Ana’s on the Beach: ‘Racism is not a practice at our establishment’


Maria Britto-Bettini owner of Ana’s on the Beach:

I am extremely surprise with the mentioning of Ana’s on the Beach with regards to racism.

I would like to clarify first my family have black background and my staff is 99.% Antiguans and of black roots.

I always have respect for any and all our guest and racism is not practice at our establishment.

Please make sure you get the name correct unless you are a malicious person


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  1. This is really overdo now, time to move on from this article, why is it in the news headlines yet again?

    • Not pleased with ANR which is totally outstanding
      At least they allow you to vent and give your opinion unlike many outlets.
      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out shuups.

  2. I agree with the above comment, this is ridiculous that this is still going on in the news, you don’t have anything else interesting to report on

  3. Talk about destroying someone’s business, this news article has been in the headlines now for days and yet again here it is at the top of the headline again today. When is enough enough. I have never seen an article placed in the headlines so much like this one, you are doing a good job of killing that woman’s restaurant business with all this repetitive bad publicity, where is forgiveness and moving forward or do we just keep dwelling on mistakes and sit on our high horse.

  4. They damn well better not to practicing any form of racism. NONE. This is a black nation. We need to get to the bottom of this. NO DAMN RACISM in any manner, way, shape or form.

  5. As the war in Ukraine rages in it’s a fact that we black persons as you say run this nation only run it while the superpowers allow it ! Brothers and sisters make no doubt that superpowers are here in the Caribbean and we are pawns in a global race. Watch what would happen if we allowed some Russian super yachts reflag thier vessels and hide thier ownership here. Guess what happens

    As for Anna’s. This isn’t even a post by
    Them. This is a reply to a previous message.

  6. Avatar photo Thanks for the establishment name .your response is blunt and arragont I also will not visit your business when I'm in Antigua

    I always chuckle when I hear the words “we have black background”
    I always go to the case of Amadou Diallo in NY who was brutalized , beaten had a bathroom plunger forced in his rectum causing severe internal damage by white NYPD police.officers.
    One of the main individual charged defense team was floating the idea that he could not be racist because he has a black girlfriend.

  7. There’s no way 99% of her staff is “Antiguan”. This anti-black yes massa attitude is common in Jamaica, DR, and other islands. These are ALP amnesty people.

  8. What Black Country ! investors are told to bring in foreign whites and other races who ever and put them ahead of Antiguans.

  9. First of let me say I am a black Taxi driver in this island for 30 years, I have been to many of the restaurants in Antigua and have no experience any form of racism as a matter of a fact most of these restaurant owners are extremely friendly with me. However, black AUA students how I have driven over the years look down on black people here they think because they come from New York they are better than us. They are the ones who are racist. No people who were born and lived here all their life. Ask the workers in the restaurants where many of them have worked for years if the owners are racist. Please only these privileged AUA students are racist in my opinion. Ask an bus or taxi driver.

    • @antiguanborn

      You are such a joke. How come u no post on the Instagram for Antigua news room. 99% of people agree with the student. Even her workers are complaining.

      • You must be one of the privilege that go to AUA, keep your racism in New York. Black Americans have no respect for us in this Island, ask any person in the service industry.

          • @ Antiguan born
            Your dismissed bro. Respect to you but theres more ppl pro the letter than against it…..the proof is in the comments on Facebook and Instagram. Come on now …her workers are complaining her workers! Come correct . Black on black is a issue and you are proving it . Jealousy is a ugly trait

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