Anthony Smith Responds to “Spurious Lies” by Prime Minister Gaston Browne


On Saturday, June 26, 2021, Prime Minister Gaston Browne made statements about me, Anthony Smith, Jr., that I categorically deny and label spurious lies.


If the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) were the only political institution through which I could make a contribution to Antigua and Barbuda and to the politics of this Nation, I would want nothing to do with that party and I would not be involved in politics.


I am the antithesis of the Antigua Labour Party – meaning that I stand against everything that the ALP and Gaston Browne represent.


The Labour Party represents corruption, thievery, dishonesty, skullduggery, and misbehavior in public office.  Many of its principals are associated with the physical abuse of women, pedophilia and getting rich off the backs of poor people.  I could never be a part of that.


I have never had any conversation with Gaston Browne in my life and therefore deem him a pathological liar and a disgrace to the office of the Prime Minister.  His barefaced lies about me call into question every word that has ever come out of his mouth.


For the record, let me distance myself from these delusional and fabricated statements.  The Labour Party has made numerous attempts to engage me, and my message, via all of its minions, has always been, and will always be, a resounding NO!


I consider it disgraceful that the Prime Minister of this country, with a straight face, would utter such lies to the Nation.   But I know what the ALP polls are showing and I know that Mr. Browne is desperate.   








He has suggested to the media that he is having challenges with the All Saints West seat, and I put him on notice that he  is most definitely going to lose it –  plus the eight other contested seats – to the UPP.  Lying about me is  not going to change that.


Out of my own fairness and decency, I am allowing Mr. Browne six (6) days to publicly apologize and retract his lying, concocted statements about me.  If he fails to do so, I will have my lawyers proceed with litigation for defamation of my name and my character.  


I will also proceed with litigation against Pointe FM, the radio station through which the slander was published, and the host of the program on which the statements were made.


Unlike my predecessor, I am here to serve the people of All Saints West with honesty and integrity, and they know that everything is legit with Anthony Smith.

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  1. Oh my.. Be careful what you are saying and asking? You might be the one that will be find wanting. It would be extremely difficult to prove defamation in this case.

  2. Bruddah I don’t know you from the kingdom come but I believe you only because the prime minister has lied on so many others that it is now a trend…

  3. Another wannabee talking lawyers and lawsuits. We don’t need people like that representing us in parliament.

  4. “ABLP made numerous attempts to engage me and my message via all of its minions has always been a resounding no.”
    (Anthony Smith)

    Let me state categorically, that neither the ABLP, nor myself ever sent anyone to speak with Anthony Smith, on any issue.

    It’s ironic that, while he stated that I fabricated the statement; he confirmed holding such discussions.

    His conclusion of the discussions differs from what was reported to me. I was also advised that Mr Smith initiated the discussions.

    I was advised that his preference was to run on an ABLP ticket. It was also the desire of his father who served as the ABLP – St George constituency branch before he migrated a few years ago.

    Mr Smith requested a meeting about two years ago, but I declined meeting with him. Instead, I returned a message to the effect that, there was no vacancy in ASE&SL because we do not challenge incumbents.

    I also recommended that he pursue a self development program to ready himself for the future, since I did not believe that he the maturity, leadership skills, and competence to serve at that level.

    I believe that the young man has good future prospects, but he needs time for maturity and self development.

    What’s the possibility of Anthony Smith, whose father was the Chairman of our ABLP St George branch, rejecting the ABLP for the UPP – nil.

    Mr Smith, Just accept the truth. The truth shall set you free.

    There is nothing defamatory, or embarrassing about you aspiration to run on an ABLP ticket.

    You just couldn’t make the team and there was no vacancy at the time when you enquired about running for the ABLP in ALE&SL.

    Your response to a non-defamatory statement of fact, leaves a lot to be desired.

    I take this opportunity to encourage Mr Smith to focus on his self development ti ready himself for the future.

    Mr Smith, for your information, no polls were conducted since the last general elections by the ABLP.

    I will not disrespect you and call you a liar, however you assertion about the polls is patently false.

    • How come you never asked your minions to stop spreading lies about polling results, Mr Gaston Browne?
      You too lie!???

      • ???? Great great great point. They are always talking about the results of polls they have taken. In fact they are particularly always talking about the results of the polls in St. Georges. Gaston has now put the lie to all the minions and their LYING FICTITIOUS POLLING RESULTS.

        • @ CHARLES TABOR and ???

          They weren’t POLLS . They were PREDICTIONS. Stop your FABRICATION !!!!!

          • @P.J. CAMERALL.
            Please stop it or me go laugh until me cry.
            Gaston really train ah u well!l
            Please take note that the youths have a mind of their own and are coming to take over.
            “No more voting for who mommy and daddy vote for”

          • P.J.CAMERALL and CARSON B I know the difference between prediction and polls since I have taken a few statistics courses in university. Yes, ERIC (THE RED) is always citing his predictions of ALP 17 seats, UPP 0 seats, DNA 0 seats and BPM 0 seats. We have seen his prediction ad nauseam. Their are others among you though who have spoken about polls. I can remember clearly that one of you even mentioned a poll in St. Georges that had Dean leading Serpent by a huge margin. Now it is shown that talk about pools was all a big LIE you guys are back peddling. TENMAN is good at digging into the archives of ANR so get him to do the work to refute that you guys never mentioned the results of polls conducted. Now the LIES are out after Gaston’s comment and you are all found to be LIARS you are in DENIAL. Poor guys.

        • @ CHARLES TABOR
          Tabor….ERIC ( THE RED ) made PREDICTIONS. I never read anyone taking POLLS. Those were PREDICTIONS made by ERIC ( THE RED ) for election 2023.

        • For your information, the poll was done by upp(your party), ask Serpent to tell you the truth about the polls

        • Charles Tabor are alergic to the truth, all their shows are recorded, I’ve never once heard them refer to polls they have taken.My gosh talk the truth, the UPP took a poll in St George. Please remember there is a rat on your camp

          • Lol.
            The PM said there was never any poll since the last election.
            Are you confirming the fact that your honorable PM is a liar.
            How dare you? Eh!

    • Gaston you don’t have no work to do? What’s the latest on the chocksi matter. How about the water situation,when can citizens expect and improvement? It’s long past 14 days. By the way when will the public see the audited accounts of YNAMCO and national housing?

    • Gaston Browne: If this man needs funding for a Lawyer. I am prepared to assist him
      “financially” with any litigations against you. You cannot go out there any sully persons names. On that garbage dump on Saturdays. It is not the Parliament where you have immunity.
      Let this be clear. I do not know Anthony Smith. You Gaston Browne needs to be taught a lesson. You cannot crow the beak as you like without consequences.


        Very happy to know that you have money to waste. Why not save your cash to assist Anthony Smith with His Campaign. You sound like one of the UPP LOSERS. Continue backing your losing UPP.

        • @INGRAHAM: I do have money to waste. It is my money. It is not stolen from the people of Antigua. I vote where I am living. No one pays me to vote in any Elections. Like many of you in Antigua,last Election of 2018.

  5. @Mr Smith
    Be careful with this lawsuit claim you wouldn’t really want your closet Skelton to fall out.
    I think you were too quick to respond to the statement …. Boss you are running for public office more silly talk will happen …. are you going to sue everytime… you don’t have to respond to everything … you will be called out, even more, stop responding to everything

  6. Good reply. Interesting turn.

    I definitely had already started to screw up my face, being repulsed by what I considered disloyal, and poor character behaviour if it were true.

  7. Time will tell….
    This letter is future reference….
    Waiting for the PM to release proof..

    Then what?

    ALL politicians are liars including the author of the above letter..

    Winston Derrick said when you shake a politician’s hand check your fingers to make sure you get back arll…..


    “The Labour Party represents corruption, thievery, dishonesty, skullduggery, and misbehavior in public office. Many of its principals are associated with the physical abuse of women, pedophilia and getting rich off the backs of poor people. I could never be a part of that”.


    • The Labour party as it stands at present seems so abhorrent to him that he wants to distance himself even from his father’s close association with the institution.

      It must be in horrendous state. That’s another perspective for you to consider, Beef. Lol. Instead of your feeble insinuation. And in any event he is permitted to hold opposing views to his father.

      Cheap, weak shot.

  9. This approach by the young politician is extremely weak and unacceptable.

    1 He must ask the PM to use the same medium and apologize within seven days, if their is no apology a defamation case must be filled at once.

    2 Anything short of the above the PM’s words are accepted as truth and the young man is just another LAMIN.

    • Our PM does not apologize. He too big and insensitive for that. He does not care about the impact of his words on anyone. He dgaf.

      Apparently this is what we now want from politicians though.

      There must be some literature about the kinds of people who NEVER apologise.

    • Dear Mr/Ms Melchesidec
      I think you should pose your question re ALE&SL to your honorable PM Gaston Browne since he was the author?
      Why are you asking Mr Smith?

      • @Tgan
        That might be the clue to knock some sense in his head to back down before he is exposed.

        hint hint

        • @Melchisedec.
          Back down from who or what? The young man has nothing to fear.
          ALE&SC – consider that a part of Gaston’s lies.
          Gaston now wants to base his argument on hear-say and because daddy Smith was a staunch Laborite. So who ah lie?


  10. Y’all can dismiss it but it definitely lowered my estimation of him whilst it was unchallenged.

    It could have ruined him politically in my view. It’s one thing to switch but the manner and timing asserted by the PM seem possibly defamatory to my likkle mind.

    Maybe instead of chastising this young man on this forum, the PM should consider his loose lips. What he shared was not necessary it may be the messengers/minions gave him wrong message to stroke his ego?

    No comment Mr. PM on the abuse of women, paedophilia etc? LLC on one hand and that on the other. Smh



    You are receiving BAD ADVICE. In politics you analyze and carefully respond. The ADJECTIVES you mentioned in your statement describes the UPP. There are Persons on UPP ticket who were convicted and sent to prison who matched your description. This shows your IMMATURITY. MORE TO COME.

    • Do they also describe the ALP members as he has said though.
      If so, the comment that UPP ah nall can be described that way does not take away from any unsavoury elements in the ABLP.

      Oh us poor voters. The joke is on us isnt it?

  13. Is this how ABLP is planning to win the election by picking fights and bullying opponents? ASW a jus one constituency, the ppl in a dat place dun mek up dem mind…you PM need fu worry bout the res that u think yu have. A beg you try spen you last few days in power representing Antigua. Arwe look bad out dey an you in ya a trouble young aspiring leaders.

    Antigua, wake up and stop d red and blue talk. Vote for the country constituency by constituency.

    • We should notice by now that the PM considers all young people with a high level of intelligence a threat, and does nothing but tear them down.

      If he or he son can’t feed you and have you licking their @“” then you must be destroyed .

      World most athletic leader!!

      • ´…all young people with a high level of intelligence´…

        people like JAMALE PRINGLE who can´t even string together a sentence correctly or the empty vessel a.k.a JONATHAN JOSEPH

  14. I was told by very wise, clever and intelligent grandma as a youngster. Sometimes it’s best not to reply to everything that someone says about you. Caused you may end up in trouble that will make you regret your responses. This is one of these occasion. Emotionalism should not ever get the better of you. Wadadli PM is a good strategic Politician and his opponents always seems to fall in his strapped. Give him so credit for controlling the weekly narratives. However, I thought the PLM was awful in governance but the UPP took the cake by millions of miles. It’s the same team members in different suits.


    Stop talking about LAWSUITS. Get out of the KITCHEN. The heat has gotten to you this early????.Shows how weak You are !!!!!.
    UPP is in serious trouble. A couple of Their Candidates are having health issues and might step down from running in election 2023 ?????

  16. The only poll that was taken was the UPP poll that was leaked to Lamen and Colin on Point FM. No one ever said that the ABLP did a poll. But then again. Tabor is hearing things these days. By the way when are we going to see the promised lawsuits of the Prime Minister and of Donna. Cannot back their chat I guess

  17. FROM THE SIDELINE the world now knows that all you guys are liers if it was not know before. I have even seen one of you saying that a poll in St. Georges shows Dean getting 73% and Serpent 23%. Now it is clear that it was all a lie since Gaston said no polls have been done all of you are totally embarrassed. As I said before get you all chief archivist TENMAN to find the evidence to refute Gaston’s comment. Going forward stop telling LIES. Don’t worry about Donna. Didn’t your granny tell you time longer than rope.

    • the poll said 49% Dean, 23% for the worm …. shameY’all cant sue nobody ….. Upp a pack of clowns

      You were the Lawyer wrote to POINTE FM and DONNA CHAIA promising To Sue. Tabor you are a bunch of HOT DOODLE.

    • You really have a comprehension problem. I said the only poll was that done by the UPP and leaked to Lamen and Colin. What of that don’t you understand. And you call yourself a lawyer?

  18. JACK DANIEL is your brain working properly? Your lying colleagues have now argued that there were no polls done. Previously they have quoted the results of polls to show ALP candidates are leading. However, since Gaston said no polls have been done they are back peddling. Now, you are talking about results of polls. All you lying ALP supporters such as FROM THE SIDELINE and ERIC ,(THE RED) need to get your LYING position straight.


    Why twist the TRUTH ? Hon.Gaston Browne said on POINTE FM on Saturday that neither HIM nor ABLP conducted POLL since the last election. Tabor what is so difficult to understand. Tabor be honest for once. As I usually predict the following for election 2023.

    ABLP. 17. SEATS

    UPP. 00 SEAT

    DNA. 00 SEAT

    BPM. 00 SEAT

    TABOR this is NOT a poll it is my PREDICTION. TABOR there is difference between POLLS and PREDICTIONS.

    • @ ERIC ( THE RED ) and Charles Tabor

      Why did you apologize to Tabor ? I hope you were being sarcastic. Tabor has insulted so many people of ABLP. Tabor is a UPP supporter fighting for AG position which will never happen. UPP and Harold Lovell can do no wrong for Tabor.

  20. ERIC (THE RED) please don’t insult my intelligence about the difference between polls and predictions. Do you just provide comments in thin air without any basis? Have you read and understood my comments. You guys have been in the past talking about the results of polls. Look at JACK DANIEL comments above about the results of a poll in St. Georges. You guys have been caught LYING about polls because Gaston has said that the ALP have not conducted any polls. Do you, FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING and TENMAN do your own pools? Do you know anything about the science of polling? Did you get a crash course from PETER WICKHAM? You are all totally embarrassed and ashamed because it has now come to light that you are all a bunch of LIARS about polling results. Your leader Gaston has showed that his minions and propagandists have lied about polling results. I would recommend that you and all the others just take a break from your constant LYING.


    My Friend TABOR I am very sorry if I offended you. That was not my intention. I know that you are a very LEARNED Person. One again kindly accept my apologies..

  22. ERIC (THE RED) on the contrary you did not offend me. I was just amazed about your own intelligence and understanding when you were talking about the difference between polls and predictions and projecting it to me. I was also very amazed that you seemed to completely miss the point I was advancing. The point is that some commentors (most likely ALP supporters) have mentioned the results of polls, now according to your leader Gaston no polls have been done by the ALP. That being the case, the results of any polls mentioned by any ALP supporter would be a fabrication. ERIC (THE RED) that was simply my point that any talk of poll results are just plain LIES. I hope you now understand my point. If Gaston did not say that the ALP has not conducted any polls, you guys would still be perpetrating the BIG LIE of poll results.

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