Another Home Removed Ahead Of Booby Alley Development


Another home was moved yesterday as the government moves ahead with the redevelopment of the Booby Alley community, despite opposition.

This time, the house was relocated to Bennett Street in Villa Community becoming the second home to be moved.

It is expected that utilities will be installed for the single occupant of the home.

Some residents have expressed concern that the temporary housing measures are not organised enough.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says prefabricated homes will arrive here next month to relocate Booby Alley residents, paving the way for the area to be cleared for  the construction of new homes.

“We are saying to them that those who have these homes will get a better home for free,” Browne told his constituents via radio.

He said those who are renting will also be accommodated in the new housing development.

“We will build enough houses that all those who are resident in Booby Alley today will be accommodated,” Browne said.

He is blaming party politics for introducing misinformation to the development.



  1. Very Happy to see the PROGRESS being made at BOOBY ALLEY . Listening to Serpent and Knight tonight on the Snake Pit and They sounded very upset and disappointed that Antiguans are not supporting Their RHETORIC.At one Point I thought Knight was going to walk out of the studio. Antiguans are sick and tired of Their NONSENSE. Serpent and Knight cannot understand why They are NOT resonating with Antiguans.If They stop telling LIES it might be better. I hope Beef and Kentae tape the show and play it back on Pointe Fm tomorrow night.

  2. JANE

    BLAH… means that you are happy with the PROGRESS being made at BOOBY ALLEY ? I hope so. Because this is a WONDERFUL initiative by our Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne. BIG UP THE WORLD BOSS.

  3. on the move November 28, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Please see the GOOD in this initiative . You never compliment the Hon. Gaston Browne or Labour Party for ANYTHING. You are the most PESSIMISTIC Person I ever came across . You are a LOSER . Last night on the Snake Pit I felt sorry for you . KNIGHT , SERPENT , CLEON ATHILL , GLADYS POTTER et AL now realized that They are NOT RESONATING with Antiguans. Knight the reason for this are as follows…

    You repeat the same Rhetoric over and over .

    Preaching to the same Audience each night

    Not growing your base

    Telling a bunch of LIES.
    How can Anyone work for Serpent who does NOT have any CREDIBILITY. Who thinks He is a BULLY.

    Always in trouble with the Courts

    He will end in 1735 at some time.

    I am awaiting to hear hear Damani Tabor this evening with His same RHETORIC.
    Glad you Guys realize that you are BAWLING out your THROAT each night for no reason. Will wait to hear your excuse after 2023. When Labour win ALL the seats including Barbuda.

  4. on the move November 28, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    Just heard Damani Tabor on the Snake Pit . Damani Told Knight that Anyone who writes good comments about the ABLP They are not residing in Antigua. They are live in England. Damani just to let You know that I was born and still live in Potters Village . Do you play back the recordings of your show on the Snake Pit ? If You do you will understand what I am talking about. You do not have anything of substance to talk about….You repeat the same thing OVER and OVER. The Leader of the UPP should stop You from doing the Media Rounds. I can tell that your UPP Party needs help with PUBLIC RELATIONS. Please stay off the Radio. Shame on You


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