An entire kindergarten class at the Minoah Magnet Academy quarantined for two weeks


Real News: Infection of kindergarten student prompts quarantine and testing of classmates, as well as their families


An entire kindergarten class at the Minoah Magnet Academy of Math, Science and Technology has been placed in quarantine for two weeks. This comes after a four-year-old student contracted the coronavirus.


In a letter to parents dated October 19, Director of the Academy Cheryl Gregg informed parents that the class and teacher are now in quarantine.


Gregg also reported that she had been informed by a nurse that testing “among those students and any family extensions will begin shortly.”


Parents of the K4 students will be notified of the results following testing, she said.


Meanwhile, the Director assured parents that the school has been observing the protocols related to social distancing, the wearing of masks, and hand washing and sanitizing. And Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas confirmed this during an interview on State TV on Sunday night, October 18.


“We have been adhering to the protocols of keeping the students in their individual bubbles,” the letter further advised parents.

Bubble refers to the isolation of a class, with its teachers, from other classes, so that contact is extremely limited. In the event that contact tracing is required, the bubble allows the Health authorities to conduct the process more easily.


Reportedly, three Grade 4 students have been affected by this development at the school.

Last weekend, Health officials announced that six persons have been infected with the virus, including the four-year-old, bringing the confirmed cases to seven in the space of one week.

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  1. To the PM and his so called minister of health, how’s dat wukkin for you now?

    This was bound to happen. Go from 6′ distance to 3′ mek any sense? Chups!

    • And how far apart do you sit from your coworkers? How do you escape from an airborne virus? Just hush ya mouth and put on ya mask cause corona not going anywhere!!!!

    • It is really ironic whenever something happens, fingers begin to be pointed.

      A bad trades man always find time to blame his tool whenever he fails to get the job done….

      Now, Antigua Citizen,
      when the authorities indicated 3 feet apart to be use for social distancing for the kids at school
      1. Did you make your voice be heard?
      2. If so, What was your suggestion back then to facilitate the returning of the students back to school?
      3. Why wait until now something has happened to say something ?

      Your actions simply prove that we adopt a culture of blaming others for a problem instead of contributing a prudent idea towards the solution of solving that problem.

      We need to be more responsible and be proactive rather than being reactive….

  2. This SHOULD NOT BE PUBLISHED! The parents and those of interests would be informed . ANTIGUA needs to learn proper protocols. News like this only creates hysteria. The media officials need to take a course. Many US and European schools have the same Ishena but the names aren’t published. If you have a child that is compromised then you would know. Anyone else is just nosey. ANTIGUA please learn proper protocols

    • Keeping secrets about this pandemic does not keep anyone safe.

      The way things have been handled thus far with so many secrets has put everyone at risk.

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