American tourist jailed for bullets in her bag freed


Shannon Martinez the U.S. visitor who was convicted and jailed for one year on ammunition charges have been released, according to reports.

Martinez was reportedly released after serving only one day in jail and is believed to be back in Texas with her family.

The details of her release have not been made public by the authorities.

One media house reported that “a deal” was struck with the government. There was no appeal heard before Martinez was released.

It is believed the woman, 44 of Texas,  entered the country will the bullets but it went undetected by both US authorities and local authorities.

The woman was arrested and charged and appeared before an All Saints Magistrates Court today.

She was jailed for one year for the offense.

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel reportedly imposed the sentence in accordance with recent amendments to the Firearms Act which removed fines as an option for punishment.

Martinez took ill following the ruling and had to be taken to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.


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  1. All the bad the PM think he bad tell he tek that in he nen nen….US authorities got involved – government buckled. All bark and no bite. And by the way this is a clear cut case to vote NO for CCJ.

  2. If the tables were turned the Antiguan would still be languishing on the American injustice system… her ass she still be serving her year sentence followed by deportation… they fell rhwy are above rhe law in othwe people’s country…..

  3. This is not right, Would American have done that to an Antiguan? The law is the law. How that is not done to Nationals. You do the crime spend the time man.

  4. Hope they getting the 200 million WTO settlement in return, but knowing dem politicians they probably got a free plane ticket and a gold watch
    Not forgetting some food and a glass of wine

  5. Kevin geshard is still languishing in prison in the US and he said he is innocent why not a swap for Kevin. I recall several times his family members called into the snake pit begging for diplomatic intervention

  6. Whilst I believe that the 1 year prison term was excessive, the way this was done and the government’s involvement signal the exact reason why people do not trust the government. and will vote a resounding no on November 6. The government could have simply grant the lady a speedy appeal and if on appeal they found the jail term excessive, then the court could have imposed a fine and upon payment the lady could have left. This situation smells silly. Who will stand up and help our sons and daughters that are in prison. I have lost confidence in the government and the poor magistrate must be very embarrassed at this. CCJ would be a resounding failure and I intend to campaign against it.

    • “The government could have simply grant the lady a speedy appeal and if on appeal they found the jail term excessive, then the court could have imposed a fine and upon payment the lady could have left.”

      I thought that appeals were done by the attorneys for the accused. The government cannot grant anyone a speedy appeal, and even if this was possible, would you advocate that the same be done to locals who find themselves afoul of the law? These sentiments are premised solely on the nationality of the individual. If she was from Jamaica, I’m pretty sure that these same bloggers would advocate for the authorities to keep her in prison, then deport her after the sentence is served. Hypocrisy knows no boundary.

  7. This is nothing new. The Americans have been getting an easy break of our laws even back when they had two military Bases here. Some of the older fokes who are still alive can testify to that. Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel did her job according to the law of the country well done my sister. As someone had commended that the government should have exchange for Kevin Geshard who is serving time in an American jail.

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