Anti-vaxxers’ attempted assassination of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves — Buried Caribbean democratic innocence with a ‘brick’?


By Arvel Grant — Political and current Affairs Analyst

When I read Reuters’ report of this tragic attempt on the life of the Vincentian Prime minister,  I was stunned by the negative global effect which this act of brutishness could have on our civilization and our leaders’ attempt to combat the COVID pandemic.

Those: Politicians, union leaders and media activists,  who are fueling the anti-vaccination campaign, should use the apparent,  attempted assassination of The Right Hon, Ralph Gonsalves )Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines) as a harsh reminder that, they have the right to  lawful speech, not freedom to inspire  criminal violence.  Indeed, some may well argue that certain  leaders of the Anti-vaccination campaign,  should examine  the palm of their hands,  for blood stains from this murderous attempt,  to assassinate the dean of Caribbean Prime Ministers

Anti-vaxxer: politicians, union leaders and media activists, should  not  be  too naive to know that some  of their followers may  be  people with low IQ and or mental or emotional conditions,  which limit their  thinking and related cognitive skills.

Some may  wonder if  they are aware of  that, and are cynically,  herding their loyal supporters  toward the kind of action unleashed against the Right Hon, Ralph Gonsalves, in a selfish grasp  at  political advantage?

And why was this savage attack performed against the life of Prime Minister Gonsalves? Perhaps, because he is leading the effort to have (at least) frontline workers in his country,  vaccinated against the COVID  virus. A pandemic condition which is killing millions of people around the World including, in St Vincent, The Grenadines and the rest of the Caribbean.

For that, almost any Caribbean head of Government could be the assassin’s next target.

Strangely, the actions of the anti-vaxxer: Politicians, union leaders and media activists, suggest  they  are not aware that  if COVID kills their unvaccinated supporters, they die with their: Votes, union dues and media support.

Perhaps, the worst insult to injury, is the fact that many of those who are leading or inspiring the anti-vaccination campaign, may  (themselves) be  fully vaccinated, and protected  against  serious illness and death from COVID or its family of diseases. Yet they boldly discourage public policies designed to give   their followers the same   protection from the virus — Strange, indeed?

I expect that Prime Minister Gonsalves (being the outstanding statesman) will avoid utterances, which will imply recrimination. Rather, “let the law take its course”.

In the meantime, Caribbean leaders must double-down on efforts to save our civilization from this dangerous and deadly COVID virus.

As is the case with the recent assassination  of the President of Haiti, the security gaps which allow such a crude and medieval head  injury to  a  Prime Minister,   suggests real weaknesses in the  protective  detail of the Vincentian leader.

The assassination of the President of Haiti, killed Caribbean democratic  innocence; The  (more recent) attempted assassination of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, buried it. Furthermore, both murderous acts are loud calls for enhanced security for our national and regional leaders. Walk good until next time.

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  1. EXCELLENT REPORTING ..ORVEL GRANT. All the Opposition Leaders are already VACCINATED but telling the local Antiguans not to take the vaccine. This just for VOTES ???? I heard shawn Nicholas on the Radio agreeing with the ANTI..VAXXERS. What a shame.

    • The real issue behind this world saga is being missed by the vast majority. All the so-called experts and analysts will NEVER understand the genesis and progression of this pandemic and the events that are happening now.

      Spiritual matters cannot be discerned physically. The carnal mind is hell set on the physical.

      All are connected and not isolated.

      The stage is being set for what will turn this entire world into a final show down between good and evil. The pandemic and all the control protocols are preliminary testers for what will soon be unleashed on this world.

      Later this year at the COP26 meeting in Europe, the second stage will be set in place. A mighty push to mitigate against global climatic change will indeed become a game changer. The whole concept of fostering international agreement to tackle climate change will appear to be in the benefit of this planet and the common good of all mankind. However, all that glitters is certainly far from being gold. There is an evil and subtle scheme behind the whole climate change movement. The environmentalists would not know because they have been deceived.

      When religion and politics combine their forces to control human minds; we are walking in DANGEROUS grounds.

      Pay careful attention to who will be at the center of the COP26 conference in November. Already plans are being put in place to implement certain measures as fore-runners to the COP26.

      The Bible does not lie. The entire world will wonder after the “beast”. Deception will be at its core level. The pandemic and its protocols are all being used to strategize for the global masterplan that the beast will orchestrate on this world; with the help of the second beast that rose out of the land.

      Political analysts and scholars will not tell you this. Your religious misleaders will not tell you this. They either have NO CLUE about these things or afraid to tell the truth because they do not want to lose their salaries. We are on the final countdown to the “END OF THE WORLD”.


      • I firmly believe the anti-vaxxers are servants of the “angel of death”, the forerunner of “the beast” yet to be revealed in fulness. Dark spiritual powers are leading the anti-vaxxers and their encouragers. CHOOSE LIFE, not death.

  2. UPP prefer to win the election by encouraging the ANTI VAXXERS not to take the vaccine.
    UPP prefer to win the with a bunch of sick.People. UPP to see the ECONOMY in Antigua FAIL.


        Somehow, like this darn new coined phrase ‘…Intelligent Dunce,’

        Still aint getting in no argument with anyone on this Page.’

        But do like the two-words phrase.

  3. @ Rupert Mann and Sam
    You are both such inveterate liars! What do you guys get from all this lying? A few dollars and a nod of the head from the moustached one? Do you call him and tell him to read what you just put into the blogs, and what good red soldiers you are?

    How do you guys sleep at night? Nobody is supposed to live like this. There isn’t enough money to pay for one’s self respect. You are both repulsive. There are persons who support the UPP who are anti-vaxxers. There are persons who support the ALP who are anti-vaxxers. Does this mean these persons represent the leadership of both parties?

    You all are just scum, suck up, kiss-hee haw. Don’t you think that even though your top dog seems to like your deceitful messaging that he does not know the low-life you really are and look with disdain on you? Hell, he might even be thinking that you would do his party the same thing if things were reversed.
    Think about that when next you come into the blog and write your lies.

    • @ SUCK UPS

      I believe you just.put a few words together to appear like you’re INTELLIGENT. You’re a FOOL and would be always FOOL. THE BLUE.KOOLAID DAMAGED YOUR BRAIN. .CLOWN SHOW.

  4. To concluded that anti-convid 19 vaccine make you an anti-baxxer. Wrong. Is like saying because I refused sex from Jane that mean I don’t like sex….you see I already sex Jill, Mary, Suzanne and I planning to add a few more to the list. But not Jane

    • AH HA!

      DP love Sex?

      But not from Jane.

      Afraid she might call or spoil your name?

      Dame Sherese will send you text.

      Don’t get vexed, though.

      Jus gee she way she warnt (vernacular).

      Then sanitize or wash your hands.

      ‘…Teck the ‘…First Vax’ to see if you are immune.

      If you can’t wake up the next day, then go for the ‘…Second Vax.’

      If you ‘…Ketch’ the Virus, know some darn thing did not work.

      To know that, you must take the Vax.

        Why don’t you write so that People can.understand and not that GARBAGE. You sound like CHARLES TABOR. Sometimes I do not believe you understand what you write.

  5. What kind of a low life would encourage anti-vaxxers? Only people who full of wickedness and have a distructive spirit. The ancestors are watching. There is a dark spirit at work among the anti-vaxxers and some of those who encourage them. They are on the side of the angel of death. Choose life. I don’t believe in the vaccine. I believe in God, and the vaccine is a gift from God.

  6. This is an annoying “Hit Piece” meant to demonize anyone who is not willing to go with the status Quo.
    I mean what did you expect?
    you expected to shove and push people and they don’t respond?
    people who know even a little of human history an wary of the slippery slope of human nature.
    A lot of people aren’t Anti-vaxxers, most have had vaccines since they were kids and gave vaccine to their kids But the waters are so muddy around this pandemic who can blame them.
    we have seen political and scientific leaders lie again and again. why would you trust anything they say?

    its just a gamble some choose to take and others wont.

    So the idea that the idiot that wrote this article saying ” Anti-vaxxer: politicians, union leaders and media activists, should not be too naive to know that some of their followers may be people with low IQ and or mental or emotional conditions, which limit their thinking and related cognitive skills.” just proves to me either he has a low IQ and or mental or emotional conditions, which limit his thinking and related cognitive skills.

  7. “As chair of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda and in my own capacity, I condemn the physical assault upon the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves during a protest organised by the opposition political party.
    PM Gaston Browne has declared that the NDP organised the protest march in St Vincent. This is very off color for him to make such a statement when it was related that the Nurses Assoc, the Police Welfare Assn and the PSA organised the protest.
    Is it then that PM Browne has decided who he wants to be responsible for organising the protest, or is it he is just shooting from the lip, as usual? Has he jumped the gun to send a message to the UPP?
    This is very dangerous and irresponsible for Browne to be making such statements without verification.

  8. That Union leaders are defending workers “right” to not get vaccinated is a disgrace and against everything a union should stand for. You do nothing for workers for years, bow down to every employer and government offensive, then when the time comes when you should be taking a stand and demanding stay home pay, decent health care and free childcare for all workers, instead you jump completely the wrong way and side with the right wing trump supporters who are demanding their “right” to spread covid. Workers, dump this useless union leadership, put some real fighters in instead!

  9. In this day, and age someone wants to ,#Assassinate a Nation’s leader, the choose a #Rock😅😄😂😅, as the weapon of Choice! Let me repeat that, a #Rock 😆☺️😂🤣😇 is the weapon of choice!
    Let me guess, the perp channeled David ‘s Spirit and asked him to bring along his #SlingShot to assassinate the Ralph “Goliath” Gonsales. Phuckery #numero uno!
    Next, the perp who has now being identified, as a female had the sling and rock hidden under her dress. Damn, that’s a big asshole to hide the #Rock in! Phuckery #2! I know she’d prefer The Roc in to be in that position. Only an idiot would go for such, I Grant you that.
    Anyone who wishes to assassinate a Nation’s leader will be more inclined to use some form of modern weaponry from IUD’s to rifles to grenades. Haiti just went through one such tragedy. And, #daHoode is rife with M16 to UZI’s to Glocks.
    Ariel Grant, #WHO’RE you trying to bamboozle.
    This #epiDEMIC which morphed into a #planDEMIC is filled with many #ASSASSINATIONS, and they’re were carried out with no rock! This virus which keeps morphing, mutating, attacking is the #Real #True Weapon(germ+chemical) causing these ASSASSINATIONS.

    The person who used, “sex” as an example, choose a great example!
    No one is an “Anti-Vaxxer!” People who are wise to the phuckery games being played on them, and is simply letting the game run its course!

    I am not #ANTI-man! Even though it seems to become more of the norm, I don’t want to fuck no man. Now, does that makes me an #ANTI-man(Antigua’s Gay male?)


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