Anjo Wholesale says employees must show proof of vaccination or test at their own cost



Clement Winter, General Manager

September 24th, 2021


Anjo Wholesale has been informed by the Epicurean group of companies that effective
Oct 1st, 2021 all in-persons vendors, merchandisers and delivery personnel who
visit or operate with the group of companies must be fully vaccinated and will be
required to show proof of vaccination to enter their stores.

This requirement by our largest customer means we are now obligated to comply with their policy for the survival of our business.

Therefore, the Management of Anjo Wholesale has taken a decision
that in the interest of public health and collective safety, ALL of our staff will be

On the morning of Monday 27th Sept. 2021, medical personnel will be on site from 8
a.m to test staff for Covid 19 at no cost to the employee.

Persons who have been scheduled to be out from work (either on vacation or a day off) are asked to come in just to take the test.

Employees who miss this opportunity will be required to take the test at their expense and provide the result to the Management by Friday 1st Oct 1st, 2021.

Going forward as of Mon 11th Oct. 2021 employees who are unvaccinated will be
required to test every two weeks at their cost.

However, the company will arrange a
discounted group rate.

More details will be provided. Vaccinated employees must also provide proof of vaccination to HR from this date.

Your kind cooperation is expected.


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  1. Is it a policy at Epicurean that CUSTOMERS have to show vaccination cards to enter their supermarket(s)?

    • When that sort ah comment even though elections can be decided by one vote it’s probably good that you are a former voter. Can any person in their right mind come up with such a question whether tongue in cheek or otherwise?

      • Get it right idiot.

        I am not a former voter.

        I am a former A.B.L.P. Voter.

        Understand the difference idiot.

      • This comment really shows who you are, you should definitely vote for UPP because this proves you’re covered in their ignorance.
        Birds of a feather.

    • I also know people that have slept in the same bed with someone who turned out to be positive and not gotten sick because of a daily routine of natural methods. Vaccines are actually making it worse because now you’ll catch it and feel fine or just a little sick, and nobody will ever think to test you cause you’ve been…vaccinated. There are well established medicines as well that have had great success in even preventing infection

        • Can you inform us of the alternative way to control the covid 19 disease?

          Mandate testing in an organised and good-faith way. Now, was that so hard to figure out?

          Advice Block September 26, 2021 At 8:55 am
          Give another country’s policy as an example Mr. EXPERT.

          ANOTHER IGNORAMUS. Shaking my god-damn head.

  2. First it was:
    “vaccinate to STOP the spread”, then it was
    “vaccinate to SLOW the spread”, then
    “vaccinate to prevent hospitalization and death”, now it seems like its:
    “just vaccinate so you can keep your job!”
    Even the vaccine companies are admitting that their product is not as effective as originally promised. How long before we actually realize that these things are no more effective than the natural and pharmaceutical treatments that preceded them? Some countries are even giving up and just handing out vitamins and specific medications, and they’re having success.

  3. This is crazy. Whats the requirement for persons coming into the supermarket to shop? If they are not required to show proof of vaccination then it should not be mandated to the staff. We as a people need to stop shopping at places with these policies. Lets see how they survive.

  4. Build up your immune system by eating plenty fruits and vegetables every day. Drink plenty water and exercise. You’ll be good.

  5. Wow the ignorance displayed by some of these folks is astonishing. I thought they stopped drinking stupid bush in Wadadli. What caused the death of so many people? Why do you take vaccines to travel to another man country? Why do take vaccines at 2months old up until school? Why do you take vaccines to eliminate contagious viruses in the past? Why do you go the same doctors when you feeling sick when you don’t trust them and call them liars? It’s appears that you are trained as doctors and scientists by FB, Google and YouTube universities. Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾. Don’t be to concern about others and it’s your choice to make your decisions but there are consequences for your own ignorance. Please don’t contact this deadly Virus and end up in the graveyard.

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