Anette Mark goes home, heads investment agency

Mark with new staff in SVG

Former Chief Immigration Officer Anette Mark has returned to her homeland of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in a new role as Executive Director of the Investment Promotions Agency.

Media reports say Mark started officially on October 16, 2017 for a three-year period.

She is said to be looking forward to this “new challenge” as she believes that the multi-island state is ready for investment – especially “in light of the fact that we now have a new international airport.”

“It’s a new challenge for me but I’ve had many new challenges before, and I have risen to the occasion at all times. I plan to do the same at Invest SVG – take my experiences from over the years, and with the help of the staff we can make something big of this!” asserted Mark.

“Invest SVG has to be more visible both internationally and locally in the services we offer and what we have achieved thus far and we must develop and find more avenues to assist our local market with exporting Vincentian products and services.”

Mark also expressed that she would like to see Invest SVG “come up with new and innovative ways” that will push the product that is St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the forefront on a regional and international level.

Mark resigned as Chief Immigration Officer after serving in Antigua and Barbuda for two years. The government was criticised for handing her a key position that many felt should rightly be occupied by an Antigua and Barbudan citizen.


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  1. I wish Ms. Mark all the best in ALL of her endeavours. God bless and keep being the kind person that you are.

  2. Like so many other non nationals you use an Antigua government post to pretty up your CV then you return home to take a big position you would not have been offered before coming to Antigua. Good luck with the Gonsalves dynasty! You will need it.

  3. What do you expect? We are not encouraged. Instead we are seen as threats to development We must pledge allegiance to mediocrity. say yes to every initiative even if technically you know the astronomical cost that is involved will not produce any tangible benefit whether in the short or long term. They wait until you are on the second to last rung then either push the Ladder, insert a rung or built a glass ceiling that only an Antiguan pigeon can reach. Yes man. Don’t think, just do as I say. On the other hand, the non-national come to learn what not to do to succeed. They take that knowledge with them to develop their country. Kudos to them!! Can’t blame anybody we love our belly plenty. All the best to Ms. Mack.

  4. Like I said …
    THERE was no ANTIGUAN that could have successfully run ANTIGUA’S Immigration Office before…..We needed outside assistance…..i guess eberybady IS corrupted ….

    Now she has moved on to greener grasses with OUR training….
    No hard feelings …bestest of luck in ALL future endeavours

  5. Small minded ppl, the only difference among all is just a boat stop-one people.she functioned as a professional in the midst of all the dirty politics, you all rejected her simply because she was not born on this land is like rejecting you for the colour of your skin and not based on your character or performance , all of a sudden she goes back home to take a new job and you ppl still have a problem with that .is this pure bad mind or evil?smfh

  6. Well said Galileo, bless each other and not curse. Grow up
    The earth is the Lord and the fullness there of,
    Anyone can move to higher place , when that woman went
    To study from a child did Antigua pay her fees so she has
    A right to do and go where ever she wants. We need to stop
    And grow up. Bless each other and not curse, it may come
    Back to whom ever.
    The earth is the Lord and the fullness there of.

  7. What do we say when the Government of Antigua send your kids to study Overseas pay all the bills , they come back and work a few years and take of with what the Government paid for them to develop this country Antigua, how come you ain saying nothing fight that . No you will never speak against it why it is your child , it’s your own so just leave the woman alone we never paid for her education. Just stop it.wish her well fix your end , all the others who turned up with the help of the Government funds fight that , bless you and Antigua

  8. Amen Shelly , the whole universe is of the Lord, the pharaohs couldn’t take away with them the pyramids when they perished like goods, neither the Ceasars could walk with the coliseum ,the persians,the greek,the Roman empires all faded away with time,gone with the wind .And you have ignorant ppl fighting for ownership of just abut everything including flat lands below sea level whiles their soul perishes …sickening with this greed and envy.. As black ppl, 90% of our problems could be solved if only we unite, too much division whiles the other ethnicities are working together and progressing be caucasians, indians, arabs,Chinese etc hating ourselves is worse than slavery itself.
    May Ms Mark succeed wherever she decides to work diligently for the good of humanity.

  9. It’s almost as if Antiguans are not employed in any other island in the caribbean. We welcome you back Ms Mark! Talk to me if she didnt perform her duties, other than that lrt us be happy for thr Vincy sister! Badmind is alive! Bless

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