Ambassador Denies Accepting Money for Special Treatment of Nigerian Passengers on Air Peace Flight


Ambassador Denies Accepting Money for Special Treatment of Nigerian Passengers on Air Peace Flight

Antigua’s Ambassador, Davin Joseph, has vehemently refuted allegations of accepting funds from Nigerian passengers who arrived on Air Peace’s flight last Saturday in exchange for special treatment.

Recent reports from detained Nigerians had insinuated that the ambassador engaged in accepting money to grant certain Nigerians permission to remain in Antigua.

Joseph strongly rebuffed these accusations, emphasizing the detrimental impact of irresponsible journalism on the nation’s reputation.

In an interview with Twin Island Media, he underscored the critical importance of fact-checking and verifying news stories before dissemination.

Furthermore, Ambassador Joseph expressed deep concerns about the negative stereotyping of the achievements of black individuals and the unwarranted stigma attached to African visitors in Antigua.

He called for a shift in focus towards celebrating accomplishments rather than fixating on perceived shortcomings, urging against discrimination based on ethnicity.

Joseph remarked, “We should celebrate people’s successes, regardless of their origins. While we readily embrace various ethnic groups, there’s unjust prejudice against African visitors. They’ve contributed positively to Antigua, yet we face resistance when welcoming them.”

On a separate note, Prime Minister Gaston Browne clarified the detention of specific passengers from the Air Peace flight.

Four individuals possessing previous Nigerian visas were detained upon arrival due to cautionary immigration measures.

The flight’s interruption occurred upon learning that some passengers intended to transit to Suriname, known as a gateway to the US.

The successful trip saw participation from government officials and business representatives, with discussions and investments, including the prospect of a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory in Antigua, shaping the future of Nigerian-Antiguan relations.

The government plans to establish weekly flights between the two nations, fostering increased connectivity and collaboration.

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  1. It’s always easy to blame journalists when news stories get out there. And while I concur that a certain amount of fact checking should occur, citizens have very little trust in the political directorate to tell the truth on any issue. There in lies the problems.

  2. Embarrassing, we need a clean sweep.

    I’m sick to the back teet’ of these self-enriched GREEDY basket cases.

    They have corrupted commerce, politics and cultural integrity.

  3. And we are supposed to just believe everything they say right? Especially when 90% of what they tell is is pure BS at best? Take your lies to someone else!

  4. If they did not give you any monies.Why did they call your name instead of Joe Blow? I find it very convenient that they pulled your name out of thin air.Remember,the truth always rises to the top.

  5. Come on. First the Ambassador and the Gaston’s Government waited until the individuals accusing the Ambassador of shaking them down were deported back to Nigeria.
    Mr. Ambassador the media made attempts to speak with the detainees and were denied the opportunity to do so.
    As the part being accused, what efforts did you make to identify youself and clear your name while the Africans were sitting in custody.
    Any innocent Ambassador would seek out the media as the accusations were published.
    Now that the Nigerians have landed back in Africa, you come out wanting to blame the media. That dog don’t hunt.
    There a lot of gullible people in this country but are you out of your mind
    The statenent “We should celebrate people’s successes, regardless of their origins”. In reference to the Nigerians
    I take offense to that statement. We know nothing of their success.
    We the public have no clue who these people are. At least we were given the name of the Printer with the bogus airline Air Antigua. No names just wealthy Nigerians, a group legendary for scams and we should welcome them.
    Let’s assume we wanted to give these visitors the benefit of the doubt; don’t you Davin Joseph thinks the Antigua people is owed some explanation that’s credible concerning Air Antigua and Africa Peace airline thst was supposed to be purchasing 70 percent of LIAT
    Gaston and you are jerking off the Antigua people with this whole African fiasco.
    You seems to be in over your head. Everything you have to say is offensive. Don’t piss on us on tell us it’s raining.
    I’m not among those who sits around looking for crumbs under the table be it Red or Blue

    • Yup well Said they think we’re foolish. Yet tbh they don’t even care if we believe it or not .tbh they should give the crown full control of the island them an the previous government an the future ones to come only have one motive self-enrichment by any means. It’s time for them all to go if u can’t run an island the size of a town who are u to run a country smh this nonsense government needs the power ripped from there hands aggressively an to be jailed for there corruption

    • Here’s the clue:
      Quote: “Ambassador Joseph expressed deep concerns about the negative stereotyping of the achievements of black individuals and the unwarranted stigma attached to African visitors in Antigua” Unquote.
      Always look out for the race card trick; it is meant to tug at the heartstrings, enter the mournful violinist to distract you from what really transpired. Now look more closely at what the Ambassador is implying. It appears to be this: these Nigerians, being black, should be given a free pass because of their ‘achievements’, whatever those ‘achievements’ may be. Read between the lines. He may have unwittingly let the cat out of the bag. Oh dear me, how careless can you be? So the affected Nigerians have now departed our shores and cannot be questioned by our local media, very handy indeed. Ha ha, another neat trick, eh folks? What if the returning Nigerians spill the beans on their return to their homeland you ask? Two chances here, slim and none. Why so? Have a safe bet they will be leant upon to keep their mouths shut. Any takers?

  6. Well expressed @ Southwell. The ambassador should be ashamed of himself. The very same people he has advocated for has accused him for accepting bribe. He went to claim that Africans have made significant contributions to Antigua but failed to give examples.

    The only contributions they have made to Antigua is in collaboration with Olabanjo, Gaston and the entire ALP that has caused embarrassment on a monumental level.

    Four days of Gaston’s migrants arrival into Antigua some of them were engaged in fraudulent activities, they were arrested,but they were never brought before the courts, a boat load of them decided to risk their lives by irresponsibly departing from our shores on a boat without life jackets, which ultimately capsize. How has Antigua benefitted from that fiasco?

    Olabanjo, Gaston and the Ambassador are rapidly creating possibilities for Africans to turn Antigua into the gateway for fraudulent Africans to smuggled their way into Antigua , the Caribbean basin and ultimately, the US.

    Every flight that arrived in Antigua from Africa is tied up with human traffickers, and of course, government ministers, as well as Olabanjo has a hand in the pot.

    The Ambassador should be ashamed of himself, he has brought the country, as well as himself into disrepute and he should stopped playing with words, Antiguans are not fools, at least not one’s that are not banging the red drums of utter corruption.

  7. The old adage ” if it’s sound too damn good to be true, more than likely it’s not true”.

    Lol. Gateway to Africa my backside, who you think you fooling Mr Embassador?

    To your point of ” celebrate people for their success” , let me remind you sir, Corruption is not a successful practice, that’s is what good Antiguans are a trying to avoid with these ” wolf in sheep clothing” so called businessmen you keep referencing.

    We are trying our upmost best to avoid the international embarrassment that Antigua went through in the pass with the likes of Allen Sanford and the likes.

    We know nothing or these “businessmen”, nothing, and you want the public to just accept that.

    And way back when I warned on this very public forum about getting into bed with “Nigerian Businesses” most thought I was just talking out my mouth, no Sir I wasn’t, I was talking from experience.

    These guys are very good at their scam game, very good,and even the FBI have many articles and warning about their cunning ways.

    So when you start talking about Nigerian Businesses men and their success, you better do your due diligence to find out who these folks are before you present us with their various succeses.

    Boi you can’t make this shit up. 😂


  9. So the detainees made this accusation. And now he is asking how dare the media believe what these wholesome successful business people have alleged?

    These are upstanding Nigerians you all brought. Not lying scammers… tell us again why we should not believe the people whose character you’ve already vouched for??

    Pick a side….were these tourist liars OR upstanding wonderful people. If an upstanding decent person makes such an allegation, I woulda personally give it an ounce of credibility to start with.

    If scammers made the allegation, I’m with you Daven that would be irresponsible to run with what they said.

    How it really go?

  10. But Gaston himself say that “we were duped.” He never explained exactly how we were duped. All that we heard is that Antigua Airways is now defunct. So how now we are discriminating against the Africans? Everybody calls them scamps and we have had our own experience with them and trafficking. We shouldn’t believe our lying eyes?

  11. #No_Worries Ambassador Davin Joseph, in this day and age, you best believe your bottom dollar, that video/audio recordings are done during such high level negotiations.
    It would not be too surprising, if such audio/recording does not show up on #SOCIAL_MEDIA. Remember, everything is TIME & DATE STAMPED, leaving a traceable/traceable FOOTPRINT.

    According to Warner Wolf, “LET’S GO TO THE VIDEO TAPE.

    Ras Smood aka Jumber_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

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