Antigua aims to become exporter of lawyers

Sir Rodney Williams during Throne Speech

Antiguan government officials say they are negotiating for a law school to form part of the fourth campus of the University of the West Indies which is to be established here.

It is expected that the school’s latest landed-campus will likely open its doors in Antigua in 2018.

Officials are hoping that when the UWI Five Islands Campus opens, Antigua and Barbuda will be a training ground for new lawyers.

“In every jurisdiction where a Law School exists in our Commonwealth Caribbean, the training of new lawyers requires their participation in civil and criminal court cases in the jurisdiction. My Government is negotiating for a School of Law to become another school within the UWI Five Islands Campus,” it was announced it the throne speech.

“The object is to fill a demand that already exists, bearing in mind that newly-minted lawyers can start their careers by participation in cases right here in Antigua and Barbuda” Governor General Sir Rodney Williams announced.

He added, “In times past, Antigua and Barbuda was an exporter of teachers. In the near future, our country will become an exporter of lawyers.”

The GG told the throne speech that tertiary education is not for the purpose of creating an elite.

He said those who receive education and training are expected to give according to their talents, helping to create new wealth, new knowledge and new opportunities for themselves and all others in the years following their graduation.



  1. Wow. What a novel idea. First you open the doors and allow all our poor neighbors to compete with the school leavers for the scarce jobs now you trying to export the rest of us. Why did we become independent lord, cuz it’s evident we don’t know our ass from our elbow about developing or governing a country.

  2. More lawyers, can’t think of any other profession needed in Antigua, no teachers no civil engineers no chefs or business people. Lawyers. Really

    • Wow can u be any more negative
      Y don’t u be happy that Antigua now has it own campus for UWI so instead of our kids going to Jamaica Trinidad or Barbados

    • Facts..i am tired of seeing wasted oppunituies. We need a government that’s up-to-date with modern times. We are already in th technical era and this still holding us ( the people of antigua, the ambition generation) back with all of this 19th century governing. WE ARE IN THE 21ST CENTRY. 🌐

  3. Laststone…can we think outside the box? On a larger scale?. Many persons cannot afford to send there children over seas or even afford the first semester in a law school. And it may b a fact the we are over run in ANU with lawyers. So think about it….My child is educated right here at home and she can get on a plane and work whereever she please( which is the meaning of export here). Why do we always settle for the little bit.

    • Some people will always be negative no.matter what
      They can see Antigua will benefit having a UWI campus here
      They just love to politize everything

    • People like lastsone will never see the positive of anything cause them is house niggas who only want to see them own held back

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