An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Honorable Gaston Browne


Dear Editor,

Today while I was driving with my 7 year old son, we saw this dog chained up outside a house:

My son began to cry when he saw the state of this dog.

We initially thought he had been neglected, but when someone went to the house, they discovered that the owners had intentionally starved the dog for months as a punishment for something the dog had done. 

If I call a police officer to address this animal cruelty, what will happen?

A verbal warning because that same police officer is planning on making money off of fighting his own dog that same evening? 

Who taught these people that the correct way to train a dog is to starve it almost to death in order to achieve certain behaviours? 

Why is this ok in this country?

When are we going to take action as a nation, step up, and take responsibility for this national problem we have?

This has gone on for too long. 

Dogs are not rats.

They are not vermin. They are “man’s best friend”, and they’ve earned that title.

The dogs of Antigua deserve better than this, and when will someone in power fight for them?

I know it’s impossible to give loving homes to all of the dogs that roam this country, but why can’t we at least hold dog owners to a standard that equates to healthy and happy dogs? Certainly this must be somewhat obtainable. Antigua is a small country. 

To my fellow human beings: 

If you see this image and it stirs something in you, then do something. Here are some of the things you can do: 

– Teach your children to treat all animals with kindness, compassion, and empathy – Talk to your neighbor if you notice they have a neglected animal in their possession – Donate to your local shelter: Dogs and Cats of Antigua, or PAAWS or the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society. 

– Report suffering animals to the authorities or to any of the organizations listed above – Adopt, don’t shop 

– Spay or neuter your pet (so that the dogs who are already here can have enough food and shelter) 


– Stop doing nothing about it 


Someone who is fed up with the cruelty.








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  1. I doubt if Gaston or the cabinet will even read this, there is no money in it for them to enforce existing regulations.

    Before the election Samantha Marshall held the portfolio, she did nothing to address the animal abuse situation.
    Maybe there is a politician out there that is willing to tackle the problem on the island, but until someone steps forward do not hold your breath.

  2. Gm,I feel yours and your sons pain, I’m an animal lover myself, and that police officer is a wicked criminal, why he dont chain up himself. And to top it off,he let his dog fight and starve him or her. Wow. The Speaker of the House, had pass a law for animal cruelty, so you can take it to the attorities that deal with that. Let them take the dog away from him and charge his ass. Wicked Criminal, a Police.!

  3. Let’s hope the PM will do something. This is so very sad. There are some very cruel evil ignorant people in Antigua who should not own pets.

  4. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Antigua not looking so great.

  5. I agree with you writer, but let’s also address the group that goes around stealing dogs to export to Canada because they think all black Antiguans mistreat dogs.

    • Antigua first, please provide proof that any animal welfare organization on the island is stealing dogs to export them.
      Please verify your facts before making such statements.

  6. All the way around, Antigua not looking good for dogs or locals. This government care for nothing but money, anyway they can fill their personal bank accounts, they will do it. Care for animals is not a priority.

  7. That is absolutely disgusting. The poor dog. So unfair. Makes my stomach ill. Since they have no voice y’all need to speak for them!!!!

  8. The populace on a whole don’t care too much about animals ..
    I don’t even think they care too much about people…
    So good luck with trying to get empathy and sympathy from this government..cruelty to animals should be a criminal offense and should be prosecuted according.

  9. Bravo for taking the time to pen this letter.
    I salute you.
    These type of people are as low as vermin.
    Has the circumstances of the dog changed?

  10. The bigger picture is really how we treat pets especially dogs overall. Growing up I was accustomed to seeing dogs tied up in yards 365 days a year, rain falls and wet them and the sun comes out and dry them. We need an active and vibrant humane society who sees to the overall treatment of animals and do sometime about it. Many persons who have pets in their care should never be allowed to have them.

  11. And never forget that hunting of some animals are still legal practice in countries like the USA, UK and Canada … just saying!


    • You can always rely on Brixtonian to put the other side of the debate … that’s how I roll.

  12. Thank you for bringing to light the sad issue of animal mistreatment on the island. You don’t need to be an animal lover to treat animals decently. As long as they eat and breathe, they suffer physical and emotional pain. We can only expect the same kind of love that we dish out.
    Often on my travels to and from home I see dogs chained up under the hot blazing sun with no shade or water in sight. Can you imagine the suffering?! I have found many strays (kept some too) along the way, but too often I find that the animal rescue organizations are oversubscribed and cannot/refuse to take on anymore. Just like livestock farmers, pet/animal owners need to be regularized in order for us to manage the cases of neglect as well as the stray population.

    • Just highlighting the hypocrisy of Westerners, I understand why you’re fed up @ fed up.


      • … again, another ignoramus who cannot respond to what I’ve ACTUALLY said.

        Soundbites means absolutely nothing to me, and just highlights your lack of debating skills.


  13. @Brixtonian, that one insensitive post changed my whole opinion of you.
    What does hunting in another country have to do with this. Did you look at the pic?

    • Of course I saw the pictures @ Jane, but what gets my goat (pardon the pun), but I see parents struggling to feed their children here in Antigua, and I despise human suffering as well as to animals.

      I use to have a pen of goats, 2-3 dogs and a cat on my land until recent times.

      However, what I can’t stand is the hypocrisy from Westerners – and wherever it comes from.

      Child poverty and cruelty is 100 times worse than animal cruelty, but this isn’t the first time that hypocrites like you ONLY highlight animal cruelty.

      Before entering contentious debates, and then acting like you have higher standards than hard working Antiguans who have been working with animals for generations.

      Furthermore, Americans still enjoy hunting for SPORT and the English love the THRILLS of fox hunting and shooting birds for fun.


        • Oh, and BTW, can you tell me which animals has the better SURVIVAL rates?

          The suffering animals in Antigua (which is always pointed out), or those that are continually shot or torn to pieces for SPORT in the West?

          You people always pointing the finger 👉 at others, when you don’t realise that there’s 3 fingers pointing at you also …

  14. That animal owner is WICKED; I only hope when the shoe is on the other foot & he or she begins to feel the same pain & suffering they’ve so gleefully inflicted upon the poor dog to their satanic delight, that they won’t start to bawl murder! Justice is served.

  15. @Brixtonian…I’m beginning to understand. Your life is empty. Dude, there is no debate here. A animal is being abused. If you can see that picture of suffering and find nothing wrong with it then you are part of the problem you so often fight against.

    • I knew you couldn’t respond in kind @ Jane – my life is OK 👌🏽 thanks for your concern …

      • … we also have a Caribbean saying:

        That a faas mek anansi de a house top.

        Translation just for you @ Jane:

        It is stupid to meddle in the affairs of others.

  16. @Brixtonian, what got under your skin? I’m talking about this article. Again there is no debate. DID THE DOG GET RESCUED?.
    Be useful, get me some answers.

    • I’m just dealing with the “ELEPHANT” in the room @ Jane – and you know it!

      When you guys (and gals) start addressing animal welfare issues in your own countries, then you can come back and talk to Antiguans about theirs.

      Simple enough for you Jane? I hope so.

      You’ll be telling Antiguans how to dress-up their dogs next … OH WAIT!!! 😁

  17. The owner of that dog should be arrested and be charged for animal cruelty.I had to take a second look at that picture of the dog.I could not believe what I did see at first.

  18. Is there an Antiguan and Barbudan law against animal cruelty? The writer took the time to be a keyboard warrior addressing it to Gaston knowing very well he don’t care about humans, why would he care about dogs?
    The question I have for the writter: What village or house was the photo taken? Does this person seriously believe a letter to CNR will change how this dog is being treated?
    If you truly want result give the location and further details.
    The photo is dispicable; if you are truly concerned about the emotional impact on yourself and your son, do the right thing

    • Good day. We rescued the dog the same day the photo was taken. How else do you think we knew that the owner had intentionally starved the dog? Do you think, that since the letter really won’t do anything, we should continue to do nothing?

  19. People need to understand that when a person can treat an animal with that level of cruelty, you best believe they will treat another human being the same way. There is actually a link between animal cruelty and violence. They first start out abusing the animals before they move up to abusing people. But I have a question why is it that every time the subject of animal cruelty comes up in Antigua someone comes out of the woodwork bawling about, “but what about the starving children or what about the homeless and needy?”

    I mean you have to be real cold-blooded to look at a picture like that and not feel for the dog. The dog’s sides practically a touch and you can practically see all the dogs bones for how hungry the dog is. Some people should not be allowed to care for animals

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