Amnesty For Hurricane David Victims


The government says it will grant residency permits to victims of Hurricane David which struck Dominica 40 years ago.

Cabinet reiterated its earlier decision that those children who were brought to Antigua in 1979, following the destructive passage of Hurricane David, are to be treated in a special way by the Immigration Authorities.

They are to be granted a residency permit and allowed to demonstrate, by way of school records since coming to Antigua, that they form a part of this special cadre of youth from 1979.

Cabinet said these men and women are essentially stateless people and that condition is unacceptable to the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda.

Hurricane David, a Category 5 hurricane and one of the deadliest of the latter half of the 20th century.

Packing winds of 150 miles-per-hour the hurricane pounded Dominica for six hours from 9:00 am on August 29, 1979.

Thirty-seven people were killed and an estimated 5,000 were injured. Three-quarters of the population of 75,000 were left homeless. Many people slept in the open or huddled in homes of fortunate friends and neighbours for weeks or months to come.

The economy was totally destroyed, roads and bridges were blocked or swept away. Communications to the outside world was maintained only through Fred White’s battery operated ham radio until links were restored.

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  1. ALP and their sister party DNA need to stay out of Dominica’s politics.

    Let the people of Dominica control their destiny because they have to live with the results.

    First you hear about Dominican UWI scholarships then now amnesty for a disaster that occurred 40 years ago. Where are all these grown ass men and women in their 50s and 60s living now. If Dominica then there’s is no need for amnesty and if Antigua they would have been naturalized decades ago.

    This is the ALP attempting to play poor boast and know dem owe Antiguan pensioners, contractors, back pay and overtime.

    How about looking after Antiguans first and then Roosevelt Skerritt and his party after.
    Charity begins at home.

  2. Fixing something that is not broken.

    All Dominicans are entitled to indefinite stay in Antigua and Barbuda as per treaty of Bassettere

    This means no work permit or fees no residential requirements and all enjoys the same privileges of an Antiguan.

    By the way this goes for all their off spring, spouse, and dependants.

    So what’s the point? There must be something else to this other than what’s stated.


      Melchie Boy, ‘…What do you smell?’

      Do know what ‘…Duncy Bat’ smells- ‘…Sweet Pumpkin.’

    • Far reaching effects and goes beyond what was stated. Everything a politician does is with 2 aims. To get elected and to get re-elected. Giving these Dominicans amnesty and citizenship will mean that they will be able to register to vote. I leave it there.

      • They have been voting in Antigua and Barbuda election for years. Back then non-nationals can be here for 3 years before participate in ANU election.

  3. How do you give an amnesty to someone that has an indefinite stay in the country?

    Did Dominica revoke their citizenship from these people why they are referred to as stateless?


    To social media, this is news.

    But to sensible people, followers and readers of this news portal, this is nothing but sheer ‘…Gimmick and Mockery.’

    Know that my good friend ‘…Duncy’ who has been urged to remove ‘Bat’ from his social media name, would never fall for this ‘…Elections Bait.’

    Could easily get ‘…hooked-up Boy.’

    Might very well be if he listens to another good friend ‘…Anthony Stewart.’

    The thing about it is if hooked, unless someone has ‘…an Idi Amin-type cannibalistic appetite,’ could only bury him with a headstone reading, ‘..From a Dunce to a Bat, to a Sweet Pumpkin Farmer.’

    However, while he is still alive, he should not into any quarrel or eat any ‘…Pumpkin’ -salt, bitter, sour or ‘Sweet.’

    He could pick and sell though and likened to the GT Beer ‘…3 for 10;’ …one salt; …one sour; and …one bitter.’

    The ‘…Sweet ones,’-deadly. Should not eat nor sell.

    Catch him with anything else, ‘…Sweet Pumpkin’ and all, but not this bait.

  5. To me, it makes no sense without more information. I would have to conclude there are people who are in Antigua from Dominica since the disaster mentioned. But wouldn’t they be a citizen after living 7 years in Antigua lawfully or whatever the law state the time is?

    Is there a person the Prime Minister specifically wanted to help. If so, it is reasonable but why is this person not already a lawful resident in Antigua?

    I am truly confuse and not because I am always confused with Most procedure, ideology and anything substantive about Antigua but because this is specifically confusing. The time, age, and announcement, also the benefits being given.


      You have all reasons to be ‘…confused, ‘My Way of Helping,’ but that is ‘…Their Way’ in catching he ‘…unsuspecting, innocent, hapless and vulnerable people.’

  6. The PM just throwing bate to increase his non national base. Amnestying after 40 years? Give us a break man.

  7. They don’t have indefinite stay. They hold Antigua and Barbuda citizenships. How does that make them stateless? ABLP is now allowing Dominica Labour Party to play around in Antigua.

    • @ Zackie

      The thing is you do not know that as a fact because I would ask you how many of them acquired citizenship?

      At minimum it is factual they all have indefinite stay. And how do you give that person with an indefinite status an amnesty?

      There has to be more to this story. Did someone from this group made representation to Cabinet?

  8. Wait!!..Have the members of the A*BLP been eating bread made with arm hole sweat??. …What a bunch of lunatics!.

  9. Oh…and since we are on the topic of hurricane…please go and find the Billions of dollars that were donated to the Barbuda Hurricane Irma Relief funds that you and the cabinet have stolen!!.

  10. Really!!!!! After 40 years? That is what Skeritt asked you to do, in order for him to gain his votes? Wow! You guys think people are foolish.

  11. Really! After 40 years!!! That is what Skeritt asked him to do, so he could get his votes? Aryo think peoples STUPID.

  12. I usually support PM Browne on almost everything, but I think he is 100% wrong on this. I am even a supporter of Antigua’s CIP program and generally support smart-immigration policy for Antigua – but this is crazy! Are we going to start giving citizenship and residency to every nationality that has experienced a natural disaster in the last 100 years? I mean, seriously…this is decision is totally nuts.

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