Ambassador Sun Says China Is Negotiating Ways To Ship To Antigua Directly


China’s Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Sun Ang, says China is negotiating ways to ship goods directly to Antigua and Barbuda following the newly imposed tariffs set by the U.S.

“Goods in China are still relatively cheap and we want to see how we can ship goods directly to Antigua and Barbuda. In that way, they will not be affected by the tariffs. The work ongoing at the ports is a direct benefit to this idea because ships carrying goods from China will be able to dock,” he said.

The United States placed a 15 percent tariff on about $112 billion of Chinese imports, resulting in more than two-thirds of consumer goods imported from China have been subject to tariffs.

“We firmly oppose such tariffs and we are negotiating with the United States at a high level. Any increase will naturally affect this country. We want to see the issue resolved,” said Ambassador Sun.

He suggested that utilizing e-commerce as another option to prevent the backlash from the US tariffs could be effective.

“When we look at sites like ALIBABA, it’s a worldwide company that can be used to purchase products that would not include direct tariffs. We need to make good use of e-commerce,” Ambassador Sun added.

In 2018, President Donald Trump began setting tariffs and other trade barriers on China with the goal of forcing it to make changes to what the US says are “unfair trade practices”. Among those trade practices and their effects are the growing trade deficit, the theft of intellectual property, and the forced transfer of American technology to China.

In the United States, the trade war has translated into difficulties for farmers and manufacturers, and higher prices for consumers. In other countries, it has also caused economic fallout, though some countries have benefited from increased manufacturing to fill the gap. It has also led to stock market instability. The governments of several countries, including China and the United States, have taken steps to address some of the damage. The trade war has been criticised internationally; in the US, businesses and agricultural organisations have also been critical, though most farmers continued to support Trump. Among US politicians the response has been mixed.

The trade war has caused a significant deterioration in China–United States relations as the countries exchanged tit-for-tat tariffs for over a year, with Trump threatening more to come and no resolution in sight.



  1. Nah we do not want that here they have a reputation when it comes to most of the things they ship especially that plastic food situation nah ah

    • You are aware that almost every brand name is manufactured in China. Even your IPhone. Having direct shipping line here again place Antigua at the center of commerce in the region. Does not necessary have to means goods destined for our market. Antiguans who are entrepreneurial in spirit will have to seize the opportunities that this will bring. Today everything goes first either to Jamaica, Trinidad or Barbados. Thereafter we get small shipments to Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean.
      Where there is no vision the people perish

        • Sidelines and Hmmmmmm:

          WOW,WOW.You hypocrites quoting the Scriptures.You would quote scriptures and thief at the same times.Hypocrites you dirty hypocrites would be eating plastics food one day.Now you people are all in with the Chinese.Be careful what you wished for.Because them Chinese no lob are you.Them no kay if are you a Red and or Blue.The reason are you Black.

      • @Sideline is that why 95% of the people makes the minimum wage according to the PM and the rate of sufferation is so high?

        The people are perishing indeed.

        Perhaps there are genuine efforts to improve the situation but for now the minimum wage earners on the government job program are perishing all 800 plus their families.

      • They can send us anything except their food, farmed tilapia and farmed salted cod. We don’t need to be fed garbage.

      • You are right that where there is no vision the people perish, but in this case they will perish through ignorance with regard to China’s world domination agenda and Antigua provides a very strategic location!
        Interesting that there is no mention of the tariffs that the Chinese government have always charged and still charging on American goods…USA imports over $500billion from China and China imports approx. $180billion which leaves somewhat of a trade deficit for the USA. There does not appear to be any level playing field with regard to doing business with China. The Chinese ambassador does not seem to speak to the other side of any issue…His newspaper release on Hong Kong was designed to show only China’s “one system” side and failed to mention that the Hong Kong people want to live under their accustomed democracy and freedom as is the case with Taiwan. Reports coming out of Hong Kong are that a Hong Kong protestor was set on fire by China’s police and others are being shot. Has the Antigua government really become so money desperate that they (not the majority of the people) are going to support this by their silence and constant reverence to the Chinese in this country including the ambassador? I am sure the Chinese are looking forward to when Govt. default on the debt trap overpriced Harbour loan; being that they are holding the title as leverage there will be plenty more than just “ships coming to Antigua” and Antigua will be controlled by racist China from their 5 acre Chinese suburb with bunkers being erected under the façade of being just an embassy!

  2. So much ignorance. It’s unbelievable. All just because of politics. I wonder why almost the entire world is having their goods manufactured in China. As I said even your IPhone and your Nike are manufactured in China. But I guess these idiots have to let the whole world know that they are just that idiots.
    By the way how can China ship something that no one has ordered.

    • @Sideline who ordered all the Chinese restaurants, supermarkets, thrift shops, and Chinese Nationals?

      They were shipped here…..

      China is superior to USA, they are more disciplined, organized, patriotic, creative, and patient.

      Nothing is free, your sovereignty is diminished after each loan and grant. Soon you no longer call the shots, you are dictated to.

      • Guess you rather have the IMF call the shots like Lovell did to us.
        And please when making arguments, keep them real and sound. I really get tired responding to idiocracy. Its a wast of my good time and energy. Raise the standard raise it boldy.

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