Another crash on the newly paved highway


Another motorist has crashed their vehicle on one of the country’s newly paved roads.


The white van slammed into a wooden utility pole located in the middle of the junction where Cross and Bishopsgate Streets meet near YMCA, Government House and Lion’s Den.


This section of the road was recently opened after being closed for several weeks as part of the government’s road project to overhaul the adjoining Friar’s Hill Road.


There have been several crashes on Friars Hill Road since the completion of paving on several sections of the road.


One ended in the death of Vijai Persaud who lost control of his Honda Step Wagon in the vicinity of Sir Wright F. George Police Academy on September 12.


Persaud’s vehicle reportedly ran off the road and flipped several times before coming to a stop.

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    • @Vincent Vaga…EXACTLY!! but wait for it…someone or a minister of government going to come with some lame-ass excuse for why an old pole was still left there!!

  1. Why that pole was not remove.Before the road was repave.I have never seen a pole in the center of an intersection like that.That is a very dangerous situation for all drivers.

      • LOL! That’s how he likes to engage in intellectual masturbation. A copycat Allister Thomas. Always a run he mouth a chat fart fu real.

        • @Hmmmmmm:What did I say wrong.That damn pole should have been removed.Before the area was resurface.What the heck is wrong with that statement.Masturbation is a good thing.I am a master at it.

      • @ Chuptz:So because the pole has been there since 2019.Is it okay for it to be there.There is no wonder some are so blank,blank.A Antigua me come fram.A dey me barn.I say no more.

        • Did u see me say 2019 ya dumbazz. Ya azz so full ah hate it mek ya cant read properly now. Wha mek ya nah tap way ya dey and keep out of Antigua businezz.

  2. Ban them from driving for at least 10 years. If they borrowed the vehicle from a legal owner, ban the owner for 8 years from driving. Raise their insurance premiums to cover the costs of damages they did.

    Also makes me wonder if they were the recipients of drivers license bribe to vote for certain political candidates.

    And yes, what company in their intellectual thinking would put or leave a utility pole in the middle of the road?

  3. Both the road users and those who are constructing the roads need to get their act together…… If the pole could not be moved why wasn’t a small visible round about be built to protect the pole and drivers alike…. ??

    • @Bluddy Bloke…I understand what you are saying BUT, you should include APUA in your question. WHY? This pole was there ever since when there was a small triangular-round-about there, but APUA as usual was either extremely late to have this pole remove. It is very strange that up to over 30 years since independence, we are still working or walking or APUAing like chickens with no heads. To further make my argument against APUA, Minister Weston aka woman in travaille, Minister Yearwood and many others and not even against the road builders; this portion of the road was shutdown for weeks, and you are telling me that someone over or under at APUA could not think?

      Have a nice bloody day ye ole’ wheezer!

  4. 1. Why was a utility pole left in the middle of a resurfaced road?
    2. Why was the road reopened with a utility pole in the middle of it?
    3. Didn’t the driver see a whole frigging utility pole in the middle of the road?
    This is so funny it’s not even funny, smh

  5. Listen…leave the driver alone!!

    I was there and I clearly saw the pole move in front of the driver at the last minute!! I swear I did see it Your Honor!!!

  6. For all those who are trying to cast blame, please put the blame where it belong “the driver”. Thousands of motorist have driven that same intersection on a weekly basis and how many have crashed into the pole?

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