Another video surfaces with police manhandling resident


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  1. There is absolutely no evidence in this video of police “mishandling” anyone. In fact, this video shows a man striking a police officer in the lawful course of his duty. I’m very impressed that the police did not respond in kind.

    We need to stop encouraging the foolishness that is prevalent in other places when police is trying to effect an arrest and people are telling the police not to touch them, and they’re being egged on by the public. It is nonsense. The law gives the police the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to physically restrain anyone they are putting under arrest. Time for the nonsense behaviour to stop. People are going to get seriously hurt, and then people will say police are wicked.

    • Shut the ya stinking mouth u probably one of the police in the video it may not be any mishandling in this particular video so you should get that situation rectified with the news editor but other videos than this one is surfaced, you clearly see his clothes were ripped just shut the hell up I swear boss.

      • You are obviously a non compos mentis nincompoop. The law gives the police the right to restrain a person being placed under arrest. I am no police officer, but I do know that much. You idiots like to watch the nonsense that takes place in the US and take it as the right thing to do by resisting arrest. Stop encouraging the foolishness. If a detainee believes the police used excessive force, it is always best to cooperate and fight the case in court. Resisting arrest only makes matters worse. Someone is going to get hurt one of these days, and then all of you will say that the police are wicked. It is simple rule of thumb: comply and then complain. It makes life much simpler, you nitwit!

    • U need to go on Facebook to see what happened before this video. Y’all talk to much shit on behave of the f these police men are doing.

  2. “Déjà Vu”

    Another day anther foreign criminal attacking Antigua police. When will this ALP nightmare end?

  3. Just Incase you guys did not know this same officer mishandled a pregnant woman with her child in front of her.This same officer choked this man as well.So therefore the officer does not know how to deal with civilians so please don’t justify his actions here.Not because you are apart of the law means you are above the law.

    • I support our Antigua Police 100%. The police officers did a great job.

  4. People will always resist. Why. The cops know that they don’t have a darn reason to arrest the individual but they would take you to station and put you in a stinking duty cell and they go home to their palace. Too many cops abuse that uniform.

  5. In many other countries in the world, dreadlocks dude would have been tased, or even shot by police. Luckily for dreadlocks dude, our Antigua police are always professional and ethical. This guy was clearly a criminal and he clearly hit the police first (the police have the right to question him if he is suspected of a crime).

    As long as Antigua is a member of CARICOM, we will continue to have unsavory characters ‘immigrate’ from places like Jamaica and Haiti. It’s time our beloved Antigua Police are given the power to arrest and deport these foreign criminals ASAP.

    • It couldn’t be the dreadlocks guy that born, raise and only know Antigua you calling a foreigner ? This man whole generation is Antiguan.
      It’s sad how little information we try to acquire before standing an opinion on the matter.
      Do your research and don’t let your xenophobic ways lead you falsely

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