Ambassador Gilbert Boustany responds to Serpent


Ambassador Gilbert Boustany says UPP candidate Algernon Serpent Watts was speaking about him when he made statements on a political platform on Thursday.

Watts promised to release certain documents against an Ambassador who received 950K from an investor.

Here is how Boustany responded on Pointe FM moments ago:


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  1. I am listening to Serpent and he never called a name of the Ambassador. By the way Boustany and Asot are First Cousins. His mother is Asot’s Aunt. Boustany,a guilty conscience needs no accuser. Are you guilty?

  2. That news is not surprising. Boustany collecting thousands of taxpayers dollars in Miami every month and not even to show up to work much less do some work. This is the kind of corruption that Gaston allows. While people who work hard have to live in poverty. We cannot continue to accept this blatant corruption and total disregard of what they are doing to the country. Time for this to come to an end.

  3. …this little 🐷 piggy went to market! A #washin e a luk!
    …this little 🐖 piggy stayed home!
    ‘Cause, it no want fu tun inna Weston favorite meal, #Rice Puddin n Mah!
    …this little piggy🐗🐷🐽🐖cried all the way to the bank!
    De stone fram De Serpent mussah knack Boustani one lash, dat he a Squeak, him a SQUEAL and a bawl lakkah wan hag, a get it throat slit!

  4. Listen, this Boustany man flies first class, lives the big life. Trying to act like he is some important big shot when what exactly does he do????? Give me a damn break please.

  5. Boustani, what are you talking about? What consequences? Serpent did not call your name or anybody’s name for that matter. You should know that any document filed in the Courts are public document and can be had by anyone as long as that person pays the search fee. So what are you going to do him? You’re like a spoilt child. You just talked on yourself. I for one did not know who Serpent was talking about, it’s you made me know.

  6. Guilty conscious need no accusers, Serpent throw his corn and did not call no fowl, but hear comes one clucking on rumshop radio with the fake dread, flip flop pancake.

  7. So without facts we just beat up the man!!! So if you guys really need to get a life jack… ebryday a just Hate hate hate!!!

    The man front run the story and killed it before the speculation and innuendos start…anybody in business knows that legal disagreements will happen that’s why we have courts!!! Just unbelievable!!!!

  8. Serpent was extremely vague. The only two pieces of information were US$950k and an Ambassador.

    How did that Ambassador come to the conclusion, that the microscope was on him? Why is he referencing 2013?

    If he thinks it’s him and he is on the defense, do Luke Dave Payne and spread the thing out like a sheet.

    • He na good Tarl. total waste. Anyway Serpent say somebody a go a jail. But he na say a who.

      Looks like I’m about to Laugh but me a wait til last.

      • @Skyewill…the man is simply collecting his returns for his families #Campaign #Contributions over the years.
        Could it be, that he was taught the ropes by Asot, as to how he MUST keep it ALL IN THE FAMILY – Archie Bunker style.
        You already know Archie Bunker’s character and how he views 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • He is an Antiguan. He lives in the Miami Area of Florida.He is the Consul General in Miami,to Antigua and Barbuda.He is also Antigua and Barbuda Non-Resident Ambassador to the UAE.By the way,did he bring that Sheikh into Antigua in the Morris Bay, Callaloo Cay dilemma?

  9. Serpent, let it all out slowly. Let us as taxpayers shamed those greedy fat bastards. Other than enriching themselves, what have they done for the country, Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬. Not one damn thing. Why the hell would a Nation of 170 sq.miles, needs that many so called Ambassadors.

  10. Boy I tell you, these guys are a piece of work, does anyone know what exactly he does to live the high life that he lives? Times are hard now and most people are struggling just to get by and here is this Boustany man living the high life for doing exactly what??????? Smdh

  11. Ambassador? Who is this man and what does he do to be the ambassador? Ambassador to what? Chupppppssssss………

  12. Boustany,you are trying to throw water on the fire and “e” no start yet. What would you be doing when the fire really begins. By that time the water thrown by you,would have been evaporated. IF the statement was about you,as you are now alleging. The only persons who knew about those US$950,000 would be the giver and receiver of such funds.Then there are the legal public Court Documents for all to see.Those US$ x2.70 = EC$2,565,000.That is a lot of bread and counting.Tell us the reasons for such a gifting by someone,posing as an Investor. Was it a shakedown? Just asking,not accusing anyone.Boustany,did Gaston Browne tell you,to come out and publicly get ahead of it?

  13. There is a problem with this senator Colin Browne. Now Serpent never mentioned the ambassador’s name but colin is talking legal action. What an idiot. The ambassador should have just kept his mouth shut and not look like he is guilty of some wrong doing.
    Now it is the same thing with serpent’s farm lands. Max Hurst kept telling Colin the labour government is not vindictive, and there are thousands of acres of farm lands owned by the government that are not being used, but all this fool kept saying is that the government should take back the lands. Colin, you are always barking like a dog for it’s super. And not a big one at that, but a little yapping chihuahua.

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