America Pines For The Good Old Days Of Slavery & Jim Crow


America Pines For The Good Old Days Of Slavery & Jim Crow

Even the long view of America it is inescapable that the South is still seething from the loss of free slave labour and post post-slavery Jim Crow terrorism.


Their Southern lifestyle exposed the languid pleasures of the South made possible by the labour of the black people in the fields and in the Great Houses which competed with each other for their high-end gracious hospitality.

The migrant labour of Mexicans, other Latin people, the people of the Caribbean and later Africa, have helped keep in place the the exclusion of America’s own black people from the front rows of life for a long time. American southern comforts are beginning to wear and those who thought their time had come to own people and be served by them forever as in the old subservient days, are aggrieved and demanding No Change for black America. Thereby supplanting their own black people’s rise from poverty, by importing other nationalities to enjoy the American Dream.

Those simple minded Americans, known as hillbillies, rednecks, and other names which are really identifiers of their locale, or work level, are of the same mentality of Donald Trump, vain, pugnacious cowards who take advantage of the poor and defenseless in black America and also by blocking their votes.

Whenever one examines and criticizes America, what comes to mind is the adage, ‘when America sneezes we catch a cold!’ The cold that we in Antigua have caught from America is the strategy of reducing the vote.


It was introduced by one new-national whose description of Antiguans was ‘shxxheads’ and accordingly set in place for the Government a proposal whereby Antigua imported caches of voters first from The Dominican Republic, then Guyana and Jamaica.


These now represent 40+% of the electorate, known as the swing vote allowing legally registered new-nationals to decide the future of Antigua. Many of the new-nationals have now begun generations in Antigua, and want good governance for themselves and their families.

In America and so in Antigua there are those who wish to dictate and not follow the Constitution, and in order to do so and getaway with it, they need a hard core posse who will back the up in their wrongdoings, lies and theft and give away of the people’s property.


But, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray’ and in America the largest outpouring of votes recorded in 2020 removed America’s self-styled dictator-in-waiting.

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  1. Anyone who has read ‘The Tulsa Massacre of 1921’, by Matthew Williams (a truly disturbing read), would not be surprised in the slightest.

    Hospitality, subservience and servitude has always how they see people of colour over the years.

    It’s not the poor man on the street corner that worries them, BUT THE BLACK BUSINESSMAN OR WOMAN – THAT SCARES THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEM!

  2. Writer stop dumster diving in opposition propanda. The gentlleman never wrote such a thing. If anything it was written in opposition circles as a way to get Antiguan’s out to vote. Tellingly the UPP during their last term, changed the requirement for non nationals from 3 to 7 years (7 years is when you can quaify for citizenship). Even so UPP fortunes continued to worsen in the 2014 and 2018 elections. Let me quote D Payne (who works or worked at US-based Center For Strategic International Studies):

    “Less than a week before the vote, the Daily Observer exposed what it said was a second confidential memo from Ronald Sanders to Prime Minister Bird.
    The memo, reproduced as an insert in the newspaper, was potentially very damaging to the ALP. Entitled “We Must Win At All Costs” and dated January 1, 1999, the memo called upon the ruling party to, among other things, influence voters through duty-free concessions, assistance with mortgage payments, and the paying of utility bills. To make up for lost revenues, the writer said that after the elections the government must cut costs by laying off a third of public
    sector workers and importing an additional 7,000 immigrant workers. Lester and Sanders categorically denied that the memo was genuine. Lester called it a “total concoction” and said to this writer, “It came straight out of the Daily Observer stable. I think Selvyn Walter wrote it, or at least had a hand in it.” Walter is the half brother of George Walter and a frequent Daily Observer contributor who was the UPP candidate running against Lester in St. John’s Rural East. The Daily Observer insisted the document was genuine, that it had “been taken from the files of Prime Minister Bird by a patriotic citizen of
    Antigua & Barbuda and given to the Daily Observer.”
    That such a sensitive document might have been leaked to the opposition press was plausible because it had happened numerous times before. But an examination of this purported memo in comparison with the 1996 Sanders memo revealed numerous inconsistencies in style and tone. The 1996 memo was deliberative and closely reasoned, but the new document was almost scattershot in structure and frequently descended into cliché, hyperbole, and rhetorical excess. Moreover, although the author does not directly state that he is Sanders, he goes far out of the way to identify himself as the author of the 1996 memo, even spelling out the title of that document, hardly necessary since Lester would already have known who the writer was. (see The Failings of Governance by D. Payne)

    • Why is Mr Sanders representing Antigua In the USA when he is not even Antiguan? Antiguans profess to be educated. None of us qualify for the Job? Is he there because something Probably happened between him and Gaston when he was head of the defunct Swiss American Bank and Gaston worked under him?

    • You word and build your empire. But I guarantee, you are overworking and/or underpaying somebody.

  3. Tenman
    One day the today non-nationals and their children will be in the majority, if the 40% number is correct. Is there a guarantee that they will vote labour.? They might just form their own party.

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