Antigua Airways deserves a chance


Antigua Airways deserves a chance.

Criticism, skepticism, and optimism all surrounded the airline since its official launch. Given the company’s mission statement and business plan, Antigua Airways deserves a chance to grow and develop into a solid air transport system.

Like every new year, people, companies, and other organizations create a list of goals to achieve with high optimism that everything will be ticked off before the 365 days run out. Unfortunately, reality brings hindrances and Antigua Airways is no different.

With their big plans to create a constant non-stop air connection between Africa and the Caribbean, the airline is experiencing delays.

Entering the airline industry requires massive capital injections and clearing red tape.

With that said, the mere fact that the airline could conduct an inaugural flight despite these requirements and amid a global economic slowdown suggests that executives are making sound decisions to ensure the success of the airline and the satisfaction of its passengers.

Growth can be slow for a new airline, in fact, many major well-established carriers often report losses or just break even. Does this mean the executives and analysts are making poor decisions? No. It means that airlines are faced with various macroeconomic variables and other exogenous factors that can impact operations and create setbacks.

Antigua Airways should be allowed to taxi many more runways in the future. Its presence will expand Antigua’s name and brand to more people, and open the country, to more tourists from other cultures. The airline wants to connect international students to Antigua’s universities and enhance trade between the Caribbean and the African continent.

Antigua Airways should remain airborne. The executives should continue cementing the African route before exploring other route options. The focus should be on getting the many approvals required to conduct a weekly service and to obtain an aircraft with the Antigua Airways logo displayed.

The airline has many goals and may feel the need to achieve them simultaneously after a successful inaugural flight. However, this can stir trouble. It is best to focus on the pertinent issues and then think about expansion and other goals.

It is a tough industry, and they have entered the market at a peculiar time, the airline deserves a chance to remain airborne and fulfil its mission statement and objectives.

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  1. Makes some sense…but
    The checks and balances must be regulated independent of government and those fasttalking travel agents

    • Air connection between Antigua and Africa (the motherland) is a great idea. It is an idea that no one would oppose. However, do you think the way that Antigua Airways was established and the subsequent charters bringing our poor African brothers and sisters from Nigeria to Antigua was a legitimate undertaking? Gaston and the government will have many questions to answer with this scandalous migration scheme. Also, bear in mind that when the scheme was being promoted by Gaston he said that wealthy Nigerians would be coming to Antigua. Instead of the wealthy Nigerians, we get what he (Gaston) would call a deracinated group of poor Africans.

  2. While what the writer says here may make some sense, it shows that s/he is not knowledgeable on how airlines are set up and run. Antigua Airways is currently nothing but a farce. An airline cannot be set up in a matter of weeks. The regulatory authorities here have no ability to oversee this kind of operation. It was doomed for failure before it even began. This is not even looking at the commercial viability of this to begin with.

  3. I agree. I am of the view that the intentions are honourable while being poorly executed from the outset. It is obvious that hospitality is not their forte but that can be resolved by infusing a capable team. Graduating from a charter to a licensed carrier will change the way we view this entity.
    I can only wish them well.

    • Dave Ray from the inception were not questions raised about Marvelous Mike, an operator of a printery, getting into the hospitality and aviation business? Are you now realizing that the hospitality and airline business was not his forte?

  4. The author of this article sounds like an unthinking sychophant of a political party. Antigua Airways does not exist. Perhaps he or she can tell us where on Earth it is registered?
    The whole operation is obviously fake. I have never before seen “tourists” make trans-continental journeys wearing bedroom slippers and cheap Chinese rubber shoes and sandals. Something is radically wrong here. And then, no proper arrangements for accomodations were made.for or by these “tourists.” According to one of these Cameroonians who was interviewed on Observer Radio, they were scammed by booking agents in Nigeria who made them believe they would be passing through Antigua to “move on to the next kevel of their lives”, to quoye Owolabi Elabanjo.
    Antiguans and Barbudans must be really daft to believe such foolishness. Antigua Airways is NOT an airline; chartered flights do not magically create an airline. Get real.

    • Thank you Charlie. After all the hype about it, now we are told that the AG advised the Cabinet to cancel further flights until such time that they comply with some regulations. This was always an operation in futility and would go no where…now, tomorrow or later.

    Antigua Airways does not exist!
    Antigua Government is in breach of Regulations!

  6. This was a scheme that was DOA!!That is just 3 letters of the ALPHABET. The other letters that can be put together to represent personal that move like great whites in the light or dead of night have duped the originators of this failed scheme.

    Its true intentions will be made soon. See how the dots have completed the circle that the AG had to recommend that all flights be halted! He’s no fool!

    They have you right where they want you.


  8. What is Antigua Airways? Where is that plane with the sticker on the side? What has become of the new City at Willoughby Bay.What has become of that man from Nigeria.He is the owner of Air Peace,Nigeria.He was supposed to buy shares and pump millions of dollars into LIAT.I know for a fact he was indicted in Atlanta,Georgia.He has been charged with Bank Fraud and Money Laundering.You do not mess and or play with the Banking Systems in the USA. It would not surprised me if more persons were Indicted here in the USA.

  9. I would suggest that Mr Pringle take oratorical classes. As the leader of the opposition, he is expected to speak on many occasions and on many topics.
    When he asked to speak, he will be representing the people. The connotation by outsiders will be “Antiguan are uneducated”. Please help him.

  10. What Antigua Airways. I think they should put on two more flights . They should come empty and leave full. Since from calculations it will take 2 flights to transport the Africans back to where they come from.All The ANtIGUAN Government officials and ALL those that are involved and supported this ignorance should be given a one way no return flight to Africa . They should be given the equivalent in funds , like the Africans arrived here with. Not enough to pay a hotel , a taxi or feed themselves. Then refer to them as tourists. Let me name a few people that deserve to be on that flight. The Chief Immigration officer and the other top immigration officers. The Minister of Immigration- for the lies he told to the Antiguan public. The Minister of tourism and director of tourism. The Minister of legal affairs – for allowing this ignorance. The minister of Aviation for allowing these flights to land here. The fire department with the water solute- They did not forget to go full of water this time as often as how the go empty when poor people houses burning down. Max Hurst the chief liar. The Minister that brought us the cabinet news and lied about this too. The ABS television and management and those that used the state media to deceive the Antiguan public.
    The African that live here, that work in the ministry of agriculture. He should be stripped of Antiguan citizenship and sent back to Nigeria.
    All those that sat in cabinet and supported this stupidity. If you spoke against it in cabinet, you should have resigned and speak out against this wicked act . Anyone who used a dollar of public funds to assist in anyway of form . If the treasury is involved or ministry of finance and finance officials- one way.” OUT”
    The PM and his security officers, should be afforded a special flight out .I will give him a private Jet and on it will be Marvelous Mike and his group. The only thing the Antiguans will be allowed to carry are their clothes. I did not mean shoes / bare footed. Every dollar these people have must return to the state. Sir Ron Saunders will be an that flight. He will be the Chief Diplomat.
    Anyone wishing to return must face a truth and piece commission. Headed my Jackie On the Spill the Beans Commission OF Inquiry.
    My way of setting an example for anyone in the future that wishes to deceive this nation.

  11. If one believes earlier reports of the Antigua Airways inaugural flight paid around US$5 000 for a ticket, how many of our African brethren can afford that?
    There are still too many grey areas attached to this venture for my liking.
    The reporter should be addressing the legitimacy of the airline before touting it as anew aspect of Antigua’s growing powerhouse status.

  12. Maybe from a general point of view the sentences in this article makes sense, however, if seen from other views the content is just asking the nonsense to continue.
    It is my belief that a venture of that sort should serve and benefit the people of Antigua, neither of which this Antigua Airlines is doing.
    LIAT is in shambles, barely serving and benefiting the Antiguand and the people of the other Caribbean nations.
    Shouldn’t a venture of this sort have aimed at revitalizing or starting over with a viable regional airline encouraging affordable travel, trade and leisure opportunities between our brothers and sisters in the region? Once that goal is sufficed, then venture off to travels elsewhere, S America, US, Canada and then beyond?
    This airline therefore should NOT be given a chance…at least not owned or operated by anyone in ANU. Let it be run as any other international airline, say BA or Virgin, AA etc; they appear to even benefit us better…

  13. I knew this was a joke from the beginning. How can you set up an airline overnight when you can barely keep LIAT running? I was actually surprised when I saw the plane pass by on Independence day. No, the people can’t afford $5000 US for a ticket but if you offer them a chance at a better life they will find it. This was nothing more than a human trafficking and scam ring, not to mention to rumours of illegal money being transported on that plane.

    • I mentioned the same said thing @I knew, this is why I’m so dumbfounded that many Antiguans could not see through the lies and half-truths, especially as the ABLP couldn’t even sort out the previous issues with the LIAT acquisition/take-over.

      The world was watching us to see if we could see what they were witnessing with the government’s nefarious behaviour … and we failed big time!

    The immediate thought is the old saying, proverb: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions (resolutions).”
    Our classical students may be excited by the Latin: “facilis descensus Averno (the descent to hell is easy),” Virgin’s Aeneid, Latin epic poem!

    The comments here on this article highlight clearly and importantly the risk factors involved for the Antigua Airways, Nigerian entrepreneur, Marvellous Mike Press Limited and the government authorities.
    Mismanagement of the risks : Known Known Risks; Known Unknown Risks; Unknown Unknown Risks, business and political – local, regional, international – can result in large financial losses and reputation for all involved.
    The challenges faced to successfully manage these current risks require a herculean effort that can be exhausting and frustrating.
    Let us interact with each other, with humility, grace, good intentions!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


  15. As a antiguan living in the us and a retired military officer/aviator and former airline operator I see many problems with this Antigua airlines.
    There are many safety criteria that must be met and maintained to operate an airline. Nigerian airlines (Antigua airlines) does not meet either the European or American standards and therefore are not considered airworthy. This is why the are banned from flying into the United States , Canada and Europe.
    There are some of us who would love to see a true airline operating in Antigua.
    Some of us have the knowledge and access to the resources to make this a reality
    The problem is ” no profit is accepted in his own land” if you know what I mean.
    Many moons ago I personally wrote to the minister of foreign affairs, and minister of transportation etc via the Antiguan Em bassy in New York with a proposal to set up an airline in Antigua. I never even got a response back to acknowledging receipt of my proposal or my request for an audience with the minister of government.
    At least my airplane are “N” registered and are safe and insured to the American standards.

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