Andre still battling bedsore; Will be on complete bed rest until it heals


Andre Simon Update

We are grateful for everyday spent with Andre
Looking forward to many more as a family
Hospital workers asked if we’re apart of staff now 🤍
Andre K Simon Is still battling the bedsore he will be on complete bed rest until it heals
Together we can overcome this
Family is everything
Thanks for your support ❤️🤍

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  1. Happyvto hear Andre is still fighting. That bedsore could have been avoided with regular positioning. Wishing Andre all the best. Keep fighting .you got this.

  2. Pity his name ain’t JACQUIE QUINN. One phone call from Cooks POND WATER to Medical Benefits and she get she medical fund sort out. Meanwhile the “average person” has to rely heavily on fundraising and donations. JACQUIE Quinn reduced the pass mark, called the seniors RAG TAG and den TAXPAYERS MONIES (including dem say ‘RAG-TAG’ seniors) was used to fund her cancer treatment at a top of the line hospital abroad.

    Jacquie why you didn’t advocate for Andre and others???? Did you pay back any money to MBS?? Up and down on Facebook making inaccurate posts and no promotion for Breast Month??? Use your time wisely since you said your doctor told you stress can bring back the cancer.

    • How much was the former education minister given in his recent medical scam? What was the cost of the Air Ambulance that we paid for? How much did he really pocket from this fraudulent move? If Mr . Bowen ever learnt anything of which you always opined, it was solely from the ALP.

    • The service provided to Jacqui Quinn as a Member of Parliament is provided to all Members of Parliament. Members of both Houses of Congress in the USA are accorded the best Medical Care and Treatments in the World. Rank has its privileges. If you want to get the same that she did get and those in there would get. Run for Political Office and win,you would be accorded those same Medical privileges.

      • A former or present political player does come with perks!!!Some folks are playing delusional or just dumb!!! Do they think most folks who runs for office, when sick stay on island . I just can’t with colour blinded folks .

    • You need to go and work on yourself. I don’t know if Tessa was your daughter or sister or something but everything that comes out of your mouth is so bitter. I hope you get the help to finally deal with your loss. Your non stop toxicity and wishing everyone bad on every single news article is so tiresome. So many are fed up of it. Please rethink your life and how you act

    • Was ALP or UPP running things when Jacquie got her assistance? If it was under UPP then you can’t blame them to move expeditiously in helping one of their own. I’m sure ALP has done similar things. Now look at what it costed Jacquie, and what it’s costing the Simon family. If all those monies were injected into SLMBC, neither one would have to go abroad. The country cannot afford to send everyone abroad. As a tourist destination etc., the focus should really be in making SLMBC a first class hospital.

    • @Tessa
      Are you for real? What does Jacqui have to do with bed patients at Antigua public hospital being allowed to lie in one position and not being turned regularly until they develop bed soars? Who is responsible for these things happening at the hospital? None of the present people in parliament will ever go the Antigua hospital as the government has insurance for them to go overseas for treatment. Gaston said he recently had a check up, and where did he go America. I hope you are not an ordinary Antiguan and ever have to go to the Hospital as heaven knows what you may leave with. But then you can blame jacqui.

  3. The “average Joe” like Andre and others don’t get the same “sort out” package from Medical Benefits like what was given to pay for Jackie Quinn medical treatment using TAXPAYERS MONIES.

    Shame, Shame, Shame. All she good for is to call people RAG-TAG and REDUCE THE PASS MARK. Why not advocate for others?? Did she give back one blue cent to MBS after her recovery????

    • She was that type of person.

      Pity a UPP CANDIDATE used a GUN to SHOOT her in the NECK 😢 😭

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