Amid talk of a fallout, PM says Lovell erred to invite Serpent to run on UPP ticket


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell will have difficulty managing candidate Algernon Serpent Watts.

There are rumors that Lovell asked Opposition Leader Pringle to bring Watts in line.


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  1. I just knew this was going to happen. Can you image Lovell and Serpent together on anything. I don’t know if Lovell could survive politically.

  2. Lovell didn’t erred Mr. PM. Lovell is just not up to the task at all. Look at his entire slate of candidates. Only two have something to bring to the table. the rest is a waste of time. Take e.g. Frans. A talk show host that doesn’t understand a thing about anything. Just runs his mouth. Many times, he has to be corrected as to what he is saying. What does a person like him has to offer to the people of this country? Zero, Nothing. And then to put him up against a veteran like Cutie. My God what an insult. And then Tabor want us to be scared and lived with his illusion that something may happen on election day. Give me an aspirin. I know they say never underestimate your opponent. But not when it comes to these bunch of losers and failures in their own private lives. How can they make mine and yours better?

    • @From The Sideline –
      A…besides some form of physical and youthful beauty, what did Maria Bird-Browne bring to the #Parliament? What has she contributed, is contributing and could possibly contribute in the future, other than being a #Rubber #stamp? Sean should make a T-Shirt (MEME STYLE)with Gaston caricature as the handle and Maria’s head caricature as the head of the stamp, #STAMPING on a plot of public lands!

      B…what does Dean Jonas brings besides #Arrogance in #Skinny #Pants sneaking into a strip club, to avoid detection from the congregation?

      C…what does Weston brings to Parliament besides a #Loud #Mouth spewing hot air which holds its odor from Mill Reef to Sandy Island reminding you of stale rice pudding m maw consumed a week prior?

      D…of course, ABLP got rid of an alleged abused child who used alcohol and monies in his later years to not only become a #Vagabond but a Nasty DUTTY Foot one at that, ##WHO’RE always Drunk n Disorderly, yet never in custody?

      Both major Political Party’s have not only dinosaurs 🦕 of a destructive nature, incompetence as a pillar, political thieves, vampires and tyrants as their leaders, they both should be retired to Cooke’s Sanitation to be RECYCLED, the cemetery to be buried and rise in a aSpirit of VCB Snr, or be burnt on a Stake at the Crossroads, and rise like a Phoenix.

      • @ RAS Smood that was smood
        I’ve met this Minister of lands in a business capacity and it’s like a deer in a headlight .
        The moment would pass her by and she would have no idea. I’m not saying she isn’t smart but this is a tall order
        Not her fault I believe she was pushed into this capacity to please the Moustache the FUREROR himself Emperor of all

        • @That’s it…that’s my #moniker in #word, #thought and #deed!
          Friends gave me the nickname as a #Tweenager, and it has stuck with I, to this day. Prior to that, I was deliberately “slow as a tortoise,” so they called me #Snail but they quickly found out, that my energy was akin to the African Giant Snail, and burst forth #Smood!

          I speak about Antigua, without fear nor favor to no one, as long as the Omnipotence within me signals, from my perspective, that something, or some things are amiss.
          Neither, do I hide from none as Vere Cornwall Edwards and this includes Gaston Browne, PM to the Giant African Snail to the NSA, CIA, MOSSAD, KGB, INTERPOL, KGB you got the message, I’m sure!

          I write and comment not to disparage anyone, but simply to present my views which will never, ever be 100% right, and could even be 99.9% wrong but you can rest assured, that I would have gained and will utilize the positives, even if, they’re akin to a mustard seed!

          RASpect, appreciated
          the read and comment.

    • From the Sidelines: Serpent is not a “blind follower” of anyone. If he sees wrong he would speak on it. Unlike those currently in the present Administration and Cabinet. They would see bull chit and turned a blind eye and become mute also. The reason for that in my opinion,they are all indulged in skullduggery. Enriching themselves on the backs of the poor and down trodden. A BUNCH OF THIEVES. You have the nerves to speak about persons not knowing. What the hell does Maria Browne knows? She is a substantive Minister with a vast Ministry. Point to one damn thing she has done to justify one month pay. I have listened to her speak,she sounds like a adolescent. Is she still on West Indies Oil Board?

    • @sideline
      Name any member of Gaston’s government that brought something to the table and what they brought? It is not always what you know but your willingness to bring people to the table who know. Ministers of government all over the world have consultants and advisors. Gaston needs Non of these as he is the smartest man in the universe. If you ask me, he likes people around him that he can control.

    • All you said that about mr Spencer and he did alot better than the one you voted for…stop judging because non of you can’t do better

  3. Was just last week I was saying that a government cant be run from behind a mike. Frans has all the answers albeit from behind the mike.

  4. Franz is out of touch with the intricacies of Antigua and Barbuda. He and Paul stayed away too long from their country. They gave all of their time and labor to build up another man’s country. Basically “dem larse dem marnin Anna try fu regain dem attanoon”

    As for Algernon,he is “above spoken to” and will NOT submit to weak “leadership”

    Lovell is simply reaping what he sowed. From disrespecting Baldwin Spencer to badplayjng Joanne Massiah.

  5. Why is Lovell suddenly reverting to Jamal Pringle in this scenario? Isn’t he the PARTY LEADER? Jamal represents the party in PARLIAMENT, but Lovell is the PARTY LEADER.

    I recall an article in the Daily Observer about how the UPP undermined the leadership of the Hon. Baldwin Spencer when he was PM. Evidently, Mr. Lovell is getting a taste of what Mr. SPencer had to deal with.

  6. Grabstan CLOWN is just worried about the St. George Seat going Blue in the next election… Dean is going to get the Assing of his life…. There are many things which Grabstan CLOWN need to worry about, than what is going on between people in the UPP…. SMH!!!!

    • This is what Jackie Quinn said as well in her now infamous “tek dat in dem neh nen” guttersnipe speech. No one needs to remind you of her fate that election night after the votes were counted 🤣😂

      Still no sign of one tuppons heerpnee paid back to Medical Benefits for the ginormous cost of her cancer treatment.

  7. Anybody remember what Max Hurst said? If Lovell beats him, he would eat his shoes. Didn’t Namba the dunce beat a well loved doctor and Winston Williams, another dunce, beat the venerable Vere Bird Jr? So to all of the pundits, please just take a seat!!!

  8. This is what Jackie Quinn said as well in her now infamous “tek dat in dem neh nen” guttersnipe speech. No one needs to remind you of her fate that election night after the votes were counted 🤣😂

    Still no sign of one tuppons heerpnee paid back to Medical Benefits for the ginormous cost of her cancer treatment.

    • Did Michael Browne pay back the government after being airlifted to the Cayman Island when he had his heart attack?

      • Again, let me repeat it for you and those in the back since TIK BRUK IN U EAR:

        Michael Browne medical costs were covered by his health insurance!!!
        You want it in Spanish or Mandarin too??? 😒

        • Will he be paying back money. He got a salary while he was studying. By the way, did he ever finish?

  9. Gaston Browne,when you talk too much you would pay your father’s debt.You did say,you were not aware your wife Maria Browne was running for Public Office.I found that to be rather strange you not knowing such an important matter going on inside of your home. Now you have the gumption to discussed others.

  10. UPP CANNOT and WILL NOT win ONE seat with those bunch of DUNCE ELEMENTS ( THIEVES, EXCONVICTS )UPP Leader in HIGH COURT on a bunch of CRIMINAL charges.
    Harold Lovell resign with all these charges hanging over His head.
    If Harold was with ABLP., Hon.Gaston Browne will make sure He resign.

  11. Guess Gaston wants all the candidates for UPP to be like his ministers. Which one of them dare oppose him? Let them try and see how quickly their thieving and corrupt practices are exposed. His government is a one man pony show. We wonder why his ministers are being paid when they are all mouses and are afraid of him. Gaston stay out of UPP business. We need to get rid of you as you care nothing about the Antiguan people.

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