for re-electing your arses back into Governance. A wey the damn Passports garne? I do not believed one damn word uttered by you Melford. Get your lazy,fat arse,out of the way.

  2. No loss? Of course there was significant reputational damage. The goddam plane had our flag and bore our name. The ad about the airline featured the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

    Why wasn’t the airline established? That’s what we need to know. What are the circumstances that has led to the failure of this venture. Why did they bring the Africans here and not return.
    Unacceptable arguments Melford. What is the government doing to apprehend Marvelous Mike? Why the hands off approach?

    • Melford talks like he isn’t sure if what he is saying. I appreciate the questions that are being asked by you. Clearly this government has no regard to the cost of negative media exposure.

      Pure bobol this government on.

  3. Only a stupid person that listens to Observer Radio or Crusader Radio would believe the principals of Antigua Airways were in possession of Antigua Passports.

  4. The picture speaks for itself. Look at them standing with their feet on the cloths in our traditional colours. Did any of our “public servants” hear about National Dress listed as one of our National Symbols? How could they throw it on the ground and step on it as it was a door mat? And they pride themselves as “educated and intelligent” unlike us common folks. Such a shame!

    • Actually these educated and intelligent people know that the National Dress is meaningless and as such worthless. Common folks are apt to consider make belief and are flattered by fancy words and impressed by spectacular ceremonies.

      Think about it carefully. On any given day in Antigua, how many people would be seen wearing this “National Dress”? How could it be a national dress if most people do not even own such a dress and never wears such.

  5. Which one in the photo is Marvelous Mike if present? Seems rather pleased himself with that happy smile? So, Antigua Airways was not established due to non compliance etc…….. but still allowed to fly into Antigua sporting the flag of Antigua and Barbuda on its fuselage. Oh dear! Antigua hasn’t lost anything Mr Nicholas. Really? How about loss of face and credibility to start with? The people have been taken for a ride, an incredulous one so we will disembark and read the words of Lewis Carroll: ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); `now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!’ (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off).

  6. @Iman We are well aware that persons defending the action of their political party like Gaston rather than addressing the issue he throws out derogatory statements against others when he is asked to explain
    Iman you listen to the right stations with the true information: so tell us the following and if you choose to answer I’ll have some follow up. I would like to be informed and maybe as smart as you.
    First Question: Who is the Ambassador and or CIP agent who introduced Antigua and Barbuda CIP program to Marvelous Mike and others in Nigeria?
    Second Question: Have you seen the agreement with Marvelous Mike? It’s important that that agreement be made public for the Government story keeps changing. You and me will remain stupid until the agreement is made public.
    So Mr or Mrs smarty Pants Iman have you seen the agreement?

  7. Iman who’s Mr./Mrs. Smarty Pants let me inform you of something: this article is a republished article from Pointe Express. This is Gaston’s media version of the events trying to cleanup what Melford said at the news conference.
    From Gaston’s media “the prevailing circumstances mean government has retained the 10 CIP files.”
    I interpret that to mean the CIP Agency never issued the 10 passports. So how did 900 people get entry to Antigua?
    Did Gaston Brown know the airline that Antigua and Barbuda was supposed to get 20% of in exchange for the passports was not owned by Marvelous Mike and his associates.
    Iman: what’s unfortunate, is that Gaston Brown and his people were duped big time. The facts prove it. They are crumbling and scrambling to cover up what happened here.
    I would agree there are stupid people out there who are not asking the right questions.
    So Mr/Mrs. Smarty Pants Iman answer the questions and show the world you are not stupid and I’ll have many more for you.

    • How could they have the passports- ok let’s said an approval for an individual would them themselves add the information to the passport, print and give it to the individual?
      Y’all spend alot of time trying fool unsuspecting people with ignorance.

  8. Published by Gaston Media in its attempt to clean up Milford disastrous press conference “the transaction was incomplete” so by the Government own admission the transaction was incomplete. So why was the inaugural flight approved when the transaction was incomplete?
    How many individuals on Interpol list were on those flights?
    Not long ago the the Antigua and Barbuda DP was on Interpol

  9. Where’s Marvellous Mike in this ICONIC and Damming photo shoot?

    Is it him in the blue 🧢 or red cap, or is he hiding behind the large advertising banner with Gaston Browne?

    Furthermore, if anyone believes a word of Melford ‘Culture Wars’ Nicholas has said, then it is no surprise to any of us that the ABLP retained power again in Antigua.


  10. Ah lie ah you a lie!
    What did the government pay for the cargo that came on the flights?
    U must have paid something?
    What all did the government received?

  11. @Iman Mr/Mrs Smarty Pants: This article says so much. It’s produced by Gaston Pointe Media to clean up Milford Nicholas disaster. A news conference that sort to place blame on those who question the validity of what the public has been told.
    Now Gaston Pointe Express tries to clean up Milford and dig themselves deeper in the hole.
    My interpretation of this deadly debacle is that Gaston Brown’s Government was duped big time. People are dead as a result of this dubious operation. Marvelous Mike who seems to be a Nigerian hustler, has huddled Gaston.
    Nothing new here. Everyone huddles The PM Gaston Brown, (even the kid from Palo Alto). Gaston’s only talent is to degrade and disparage any local persons who questions or criticizes his actions.
    ImanMr/Mrs smarty pants, read the article carefully; certainly with your level of literacy you should be able to discern the many weaknesses and contradictions in what is suppose to be a clarifying article

  12. @Overseas Marvelous Mike is to slick leave Nigeria and to be photographed. Marvelous Mike and his crew will have a whole different story in the event any investigation catches up with him.
    This photo is of the welcoming party; the operation to save LIAT. Marvelous is not going to set foot in Antigua
    900 people @5,000 to take them to Antigua; do the math $4,500,000
    If you figure out the cost of the charters those wet lease charters are less than $500,000
    So where is and who got a piece of the $5 million left over?
    Iman says we are stupid so we are asking who got some of the $5 million?
    I speculate that Mavelous will say he lost money in the transaction

    • @Winston Southwell.
      The figures you gave are revealing and leave a tidy sum to be shared by those who iniated this fiasco. Food for thought. Let’s clear the fog and mist, smoke and mirrors and get to the bottom of this tragic and sordid saga. it started with the ‘brothers and sisters’ almost never ending refrain. this is emotive stuff to many and was/is a juicy target for scammers of whom the Nigerians are renowned past masters. The Marvelous One must have spotted the ‘brothers and sisters’ constant heart rending bleating in our media and pounced. We have the tragic result. Did our not-too-Marvelous wise guys politicians carry out due diligence on the so-called Antigua Airways? Of course not. Connect Antigua and Barbuda to Africa and hey presto, wealthy investors and the rest will be filling our threadbare coffers with loads of
      oash and all will be well. Not so. When emotion overrides reason the end can be very far from the happy beginning. Put briefly, never let your heart rule your head. Marvelous Mike could give our not very Marvelous Prime Minister a lesson on that subject.
      PS. Do the ‘brothers and sisters’ in Africa give a red cent about Caribbean people or care one jot about Antiguans in particular? Over to you.

  13. I have a simple question for Melford and Gaston to answer.

    If the deal was not finalized, and no CIP files (passports) came into play, PLEASE explain how then there IS A CASE IN COURT IN Abuja, Nigeria where Marvelous Mike is reportedly being called upon to deliver three CIP files to his other Nigerian investor in Antigua Airways?

  14. The credibility of the government is on the line and this is the very reason why a full investigation is needed. The vast majority of people believes that the principals of Antigua Airways are in possession of the passports. Rightly or wrongly so, only a full fledged inquiry can clear up this.

    • A set of uppites believes that nonsense.
      Even if there is an investigation they still would not believe the outcome just like the elections-
      When it done the upp say the winner cheated… you can’t win with “foolish political ites”.

  15. So in other words, they found some business people more dumber than they are and get 20/40% stakes in the business without putting in the promised passport file(s)!?
    Who dem ah try fu fool?
    Haffu arl de dead or senile weedy-weedy eaters.

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