Antigua Airways agreement appears to be ‘an upside-down transaction,’ says Lovell, and it needs to be monitored closely


A major investigative agency reportedly has an interest in the operations of Antigua Airways, according to the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Harold Lovell.

He made the disclosure during last Thursday’s edition of The Captain’s Corner, adding that the agreement between the investor and the Browne Administration “is an upside-down transaction” which must be monitored closely.

Lovell is concerned that there are too many irregularities surrounding the start-up of the airline, which will bear this country’s name and flag.

The airline should make its inaugural flight to Antigua and Barbuda next month, October 2022, according to the Cabinet.

As a former Minister of Tourism, Lovell says the manner in which the new airline is being launched does not fall in line with the usual proceedings.

In the course of his duties, he says, he was involved in welcoming new airlines to Antigua and Barbuda, and he knows the agencies which should be a part of the process. However, he has not heard of their involvement in this venture, Lovell says.

The UPP Political Leader is asking what roles the Aviation and Tourism Ministers are playing in this airline venture, which already seems to be starting off on the wrong foot.

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  3. How come this airline isn’t selling tickets yet? WTH? I just tried them booking engine on their newly corrected site and I couldn’t find any flights on Antigua Airways. I wanted to check out the fares. Is not October Gaston say this airline coming? Less than 30 days before the inaugural flight and no information. What days and times will these flights be? There is nothing legit about this.

  4. ..from the time Willy D took away his wife…he nuh love ABLP …😅😅…Gaston Browne is more hero to me then him…🙄🙄

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  5. King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe you na hab nun shame?? Why brag about being a former Tourism minister. You were and are a COLOSSAL FAILURE who collapsed de economy!!!!


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  7. The launching of “Antigua Airline”, is a possible avenue for money laundering, drug and human trafficking from Nigeria.
    Efforts was made to research into the background of ‘Marvellous Mike’, but all to no avail, we do not know his Yoruba’s name! The ALP delegates who signed off this development failed to provide details about the aircrafts for this venture, of the aircrafts, its safety records, how long “Marvellous Mike” have been in the aviation industry.
    Antiguans are encouraged to be cautious with using that airlines, as Nigeria aviation industry does not have a credible track record on Air safety:
    “Negligence killed Sultan, in plane crashes” Vanguard News,

    “Negligence, hunan errors cause four air accidents”.

    The above list is not exhausted, but are sufficient to make Antiguans weary of this venture.

  8. What a load of rubbish; whoever writes this has no idea what he’s talking about. Keep on spewing these texts… it’s pure comedy gold!

    • It was probably written by “Turks Lee” who likes to spout FAKE NEWS. She even wrote on her Facebook page that there was a PLANE CRASH at the airport. Turned out that she was DEAD WRONG!!!!

      TURKS LEE on Facebook: “Plane crash near VC Bird International Airport in Antigua. All emergency vehicles on route to crash scene. It is said plane originated from Montserrat.”

      #Lies #Liar #Lyadd #MaryJohn

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